From the Richmond Sentinel, 11/11/1863

Confederate States District Court, Judge Halyburton, presiding. The case of Captain George W. Alexander, the Commandant of Castle Thunder, for an alleged defiant contempt of the authority of this court, which case was called on Monday last, and continued until yesterday, was on that day fully heard, James Lyons, Esq., appearing as counsel for Capt. Alexander and P. H. Aylett for the Confederacy, in his capacity of District Attorney. Capt. Alexander had nearly as much, if not more, to say in his defence, than did his counsel; what he said, though, was to the point. After a full hearing Capt. Alexander was honorably discharged from the accusation made against him.

The court the heard several applications for discharges from military service, as well as matters growing out of writs of habeas corpus.

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