From the Richmond Sentinel, 8/10/1864, p. 1

Arrival of Negro Troops. - In a batch of about ninety wounded Yankee prisoners, who were brought over yesterday evening, there were a dozen wounded Yankee negro soldiers. They were the most villainous looking black scoundrels we ever set eyes on. Any __ it or notions about Fort Pillow with which they may have gone into the fight on the 30th, have been pretty effectually taken out of them. As all of them that could walk landed from the cars and marched off with their white brothers to the Libby, they were gazed upon with intense interest by about five hundred of our negroes, who, we do not think, saw anything in their plight or appearance calculated to inspire a desire to go soldiering. They looked as if they had been frightened into permanent idiocy, and smelt - whew!


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