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Added January 31, 2001

Charles H. Winston Papers - President of the Richmond Female Institute (GH#4), describes the taking over of the building for the hospital, and its use.

Summary of Libby & Son file, M346, National Archives. This describes monies paid by the Confederate Government to Libby & Son, including purchases of supplies for James River obstructions, and rent paid for Libby Prison.

Summary of John L. Ligon file, M346, National Archives. This file represents payments made by the Confederate Government to John L. Ligon, for rent of his warehouse, purchase of supplies, and renovations done to the warehouse.

Summary of William Liggan file, M346, National Archives. This file represents payments made by the Confederate Government to William Liggan, a Richmond carpenter, for work done to numerous Richmond Hospitals.

Summary of Franklin Stearns file, M346, National Archives. This file represents payments made by the Confederate Government to Franklin Stearns, a known Richmond Unionist, including rent paid for several warehouses used as hospitals.

Richmond Dispatch 7/2/1861; description of "Mason's Hall," (GH#26) notes that it was opened 4 weeks ago for Tennesseans. Notes that more Tennesseans are at Company G Hall and Temperance Hall.
Richmond Dispatch 7/2/1861; prison depot is located two blocks from the Henrico Court House, and contains 75-100 prisoners
Houston Tri-Weekly Telegraph 3/23/1863; correspondence of 5th TX soldier describing the Texas Hospital, and the benevolence of Mr. Tanner, co-proprietor of Tredegar Iron Works
Gen. Wm. M. Gardner CSR, M331 10/23/1864; description of the poor condition of the guard at Belle Isle
Richmond Whig 4/10/1865; extensive list of property damage caused by the evacuation fire
National Tribune 12/14/1893; description of a clever escape of two men from Libby Prison
National Tribune 1/25/1894; description of how the Confederates "tricked" Yankees into moving from Pemberton Prison to Belle Isle
National Tribune 11/4/1897; old soldier still has the flute he kept at Libby Prison, and apparently played for Jefferson Davis
Richmond Chancery Court Records, Will Book No. 7, p. 419 2/29/1900, 6/19/1900, 9/20/1900; the Last Will and Testament of Elizabeth Van Lew, with two codicils
Richmond Times-Dispatch 4/30/1910; obituary notice of Virginius Bossieux, former commandant of Belle Isle.

Added January 25, 2001

In the Alexander Gardner Catalog:

772 [Federal Camp near Cold Harbor, June 1864.]

T. H. O'Sullivan

924 Chickahominy River, Va. Bridge John Reekie
933 [Chickahominy River, Va. Bank of the Chickahominy River.] John Reekie

In the E. & H. T. Anthony Catalog:


View on the James River, below Dutch Gap.


Captured Confed. Guns and Rockets, Richmond, Va.


Captured Brass Guns at Rocketts, Richmond, Va.


View of the Tredegar Iron Works, Richmond, Va.

Added January 21, 2001

In the Alexander Gardner Catalog:

583 Antietam Bridge, looking across stream. James F. Gibson
587 Forge Scene at General McClellan’s Headquarters, Sharpsburg, Sept. 22, 1862. Alexander Gardner
609 Antietam Bridge, looking downstream. Alexander Gardner


Pontoon Bridge across the Potomac, at Berlin. Alexander Gardner
619 Can you make a Picture of my Horse this Morning? Alexander Gardner
630 Group-Colonel Crocker, Lieut. Colonel Butler, and Adjutant of the Ninety-third New York. Volunteers, Antietam. Alexander Gardner
683 View of Fredericksburg. Alexander Gardner

Added January 19, 2001

In the Alexander Gardner Catalog:

899 [Ruins of R&P RR bridge, looking west. Brown's Island beyond.]

Alexander Gardner

900 [View in the Burnt District.]

