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Added May 26, 2008

Richmond Dispatch 11/22/1862; Michael Rourke, 1st TX, at Winder Hospital, arrested for stealing eggs from First Market
Richmond Dispatch 11/22/1862; 4 Yankees escape from Libby on blanket rope. Three men of 25VaBn put into Castle Thunder for negligence as guards.
Richmond Dispatch 11/22/1862; new Castle Thunder accessions
Richmond Dispatch 11/22/1862; attempted robbery on the 17th street bridge over the canal
Richmond Dispatch 11/22/1862; Lt. Bossieux to escort 500 POWs to City Point today
Richmond Dispatch 11/22/1862; Wm. Alexander Thom adv for male nurse to become wardmasters at GH#12
Richmond Dispatch 11/24/1862; 2 drowning victims fished from canal at foot of 8th street. One a Sussex county civilian, the other G. W. Gentry, soldier from 3SC, d. 11/20
Richmond Dispatch 11/24/1862; new Castle Thunder arrivals
Richmond Dispatch 11/24/1862; 2 drunk soldiers to Castle Thunder; 3 rowdy soldiers at Varieties sent to Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 11/24/1862; 12 Yankee sailors arrive at Libby. Also 15 regular soldiers & 2 “Yankee negroes.”
Richmond Dispatch 11/24/1862; Mayor’s Court items: 2 soldiers fighting on theatre steps sent to Castle Thunder;  Michael Rourke, 1TX, thief, sent to Castle Thunder; T. W. Hoenniger (keeping billiard tables without license) charges dropped
Richmond Dispatch 11/24/1862; Lt. Bossieux left on 11/22 with 417 prisoners for City Point
Richmond Dispatch 11/24/1862; R. A. Lewis, Surgeon in charge at Winder, Division #5, adv for four laundresses & 3 female nurses
Richmond Dispatch 11/24/1862; nurses and laundresses needed at a C. S. smallpox hospital, presumably in Richmond.
Richmond Dispatch 11/25/1862; list of new Castle Thunder inmates; including the watchman of Chimborazo Hospital, for being drunk and disorderly.
Richmond Dispatch 11/25/1862; man garroted on the way to Louisiana Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 11/25/1862; Exchange Hotel & property sold to R. A. Lancaster for $137,000
Richmond Dispatch 11/25/1862; 17 POWs arrive
Richmond Dispatch 11/26/1862; J. B. McCaw adv for library for Chimborazo
Richmond Dispatch 11/26/1862; City council minutes: quarter ending 10/31/1862 at Shockoe – 291 white males, total interned – 384, plus 189 negroes; basement of Mechanics’ Hall crowded by storage of 100 benches owned by the city
Richmond Dispatch 11/26/1862; McCaw adv – Chimborazo outpatients report by 12/1 or be AWOL
Richmond Dispatch 11/26/1862; Sgt. J. E. T. Harding, of Wilkinson’s Co., Battery #2, adv for missing 11-year-old son
Richmond Dispatch 11/26/1862; Exchange Hotel furniture sale spills over into today
Richmond Dispatch 11/26/1862; wanted adv for a wife!
Richmond Dispatch 11/27/1862; Lewis Beckham, 1st Va. Bn deserter, caught and sent to Castle Thunder. 28 deserters, mostly NC, arrive at Castle Thunder. Prison now using “corporeal punishment” instead of bucking. Eight Castle Thunder prisoners rob fellow inmate. They each got 25 lashes.
Richmond Dispatch 11/27/1862; 17 POWs arrive at Libby
Richmond Dispatch 11/27/1862; R. B. Richardson, Keen Hospital, corner Main & 13th adv for negro escaped from Castle Thunder

