Richmond Whig, 9/10/1864

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From the Richmond Whig, 9/10/1864, p. 2, c. 5

A SCOUNDREL CAUGHT. - Last Tuesday John H. Scribener, formerly keeper of the Rebel House on 14th street, escaped from Castle Thunder, where he had been put for desertion, in company with a free negro from Frederick, Md., who was captured from the Yankees about 18 months ago. It seems that they walked out of the front door of the Castle and went on their way unmolested. Thursday night Captain Maccubbin having received information that Scribener was concealed in Head's livery stable, on 18th street, collected a possee of his police, entered the stable and found him hidden away in the loft. The free negro was found at Stokes' jail, where Scribener had left him to be sold. This Scribener is the same fellow who, three months ago, had his Mistress, Caroline Keepers, (the Madame Danseuse of the Iron-Clad Opera Troupe,) arrested on the charge of stealing his trunk. By the way, this woman has gone to the Yankees, where she and Scribener both came from originally.

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