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Richmond Dispatch 9/1/1862; Belle Isle is crowded with 5,000+ prisoners; very nasty at this time; preparations are being made for exchange
Richmond Dispatch 9/1/1862; hospitals have been ordered "cleaned out" preparatory to a big battle; patients have been put on Mayo Island
Richmond Dispatch 9/6/1862; prisoner shot by guard at Libby Prison; guard put in Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 9/6/1862; There are 58 officers from Pope's army in Libby Prison - they are not treated as prisoners of war
Richmond Dispatch 9/10/1862; 12th Va. soldier dies in Castle Thunder hospital and is buried in Oakwood Cemetery
Richmond Dispatch 9/10/1862; no new prisoners at Castle Thunder or the cage
Richmond Dispatch 9/15/1862; 3,300 prisoners, including 61 officers, have been exchanged at Aiken's Landing. Some of the prisoners were women and deserters held in Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 9/15/1862; prisoner in Castle Thunder has death sentence "respited" by President Davis

Added December 26, 2000

Richmond Dispatch 10/17/1861; Washerwomen needed at the Georgia hospitals - apply to Smith's Factory, 21st street
Richmond Dispatch 8/19/1862; all Castle Godwin prisoners (500-600) were removed to Castle Thunder yesterday
Richmond Dispatch 8/19/1862; there are now 39 officers from Pope's army in Libby, not subject to treatment as prisoners of war
Richmond Dispatch 8/19/1862; description of the burial of Gen. C. S. Winder in Hollywood Cemetery
Richmond Dispatch 8/19/1862; fire at St. Charles Hospital (GH#8)
Richmond Dispatch 8/20/1862; Lt. Thomas P. Turner (commandant of Libby Prison) has been sent to Lynchburg, Captain Henry Wirz will succeed him in command
Richmond Dispatch 8/21/1862; few prisoners have arrived at Libby Prison; it now contains 500 men
Richmond Dispatch 8/21/1862; description of the staff at Libby Prison
Richmond Dispatch 8/21/1862; cannonball, fired from Tredegar Iron Works while proving guns, lands two 1/2 miles off
Richmond Dispatch 8/21/1862; there will be a hanging of a counterfeiter tomorrow at Camp Lee
Richmond Dispatch 8/21/1862; prisoner in Castle Godwin has been there for nine months
Richmond Dispatch 8/22/1862; C. S. deserters have been moved to Castle Thunder from Libby Prison - now Libby has only Yankee prisoners
Richmond Dispatch 8/22/1862; guards for Castle Thunder and Libby Prison are quartered at the Friends' Meeting House, corner of 19th and Cary streets
Richmond Dispatch 8/22/1862; counterfeiter to be hung in the "poor-house gulley" (near General Hospital #1)
Richmond Dispatch 8/22/1862; notice of a deserter from Battery #8
Richmond Dispatch 8/25/1862; a soldiers, injured in a jump from a hotel window, dies in Baskerville Hospital (GH#7)
Richmond Dispatch 8/25/1862; 4,800 prisoners on Belle Isle
Richmond Dispatch 8/25/1862; prisoner at Castle Thunder is shot while trying to escape, though not killed
Richmond Dispatch 8/25/1862; 212 prisoners from Pope's army have been brought to Libby Prison, not to be treated as prisoners of war

Added December 21, 2000

Richmond Dispatch 8/14/1862; Salisbury prisoners, including Col. Corcoran and Wilcox are arriving, and the citizen prisoners have been moved to Libby from Belle Isle to accommodate them
Richmond Dispatch 8/14/1862; Castle Godwin contains 250 prisoners - it is hoped that Greanor's factory (Castle Thunder) will hold 1,000
Richmond Dispatch 8/14/1862; the "cage" is empty of prisoners
Richmond Dispatch 8/15/1862; description of a military prison (provost prison similar in purpose to Castle Thunder) in Manchester
Richmond Dispatch 8/15/1862; Cols. Wilcox and Corcoran have arrived from Salisbury and are quartered at Libby preparatory to exchange. Enlisted men are on Belle Isle
Richmond Dispatch 8/18/1862; Castle Godwin will be evacuated today, the prisoners being removed to Greanor's factory (Castle Thunder)
Richmond Dispatch 8/18/1862; the last of the Salisbury prisoners have arrived in Richmond, preparatory to exchange
Richmond Dispatch 8/18/1862; colored nurses needed at Byrd Island Hospital (GH#3)
Richmond Dispatch 8/18/1862; description of a lost horse from Winder Hospital