Alexander Gardner

903 [View in the Burnt District.] Alexander Gardner
925 [Residence of General R. E. Lee, Franklin Street, Richmond.] John Reekie
929 [View from Hollywood cemetery.] John Reekie
939 [Ruins of Gallego Flour Mills; Haxall & Crenshaw's Mill at Right.] John Reekie
940 [View on Canal Basin, looking toward the Capitol. Barge at left, Customs House at right.] John Reekie
939 [Ruins of Gallego Flour Mills; Haxall & Crenshaw's Mill at Right.] John Reekie
940 [View on Canal Basin, looking toward the Capitol. Barge at left, Customs House at right.] John Reekie
947 [View on the Canal Basin, barge across foreground.] John Reekie
965 [Residence of Gen. Robert E. Lee.] John Reekie

In the 1862 Brady Catalog:

281 Christ Church, Alexandria, Va.
289 Georgetown Aqueduct and College.
319 Robinson's House.
323 Fortifications at Manassas.
325 Soldiers' Graves, Bull Run.
329 Cub Run.
370 Headquarters of Lafayette - Headquarters of Gen. Porter : Farnhold's House and York River in the Distance.
388 Group of Officers of Gen. McClellan's Staff, May 20, 1862.
398 Largest Confederate Gun (64 pound.) burst in efforts to reach Battery No. 1, of General McClellan's Works.

Ruins of the Spotswood Hotel, c. 1870. Photo by Cook.

Added January 17, 2001

Richmond Sentinel 10/23/1863; 10,500 prisoners at Belle Isle
Richmond Sentinel 11/7/1863; fire near Chimborazo Hospital
Richmond Sentinel 12/2/1863; 510 Yankee prisoners at Barrett's factory
Richmond Sentinel 1/2/1864; 500 prisoners from "McCurdy's tobacco factory" have been removed to Belle Isle
Richmond Dispatch 12/26/1870; account of the Spotswood Hotel fire, including many vignettes of of close escapes, and accounts of the deaths of Erasmus Ross, former clerk of Libby Prison, and others.
Richmond Dispatch 12/28/1870; more details of the Spotswood Hotel fire

In the Alexander Gardner Catalog:

857 [View in the Burnt District; piles of rubble around lampost, gutted buildings beyond.] Alexander Gardner
861 [Arsenal Yard looking toward the Franklin Paper Mills] Alexander Gardner
863 [Ruins of buildings, two men standing in background, small stack of shot to their left.] Alexander Gardner
864 [Ruins of buildings, looking west, 2nd Presbyterian Church in background.] Alexander Gardner
870 [View of ruins of Richmond & Petersburg Railroad bridge.] Alexander Gardner
877 [Freshet in the James River, possible Mayo Island, trees surrounded by water.] Alexander Gardner
878 [Haxall Mills, showing the James River, looking west.] Alexander Gardner


Ruins of Arsenal, Richmond, Looking towards Petersburg Depot, April 10, 1865.

Alexander Gardner

1008 Three-fourths View of the Same Gun, as shown in No. 1005. William Frank Browne

In the E. & H. T. Anthony Catalog:


Battery of a battery of 3 guns, on the Battery, Charleston Harbor.


Vandree Range, one of the principal Streets, Charleston, S.C.


View on the Battery, Charleston, S. C., remains of the large Blakely Gun.


The ruins of 600 lb. Blakely Gun, Frazer's Wharf, Charleston, S.C.


The ruins of Circular Church and Secession Hall, Meeting Street, Charleston, S. C.


Meeting St., Charleston, S.C., looking South, showing the ruins of Circular Church.


View of John C. Calhoun’s Tomb, Charleston, S.C.


Vendree Range, Charleston, S. C., looking east from near the corner of East Bay St.


Arsenal grounds, Richmond, Va., showing ruins and shot and shell scattered around.


View of the Tredegar Iron Works, looking across the arsenal grounds, Richmond, Va.


Ruins of the Danville Railroad Depot, Richmond, Va.


Ruins of the Petersburgh Railroad Bridge, Richmond, Va.


The Custom House, Bank St., Richmond, Va.


General Ferrero and Staff, Petersburgh, Va.


Residence of Gen. Robert E. Lee, Richmond, Va.


Henry Clay’s Monument, Richmond, Va.


Unitarian and German Lutheran Churches, Archdale St., Charleston, S. C.


Roman Catholic Cathedral burnt by the Great Fire in 1861, Charleston, S. C.


Panoramic view of Richmond, Va., showing the Burnt District.


Panoramic view of Richmond, Va., showing the Burnt District.


Panoramic view, Richmond, Va.

