From the Richmond Sentinel, 12/12/1864, p. 2, c. 5

CHARGED WITH MURDER. - James S. Scott was on Saturday morning brought before the Mayor on the charge of feloniously shooting and killing D. H. Bevans, conductor on the Fredericksburg railroad. The shooting took place at Millford, on the 5th of November. Bevans was brought to this city, and on or about the 20th of November, died at the officers’ hospital (City Alms House) just beyond the northern limit of the corporations.

Without going into the examination, the Mayor sent the case to the county of Henrico. Justice Yarbrough, having heard the evidence of Drs. Fox, Read, Latimer and Smith, which was in substance, that on the 15th ult., Bevans, suffering with a gunshot wound in the right hand, in the course of a week a hemmorhage taking place, amputation was rendered necessary, and the patient expired in the course of another week. Justice Yarbrough remanded the accused to Caroline county, where the shooting occurred.


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