Added May 25, 2008

Richmond Dispatch 11/19/1862; 20 new POWs at Libby, current total approx. 500
Richmond Dispatch 11/19/1862; list of new Castle Thunder inmates and their offenses including a gang of women transferred in from Libby. Sentinel also shot at Castle Thunder prisoners, missed.
Richmond Dispatch 11/19/1862; More testimony on Ann Thomas case. Police say house of evil fame. Mr. Thos. M. Hiltzheimer Jr, key witness, known to have “had intimate relations with some of the parties residing in the house.” Police arrested total of 9 men and 10 women there. House known as “Mulberry Grove.” Mayor sets bail for Ann Thomas at $500, $200 for other women in house”
Richmond Dispatch 11/19/1862; Man gets 4 years for Spotswood robbery
Richmond Dispatch 11/19/1862; Wm. Weeks, Castle Thunder, Culpeper resident who piloted Yankees at Cedar Mountain, sues for writ to habeas corpus.
Richmond Dispatch 11/20/1862; deserter from 15VA Cav Battn  has head shaved, is branded, and drummed out of service. Ceremony took place at Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 11/20/1862; Booker’s detectives raid restaurant near the Spotswood Hotel looking for booze. Violators locked up in “Freeland’s factory, corner 6th and Cary streets” awaiting trial.
Richmond Dispatch

11/20/1862; at least 200 inmates in city jail

Richmond Dispatch 11/20/1862; new inmates at Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 11/20/1862; 7 new POWs at Libby – total there is 822, some of them women
Richmond Dispatch 11/20/1862; Ira Parker, Castle Thunder deserter, arraigned for theft. Gets 3 years
Richmond Dispatch 11/21/1862; Ould & Ludlow agree that all future exchanges to be at City Point. 520 Yankees to leave for there this day
Richmond Dispatch 11/21/1862; 78 POWs arrived in Richmond 11/20. 71 captured in Loudoun by White’s Bn.
Richmond Dispatch 11/21/1862; 3 deserters from Fayette Arty and one Federal deserter into Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 11/21/1862; City Engineer making more cells for city jail, at “old warehouse.”
Richmond Dispatch 11/21/1862; two wrestlers at Exchange Hotel before the mayor.
Richmond Dispatch 11/21/1862; J. R. Anderson adv for file cutter
Richmond Dispatch 11/21/1862; commander of the guard at Camp Winder offers reward for the capture of a North Carolinian (named) who shot one of the guards

Added May 23, 2008

Richmond Dispatch

11/13/1862; 214 negroes arrive from Bedford Co. to work on Richmond fortifications.

