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Selected Newspaper Articles about Richmond, VA during the Civil War.

The Newspapers from Richmond during the time of the Civil War are probably the richest source of information on prisons, hospitals, and the environment in Richmond that can be found. Here, you will find many articles on various subjects, arranged chronologically, as well as by paper. Entire newspapers have not been transcribed, only articles chosen at my own discretion. Every effort has been made to include Northern accounts, though they, of course do not go into detail on Richmond sites and events as much.

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1861    1862     1863    1864     1865

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Dispatch    Enquirer    Examiner    Sentinel    Whig

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National Tribune


***note: all the articles here have been cross-referenced in the pages that deal with them. For example, an article on Libby Prison would also be found on the Libby Prison page. There are several articles here, however, that have no other logical place and thus this is the only place you might find them on this site. Examples of this would be general descriptions of the city, and other incidents that give a glimpse into what life was like, but do not deal directly with any physical site. All articles have been here arranged chronologically so that all incidents may be placed within some sort of context.