From the Richmond Whig, 11/18/1862, p. 1, c. 6

CITY RAILROAD ACCIDENT. – The first accident of moment, on the City Railroad, since the commencement of operations, occurred yesterday morning, about 9 o’clock. A car was standing at the Western terminus of the track, awaiting the schedule time to start, when a youth went into the car and sounded the bell. The horses, accustomed to the signal, started off, and feeling no check upon the reins, soon increased their trot to a gallop – The youth and a lady who was seated in the car jumped out 0 the latter receiving a slight injury by the fall. – The horses dashed on, and between 19th and 20th streets made an effort to turn out of the track. In doing so they stumbled and fell, the momentum of the car pushing them a few feet. The sight, at this time, was somewhat of the “thrilling” order, but it turned out that the horses were not much injured. A crowd of persons ran to the spot, and soon extricated the frightened animals from their gearing. The car was only slightly damaged, but was withdrawn from the line for repairs.