Added December 20, 2000

Richmond Dispatch 8/4/1862; alleged disloyal citizens have been released from Castle Godwin
Richmond Dispatch 8/5/1862; civilians arrested and put in Castle Godwin for assisting the escape of prisoners from the officers' prison on 18th street
Richmond Dispatch 8/5/1862; six negroes, attempting to escape to Yankee lines, are put in Castle Godwin
Richmond Dispatch 8/6/1862; it is contemplated to remove prisoners from Castle Godwin to Greanor's factory (Castle Thunder)
Richmond Dispatch 8/6/1862; captured flag of the 1st Penn. Reserves is at Castle Griswold
Richmond Dispatch 8/6/1862; 3,000 Belle Isle prisoners have been exchanged; no officers this time; says there are 1,700 prisoners left
Richmond Dispatch 8/6/1862; 2,500 Lynchburg prisoners and 600 Salisbury prisoners will be brought to Richmond for exchange, including Col. O. B. Wilcox, ad Col. Michael Corcoran 
Richmond Dispatch 8/7/1862; escaped prisoners from officers' prison on 18th street have been recaptured
Richmond Dispatch 8/7/1862; reward offered for return of J. R. Anderson's (Tredegar Iron Works) stolen horse
Richmond Dispatch 8/8/1862; appeal for officers to come and get wayward soldiers out of Castle Godwin
Richmond Dispatch 8/8/1862; 96 new prisoners arrive at Libby Prison
Richmond Dispatch 8/8/1862; extreme heat is causing high mortality; 51 interments at Oakwood Cemetery 
Richmond Dispatch 8/8/1862; details of William Pratt, the victim of the recent explosion on Brown's Island
Richmond Dispatch 8/8/1862; two Yankee officers who recently were recaptured after an escape attempt, are under close confinement; other escapees with them have just been recaptured
Richmond Dispatch 8/9/1862; Federal officers now in Richmond will be exchanged soon, including Col. Corcoran (being transported from Lynchburg)
Richmond Dispatch 8/9/1862; Yankee prisoners, captured at Malvern hill, have been taken to Libby Prison
Richmond Dispatch 8/9/1862; prisoners from Lynchburg are arriving in Richmond, preparatory to exchange
Richmond Dispatch 8/9/1862; ad for employees at Tredegar Iron Works
Richmond Dispatch 8/9/1862; Ad for employees at Confederate States Laundry (Barrett's Factory)
Richmond Dispatch 8/11/1862; 2500 Yankees have arrived from Lynchburg, and are awaiting exchange on Belle Isle
Richmond Dispatch 8/11/1862; civilians held in Castle Godwin for assisting Federal escapees have been released
Richmond Dispatch 8/11/1862; two soldiers from the 24th Va., have deserted from Winder Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 8/11/1862; List of prisoners in Castle Griswold
Richmond Dispatch 8/12/1862; 140 Federal officers, including McCall, Reynolds, and Rankin have been sent off by flag of truce
Richmond Dispatch 8/12/1862; prisoners from Pope's army, including General Prince,  have arrived at Libby Prison. They are not to be treated as prisoners of war
Richmond Dispatch 8/13/1862; Description of the exchange of 140 officers, including Reynolds, McCall & Rankin

Added December 19, 2000

Richmond Dispatch 7/30/1862; furloughs stolen from Banner Hospital (GH#12)
Richmond Dispatch 7/31/1862; Description of attack by the "Butcher Cats," a youth gang known for its rock battles, on a negro
Uniontown (PA) Genius of Liberty 7/31/1862; letter describing the new officers' prison on 18th street, mention Reynolds and McCall being there - says they were moved there on the 4th of July.
Richmond Dispatch 8/1/1862; Sick Belle Isle prisoners have been taken to Libby, preparatory to exchange
Richmond Dispatch 8/1/1862; Castle Godwin is crammed full
Richmond Dispatch 8/4/1862; five officers have escaped from prison on 18th street
Richmond Dispatch 8/5/1862; prisoners from Talbott & Bonn's factory (including Reynolds & McCall) have been removed to Libby Prison, due to an escape at the former place
Richmond Dispatch 8/6/1862; fatal explosion at the C. S. Laboratory on Brown's Island
Confederate Veteran, Vol. XVI (1908) p. 114 "Federal Soldier Fulfilled his Promise;" highly suspect account of an escaping Union prisoner who shot at a guard while escaping, and goes on to marry the guard's daughter after the war.
History of the 49th New York Volunteers (1916), pp. 114-117. McKelvy, Alexander H. (49th NY), brief account of life and medical care in Libby Prison - notes that he went to see Libby in Chicago, and found the spot where he had slept.
Richmond Times-Dispatch 7/26/1916; obituary for Sallie L. Tompkins

Added December 15, 2000

Engraving of Harwood's Factory Prison, from Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper
Sketch of "Liggon and Company's Tobacco Warehouse," then used as a prison. From Jeffrey, Richmond Prisons, 1861-62, p. 101
Photograph of General Hospital #24, General Hospital #23 (Ligon's Prison) at right

Added December 9, 2000

DeForest (81st NY), Random Sketches... 1866 memoir describing conditions in the early Richmond prisons, Libby and Belle Isle
"Bearing Arms in the 27th Mass. Regt. of Vol. Inf. During the Civil War 1861-1865" Derby, W. P., 1883 memoir detailing life in Libby Prison in May, 1864
National Tribune 3/17/1892; lengthy but excellent account of the tunnel escape and "powder mine" of Libby Prison - and disputation of falsehoods recently circulated; by Frank E. Moran
"The Twenty-Fourth Regiment Massachusetts Volunteers" Roe, Alfred S., 1907 regimental history detailing the experience of guards at Libby after the city's surrender. Details the escape of Dick Turner, and barracks at Howard's Grove
"A History of the Forty-fourth Regiment NY Volunteer Inf. in the Civil War, 1861-1865" Nash, Eugene A., 1911 account by Captain C. D. Grannis of life in Libby Prison in 1862. Very interesting (and negative) portrayal of Erasmus Ross and the writer's time as a nurse in the Libby Prison hospital

Added December 6, 2000

Rules and Regulations of the C. S. Military Prisons, 1863(?). Signed by Thomas P. Turner. National Archives, RG249.

National Tribune 10/6/1892; notes on the mining of Libby Prison
"Story of the Famous Tunnel Escape from Libby Prison" 1893? Hamilton, Andrew G. Excellent published account regarding the tunnel escape from Libby Prison. One of the most reliable sources.

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