Added January 7, 2001

Shirleysburg (PA) Herald 8/21/1862; letter from soldier on Belle Isle, estimates over 4,000 prisoners there
Richmond Enquirer 3/23/1865; details on recruitment of black troops and call for volunteers; rendezvous for negro troops is at Smith's factory, 21st street. T. P. Turner (Libby Prison) is one of the officers
Richmond Dispatch 3/3/1895; G. W. Alexander obituary, excellent and lengthy description of his wartime service and Castle Thunder details, with engraving of Alexander
National Tribune 8/29/1895; brief description of the author's prison experiences at Belle Isle, Pemberton, and Scott's prisons
National Tribune 1/23/1896; brief account of the theft of a blanket in Libby Prison in January, 1865

Added January 2, 2001

Richmond Dispatch 8/2/1862; 600 Yankees have been exchanged, including women from Castle Thunder; the sickest men from Belle Isle and Libby are sent first; 4,100 remain on Belle Isle, and 400 at Libby Prison
Richmond Dispatch 9/8/1862; 500 prisoners paroled (400 from Belle Isle, 100 from Libby), guarded by men from Camp Lee
Richmond Dispatch 9/8/1862; a new paper, the "Southern Illustrated News" was issued on Saturday
Richmond Dispatch 9/16/1862; two more of Pope's officers have been confined at Libby Prison
Richmond Dispatch 9/16-17/1862; deranged man shot at Castle Thunder while trying to escape and later dies
Richmond Dispatch 9/20/1862; counterfeiter escapes from Castle Booker
Richmond Dispatch 9/20/1862; 84 Castle Thunder inmates have been taken to Winchester to be returned to their units
Richmond Dispatch 9/22/1862; Tredegar Iron Works is hiring boatmen
Richmond Dispatch 9/22/1862; ten servants needed at General Hospital #1
Richmond Dispatch 9/24/1862; Pope's officers, including General Prince, will be paroled today from Libby Prison
Richmond Dispatch 9/26/1862; Capt. Henry Wirz has been sent south to forward all remaining POWs to Richmond to be exchanged, and get records on paroled prisoners
Richmond Dispatch 9/29/1862; more on Wirz's mission south, and estimates there are 5,000-6,000 remaining Yankee prisoners throughout the South
Richmond Dispatch 9/29/1862; 101 men from Castle Thunder have been escorted to Winchester to be returned to their regiments. Notes that the deserters will forfeit 3 months pays
Richmond Dispatch 9/29/1862; Dr. Rucker is placed in close confinement in Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 9/29/1862; flag of truce boat has brought 205 Confederates to Richmond - they have been taken to the Soldiers' Home and Camp Lee
Richmond Dispatch 9/29/1862; wounded from Second Manassas are taken to Camp Winder Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 10/9/1862; escaped Castle Thunder prisoner has been recaptured in the city
Richmond Dispatch 10/9/1862; two Federal generals, captured at Shiloh, as well as 1200 soldiers and 214 officers are expected in Richmond soon
Richmond Dispatch 10/11/1862; Federal commandant of the Old Capitol Prison in Washington, D.C. has inspected Castle Thunder and finds it favorable; alludes to Capt. Alexander's escape from Federal authorities early in the war
Richmond Dispatch 10/13/1862; flag of truce left Libby for Varina, with many officers captured at Shiloh - total number of exchanged officers and men: 393
Richmond Dispatch 10/13/1862; description of surgical operation by O. F. Manson at the Moore Hospital (GH#24)
Richmond Dispatch 10/13/1862; all sick and wounded soldiers arriving in Richmond are taken to "Receiving Hospital" (GH#9) before being conveyed elsewhere
Richmond Dispatch 10/23/1862; 60 citizen prisoners in Libby Prison will be sent North. More civilian prisoners are on their way from Salisbury, N. C.
Richmond Dispatch 10/23/1862; T. P. Turner has been promoted to Captain and will return to be commandant of Libby Prison. In the meantime, Capt. Alexander will command both Libby and Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 10/23/1862; Confederate deserters, confined in Libby Prison hospital, escaped 
Richmond Enquirer 3/23/1865; description of the Winder-Jackson Battalion's parade at Capitol square; call for Richmond ladies to produce a flag for this unit
Richmond Dispatch 6/1/1889; very negative description of Libby Prison in Chicago and its' potential consequences
Baltimore Sun 2/22/1895; G. W. Alexander obituary, describes in great detail his early service in the Confederacy, imprisonment and escape from Fort McHenry, and service in Richmond
National Tribune 9/7/1896; man in Richmond is making gavels and other trinkets from Libby Prison wood

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