From the Richmond Sentinel, 4/18/1864

THE RESCUER OF CAPT. PORTER. The Virginia lady who assisted Capt. Porter to escape from Richmond, and who was in consequence thrust out of house and home by the rebels, is now at the New England rooms, No. 194 Broadway, in great distress. Her husband has enlisted in the Union army, and Capt. Porter has given the following certificate of the identity of the lady in question.

No. 247 BROADWAY, N. Y., April 5, 1864.

I certify on honor that the bearer of this is Mrs. John H. Quarles, the wife of John H. Quarles, who enlisted in my company about the middle of March last. *      *      *

The husband owned a little property in Richmond, Va., and on my escape from the Libby Prison, in January, 1864, he secreted me nine days in his house, and when I escaped to within our lines he accompanied me, and enlisted upon his arrival here under the assumed name of ______, in order that, in case of capture, he might not be recognized. The rebel authorities confiscated his property and turned his wife and children out of doors. She escaped as soon as possible and came here. Her eldest child is but about four years of age, and the youngest four months. She is entitled to all that can possibly be done for her. Very respectfully, your obedient servant,

Capt. Fourteenth regiment N. Y. cavalry.


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