From the Richmond Whig, 27 May 1863

G. H. Camp Winder
May 28, 1863

MR. EDITOR: For the information of the proper authorities, and the benefit of soldiers in general, an advertisement was published in the Whig of the 21st inst., exposing a system of fraud by the officer in command of the guard here. Two days afterwards a communication was furnished to the Whig pronouncing my assertions a base fabrication. I notice the list of names is headed by men, who, with their master, have fed and fattened at the expense of their brother soldiers, and of course have nothing to say. With a privilege to plunder, they would no doubt be content to find themselves, provided the officer in command would use his influence to keep them from their proper place in the field. I court investigation, and I am ready to prove all, if not more, than I have asserted.


           Co. G, 14th La.

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