Richmond Dispatch 11/13/1862; Government raids houses near Cold Harbor
Richmond Dispatch 11/13/1862; John Haley, 1SC, drunk, sent to Castle Thunder; John Norman, free negro, ordered a “thrashing” for disturbing the peace near the “new Alms-House.”
Richmond Dispatch 11/13/1862; Wm. S. Triplett, President Old Dominion Iron & Nail Works, adv for hoops for nail kegs. Gives location as 14th St. south of Cary.
Richmond Dispatch 11/13/1862; absentees from Guy’s Goochland Artillery ordered to report to Camp Lee
Richmond Dispatch 11/13/1862; B18VaBnHA, adv for two deserters at Battery 4
Richmond Dispatch 11/13/1862; E. Roemer, Henningsen Hospital, has piano for sale
Richmond Dispatch 11/13/1862; Maria Clopton adv for the Ladies’ Gunboat Association to meet at R. H. Maury’s house, Clay between 11th and 12th
Richmond Dispatch 11/13/1862; T. W. Hoeniger offering booze for sale, Spotswood Hotel, legally
Richmond Dispatch 11/13/1862; Jas. B. Read, Surgeon in charge, GH#4, thanks donors
Richmond Dispatch 11/14/1862; negroes arrested for theft & counterfeiting. Were stealing unsigned notes from Custom House
Richmond Dispatch 11/14/1862; negro run over by dray on Mayo Bridge
Richmond Dispatch 11/14/1862; Charles Grace, 18 Va., deserter, put into Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 11/14/1862; 5 new POWs put into Libby on 11/13
Richmond Dispatch 11/14/1862; 2 negroes arrested for trespassing at Henningsen Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 11/14/1862; new cannon cast at Tredegar (a “monster”) tested near Water Works
Richmond Dispatch 11/14/1862; mulatto charged with impudent behavior at Spotswood evicted from city
Richmond Dispatch 11/14/1862; L. L. Moore adv for his planning mill, corner 19th and Cary
Richmond Dispatch 11/14/1862; F. W. Hancock, Surgeon in charge at GH#18, thanks Newton ladies
Richmond Dispatch 11/15/1862; 6 deserters added to Castle Thunder from Petersburg and two others, named – total now 390 on 11/14
Richmond Dispatch 11/15/1862; 11 Yankee POWs arrive at Libby from Gaines’ Crossroads
Richmond Dispatch 11/15/1862; update on Custom House theft case
Richmond Dispatch 11/15/1862; 2 trespassers (see yesterday) were punished for Henningsen Hospital case
Richmond Dispatch 11/15/1862; J. R. Anderson offering money exchange at Tredegar
Richmond Dispatch 11/15/1862; G. W. Alexander adv for 3 hardened deserters, ex-Castle Thunder inmates
Richmond Dispatch 11/15/1862; Wm. E. Tanner, Tredegar, adv for horse for sale
Richmond Dispatch 11/17/1862; details on murder of Lt. J. O. Withmell, CSA, from England & St. Louis, killed in “alley on Cary Street, between 14th and 15th streets.” Col. B. D. Harmon present at the shooting. “The public clock” is at corner 14th and Main
Richmond Dispatch 11/17/1862; Police raid Ann Thomas’, scene of above killing. Arrest everyone.
Richmond Dispatch 11/17/1862; list of newest Castle Thunder accessions & changes.
Richmond Dispatch 11/17/1862; Libby adds 11 POWs on 11/14 and 27 on 11/15
Richmond Dispatch 11/17/1862; Richard Barry in Castle Thunder for shooting Samuel Crump, soldier, on Cary between 17th and 18th, area known as Dublin.
Richmond Dispatch 11/17/1862; GH#6 is “opposite Dispatch office.”
Richmond Dispatch 11/18/1862; More testimony in Withmell murder case. Includes some remarks of girls at Ann Thomas’ – not called prostitutes.
Richmond Dispatch 11/18/1862; 40 men to go back to army from Castle Thunder today. New accessions listed.
Richmond Dispatch 11/18/1862; 110 new POWs at Libby, escorted by Lt. Blackstone, White’s Cavalry
Richmond Dispatch 11/18/1862; “Fast Riding” through the streets has become a problem. Police receive orders from Mayor to enforce the speed limit of six miles per hour.
Richmond Dispatch 11/18/1862; Mayor keeps everyone in jail who was arrested at Ann E. Thomas’ “bawdy house”
Richmond Dispatch 11/18/1862; Major J. DeLagnel at Battery #9 finds stray horse

