From the Richmond Daily Whig, Saturday, October 22, 1864

WANTON MURDER. – Yesterday evening, a child eight years old named James Duke, was shot and killed by Wm. Bohannon, a soldier at Seabrook’s Hospital. It seems that Bohannon was sitting in the hospital yard with his musket beside him. The child climbed on a fence and looked into the hospital yard. Bohannon fired at the child, the bullet tearing off the top of his skull and killing him instantly. Bohannon ran, but was pursued and captured by officer Granger.

From the Richmond Daily Whig, Monday, October 24, 1864

An inquest was held on Saturday, on the body of Jas. J. Brooke, the little boy, eight years old, who was shot by Wm. Bohannon, one of the nurses at Seabrook’s Hospital. We have before given the facts of the murder. A witness before the Coroner testified that the child was not more than five feet from Bohannon when the latter shot him. The jury rendered in their verdict that the child had come to his death by a gunshot wound, inflicted by Bohannon. The murderer will be examined before the Mayor this morning.

From the Richmond Daily Whig, Wednesday, October 26, 1864

AT THE MAYOR’S COURT: William Bohannon, charged with murdering a boy named James J. Brooke, on Friday afternoon last, was sent before the Hustings Court for examination. His counsel, A. J. Crane, Esq., expects to prove that the accused is irresponsible for his actions, on account of mental deficiency.

From the Richmond Daily Whig, Friday, November 25, 1864

JUDGE LYONS’ COURT. – Only one case was tried in this court yesterday – namely, that of Wm. Bohannon, the young man who, on the 25th ult., shot with a musket and killed, at Seabrook’s hospital, in this city, James S. Brooks, a little boy 8 years old. The jury acquitted the prisoner upon the ground that he was at the time of the commission of the horrid deed, and still is, insane. Prisoner was committed to jail and ordered to be sent to the insane asylum at Staunton.

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