From the Richmond Whig, 5/2/1865

TAKING THE OATH. - Most of the prominent officials and citizens of Richmond have taken the oath of allegiance to the United States Government, and there is a very general disposition among the mass of citizens to follow their example. Among those who have subscribed to the oath are Joseph Mayo, Mayor of Richmond; Judge William H. Lyons, Judge of the Hustings Court; Littleton Tazewell, Prosecuting Attorney in the same court; James K. Caskie, Recorder; Thomas U. Dudley, City Sergeant; Judge Meredith, of the Circuit Court of Richmond; P. H. Aylett, late Prosecuting Attorney of the Confederate States District Court; Joseph R. Anderson, proprietor of the Tredegar Iron Works; William H. McFarland, President of the Farmers' Bank, and others less prominent. Physicians, lawyers, and professional men generally, with some few exceptions, have taken the oath and resumed the practice of their professions.

We have no data upon which to calculate the number of oaths administered, but the aggregate embraces a large per centage of the male resident population.