Added May 17, 2008

Richmond Dispatch 11/8/1862; 7 new prisoners at Castle Thunder, including 2nd SC man from GH#18 for misdemeanor, and a soldier recognized as a crewman of CSS Patrick Henry
Richmond Dispatch 11/8/1862; proprietor of “Wayside Inn” Franklin St. to Castle Thunder for stealing liquor
Richmond Dispatch 11/8/1862; Mayor’s Court: J. R. Anderson slave whipped for stealing wood;  Mulatto arraigned and whipped for “impudence” to the watchman of the Spotswood Hotel; Police raid Locust Alley – several prostitutes arrested, as well as their “visitors”
Richmond Dispatch 11/10/1862; fire at Tredegar put out pretty early.
Richmond Dispatch 11/10/1862; two mean acquitted for role in robbery at GH#7, released from Castle Thunder.
Richmond Dispatch 11/10/1862; list of 4 new inmates at Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 11/10/1862; 300 left in Libby after Lt. V. Bossieux escorts 150 to Varina.
Richmond Dispatch 11/10/1862; Mrs. Judge Clopton hiring out servants “next house to corner of 3d and Franklin”
Richmond Dispatch 11/10/1862; Franklin Stearns buys Orange Co. farm for $50,000
Richmond Dispatch 11/11/1862; report on meeting of city citizens for shoes – J. L. Burrows, 1st Baptist Church, chairman. $4-5 thousand raised on the spot. List of committee members for various wards including Luther Libby, Wm. Greanor, Jno. R. Ballard, T. W. Hoeniger, James H. Grant, Joel B. Watkins, General J. R. Anderson & many more. One group to meet at J. R. Anderson’s home.
Richmond Dispatch 11/11/1862; T. W. Hoeniger donates 100 cords of wood for city’s poor
Richmond Dispatch 11/11/1862; Patrick Reardon arrested near Old Church smuggling tobacco. Sent to Castle Thunder.
Richmond Dispatch 11/11/1862; List of 12 new admittances to Castle Thunder; 20 new POWs at Libby, many of them citizen prisoners.
Richmond Dispatch 11/11/1862; names of 5 cavalry POWs brought to Libby from recent Fredericksburg fight
Richmond Dispatch 11/11/1862; POW exchange point now switched
Richmond Dispatch 11/11/1862; sales notice for Exchange Hotel furniture – good details. The Exchange Hotel will cease operations, Ballard will consolidate his operations into the Ballard House only due to the difficulty in procuring supplies
Richmond Dispatch 11/11/1862; boarding available at Linden Row, 3rd door from 1st st.
Richmond Dispatch 11/11/1862; death notice for C. H. L’Esteange of England, d. 11/9/1862 at Castle Thunder. Column inserted “by his fellow prisoners of the citizens’ room” at Castle Thunder.
Richmond Dispatch 11/12/1862; 5 POWs arrive from Fredericksburg – presumably into Libby
Richmond Dispatch 11/12/1862; 31 POWs arrive at  Libby, 21 of them USN. Also deserter from Wheat’s Bn. put into Castle Thunder.
Richmond Dispatch 11/12/1862; update on Gas Works
Richmond Dispatch 11/12/1862; Daniel Wilson, deserter from N. C. unit, d. 11/11 at Castle Thunder, pneumonia
Richmond Dispatch 11/12/1862; Saml. J. Harrison can’t use all donated money for Drewry’s Bluff families.
Richmond Dispatch 11/12/1862; John C. Maynard, Capt. AQM Camp of Instruction, taking bids for construction of frame chapel at post
Richmond Dispatch 11/12/1862; Surg. C. D. Rice, in charge at Howard’s Grove, wants to hire negro nurses, cooks, & laundresses.
Richmond Dispatch 11/12/1862; Capt. T. P. Wilkinson at Marion Hill Battery adv for strayed horse
Richmond Dispatch 11/12/1862; Luther Libby chairman of Shoes Campaign for Jefferson Ward; Wm. Greanor and Cornelius Crew are also mentioned
Richmond Dispatch 11/12/1862; Mrs. Maria Clopton, President Ladies’ Gunboat Association, calls meeting at R. H. Maury residence, Clay between 11th and 12th

