From the Richmond Sentinel, 1/16/1864

Escape of Yankee Prisoners. – On Thursday night, between the hours of 9 and 1 o’clock, eighteen of the Yankee prisoners confined in the building opposite Castle Thunder succeeded in making their escape, by cutting a hole through the wall and emerging upon the side-walk. – Their names are William C. Williams, Frank Shepherd, H. Lent, John Craver, Wallace Eason, H. B. Picker, Henry Bradcury, G. W. Danners, Geo. Scott, Philip Smith, Chas. Williams, Pat. McAnally, Arthur Hill, George Gillard, Charles Smith, Wm. May, Thos. Brown, and Ma__ Clark, the last named having been recaptured on yesterday. These fellows are all Yankee deserters, and are strongly suspected of being spies.

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