From the Richmond Sentinel, 11/12/1864, p. 2, c. 5

[In the “Personals” column, which the New York Daily News had an arrangement with the Sentinel to copy]

CAPT. LUTHER LIBBY, Civil Prisoner of War - Dear Husband: We have all arrived safely at home, and have gone to the farm (Smith’s) to live. All well, but uneasy about you. Write by flag of truce; also advertise in the New York New and the Richmond Sentinel will copy. You can direct your letter to care of “E. C. Crump, Sentinel office, Richmond, Va.”

Yours truly,
E. L.

no 10 - 3t

[If the compositor on the News who “sets” the above, will send a copy of the paper to Luther Libby, Fort Delaware, he will greatly oblige a brother typo.]


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