Added May 13, 2008

Richmond Dispatch 11/5/1862; E. Hunter Taliaferro of Stafford Co., First Doorkeepers, State Senate, arrested for theft & forgery
Richmond Dispatch 11/5/1862; interesting case of Solomon Bell, federal soldier at Libby, captured twice in past year. Wife living in Richmond, near Rocketts.
Richmond Dispatch 11/5/1862; list of comings and goings at Castle Thunder. Some names & details: 13 deserters received from Camp Lee.
Richmond Dispatch 11/5/1862; “Military Station of the Western District” at corner 6th & Cary. Chas. Bernard, 15 La., prisoner there, tried escape from 3rd story – fell & injured, probably fatally.
Richmond Dispatch 11/5/1862; leak in canal above Tredegar quickly repaired.
Richmond Dispatch 11/5/1862; Prisoner totals as of Nov. 4 – Libby has 224 POWs, 196 citizens, 36 Confederates, 68 Yankee deserters, 57 negroes. Total is 571. Castle Thunder – 290 total.
Richmond Dispatch 11/5/1862; Mrs. Judge Clopton adv. for girls’ school, Franklin between 3rd & 4th
Richmond Dispatch 11/6/1862; 3 patients at GH#7 (named) jailed at Castle Thunder for robbing a comrade
Richmond Dispatch 11/6/1862; 60 POWs, all 3rd R. I. Cav., arrive at Libby.
Richmond Dispatch 11/6/1862; Names & units of 6 deserters thrown into Castle Thunder, including E. J. Henry, 6th Va. Also 3 Yankee deserters & 2 civilians.
Richmond Dispatch 11/6/1862; Unidentified body fished out of dock “just below” Libby Prison
Richmond Dispatch 11/6/1862; 2 negroes arrested for fighting in street in front of GH#18
Richmond Dispatch 11/6/1862; Mrs. Tabb of Portsmouth, jailed as Yankee spy, released on parole
Richmond Dispatch 11/6/1862; Mayor’s Court: Jas. Pearson, of Drewry’s Bluff command, jailed for assault; woman tried for stealing $10 worth of silverware from Spotswood; details on E. Hunter Taliaferro case
Richmond Dispatch 11/6/1862; Wm. R. Arnold at Chimborazo adv. for lost box of clothing
Richmond Dispatch 11/7/1862; 2 paragraphs on Winder’s re-organization of city provost & police force. Names some of the officer.
Richmond Dispatch 11/7/1862; list of 10 new inmates at Castle Thunder & their offences. Includes Jas. Howard, deserter from Woolfolk’s Battery, & 3 CSN men, all drunk.
Richmond Dispatch 11/7/1862; VCRR train from Gordonsville deposits 2MANA wounded at GH#9
Richmond Dispatch 11/7/1862; 7 Federal deserters put into Libby
Richmond Dispatch 11/7/1862; 120 Federals to be sent off for exchange today
Richmond Dispatch 11/7/1862; drunk negroes in front of GH#18 (see above) whipped and jailed
Richmond Dispatch 11/7/1862; Chas. Bell Gibson adv. for 19 black male nurses for GH#1. $18.50 per month.

Added May 9, 2008

Richmond Dispatch 11/1/1862; S.C. hospital depot is on Main St.
Richmond Dispatch 11/1/1862; thieves rob City Hall
Richmond Dispatch 11/1/1862; Lt. Samuel H. Wyvill, forger, moved into city jail from Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 11/1/1862; James Tyrer & Chas. Green into Castle Thunder for fighting. Tyrer then beaten up in Castle Thunder.
Richmond Dispatch 11/1/1862; Other new Castle Thunder inmates: 7 members of 42Miss., pretending to be members of provost guard; six deserters from E6Va; 2 deserters from Johnson’s Battery; 20 N.C. soldiers; Wm. H. Boice (drunk); Samuel H. Martin, F58Va, AWOL; & Wm. E. Disney, forger.
Richmond Dispatch 11/1/1862; Dr. Hancock jails free negro for trespassing at hospital
Richmond Dispatch 11/1/1862; 4 POWs brought to Libby. 40 from Harpers Ferry probably there, too
Richmond Dispatch 11/1/1862; R&P RR adv sale of 3 omnibuses. Described.
Richmond Dispatch 11/3/1862; prisoners in NE wing Castle Thunder attempt to blow it up
Richmond Dispatch 11/3/1862; list of new Castle Thunder inmates. 9 unnamed deserters from Camp Lee; some disloyal Loudoun county men, & a few others
Richmond Dispatch 11/3/1862; member of the 44th Va (Richmond Zouaves) reprieved from being shot at Camp Lee
Richmond Dispatch 11/3/1862; 50 Castle Thunder inmates to be returned to regiments
Richmond Dispatch 11/3/1862; Dr. Hancock, GH#18, has 2 colored folks in court for operating unlicensed cookshop beside hospital.
Richmond Dispatch 11/3/1862; J. S. Dorset at GH#1 anxious to pay owners of servants hired to hospital. Also wants 10 black nurses
Richmond Dispatch 11/3/1862; O. F. Manson thanks Ed. Ruffin & family for donations to Wilmington sufferers.
Richmond Dispatch 11/4/1862; list of 8 men arrested by Capt. Wren’s cavalry for stealing Government wood. All sent to Castle Thunder.
Richmond Dispatch 11/4/1862; 6 deserters taken to Castle Thunder, including Jas. Knight, 13 Va; Lewis Hall, Montague’s Battery
Richmond Dispatch 11/4/1862; F. S. Skinner arrives 11/3 to be treated by Dr. Gibson
Richmond Dispatch 11/4/1862; Mayor’s Court: Man shot in street dies at Louisiana Hospital; Edward C. Rice, 25VaBn, fined for breaking tray of dishes over negro woman’s head, in street, & slapping her
Richmond Dispatch 11/4/1862; Chas. H. Winston has room for 4 boarding pupils at his house
Richmond Dispatch 11/4/1862; Surg. G. S. West, “General Hospital No. 26, Masonic Hall, 25th street” looking for a wet nurse “with a fresh breast of milk”
Richmond Dispatch 11/4/1862; 2 black females wanted as nurses, GH#19, Taylor’s Factory, corner 24th and Franklin
Richmond Dispatch 11/4/1862; C. D. Rice, Surg. in charge, Howard’s Grove, wants to hire black nurses, cooks & laundresses
Richmond Dispatch 11/4/1862; large adv for MCV Hospital, giving details on new rates
Richmond Dispatch 11/4/1862; O. F. Manson requests full list of every N.C. soldier sick in city

Added May 2, 2008

Richmond Dispatch 10/27/1862; two Yankee soldiers moved from Libby to Castle Thunder, to be tried as spies
Richmond Dispatch 10/27/1862; Jas. Meaghan, 2nd Miss. Battn receives 50 lashes at Castle Thunder on 10/25
Richmond Dispatch 10/27/1862; J. W. Sanderson (5VaCav) to Castle Thunder for having forged furlough
Richmond Dispatch 10/27/1862; elderly countryman sent to Castle Thunder from Fredericksburg, charged with smuggling negroes
Richmond Dispatch 10/27/1862; Rev. T. V. Moore preached at Castle Thunder on 10/26, from “impromptu pulpit” in main room
Richmond Dispatch 10/27/1862; Lt. 5PaCav only new POW at Libby
Richmond Dispatch 10/27/1862; Elzey at Spotswood Hotel 10/25/ Bragg & staff at Exchange & Ballard
Richmond Dispatch 10/27/1862; Summary of synod of Presbyterian Church; Rev. J. D. Thomas holds regular services at Battery #8
Richmond Dispatch 10/27/1862; Jas. H. Burton adv 50 machinists for CS Armory, Macon
Richmond Dispatch 10/27/1862; Louisiana Depot at corner Franklin and Wall sts.
Richmond Dispatch 10/27/1862; Wm. E. Tanner at Tredegar adv riding mare for sale
Richmond Dispatch 10/28/1862; S. W. McCammon, escapee from Castle Thunder, recaptured in Petersburg
Richmond Dispatch 10/28/1862; VCRR now runs “ambulance train” from Richmond, Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Richmond Dispatch 10/28/1862; 21 POWs caught at Catlett’s Station arrive at Libby
Richmond Dispatch 10/28/1862; Mayor's Court: many slave items; Jno. Flinn, of Castle Thunder, before Mayor for theft in prison
Richmond Dispatch 10/28/1862; J. Twiggs Brown, steward of St. Charles Hospital, thanks donors by name
Richmond Dispatch 10/29/1862; new deserters confined at Castle Thunder – James Conway and H. Williams, F5Va. Jno. Collins 13VaBn, & Wm. Conley, 18Va
Richmond Dispatch 10/29/1862; O. F. Manson, large adv announcing his appointment as N.C. medical agent in Richmond – needs large building, etc
Richmond Dispatch 10/30/1862; All of Griswold’s detectives fired by Winder. Griswold’s office at corner 9th & Broad. Booker still Asst. Provost Marshal, western district.
Richmond Dispatch 10/30/1862; George Rollins into Castle Thunder for breaking and entering
Richmond Dispatch 10/30/1862; 5th Texas depot at corner of Virginia and Cary
Richmond Dispatch 10/30/1862; Sick and wounded officers report to Bellevue Hospital to procure board
Richmond Dispatch 10/31/1862; Jno. F. Parke, 44Va, at Castle Thunder, announced to be shot 11/3 at Camp Lee
Richmond Dispatch 10/31/1862; more on Winder’s dismissal of Griswold’s detectives
Richmond Dispatch 10/31/1862; 85 POWs sent from Libby to Varina, 10/30

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