From the Richmond Sentinel, 10/12/63

Library for the Soldiers.

Editor of Sentinel: Under the above caption, I notice in your local column of this date a solicitation for contributions of books to a library for the soldiers of Camp Winder Hospital. My object in noticing it is, to correct an error into which your reporter seems to have fallen. After stating that a library has been established at Camp Winder, &c., he directs that all books shall be sent to Rev. J. E. Williamson, chaplain of the hospital. This would leave the impression that Mr. Williamson is the only chaplain in the hospital, and that his is the only library, while the fact is that there are three regularly commissioned chaplains on duty here. The gentleman mentioned has charge only of the 2d and 5th divisions of Winder Hospital, while the 1st and 3d are under the charge of Chaplain W. H. Williams, and the 4th under that of Chaplain Leander Kerr.

Mr. Williams has a library in connection with his charge, and would doubtless like to share in any contributions of books that may be made to the soldiers of Winder Hospital. Those who would like to distribute their favors so that all the soldiers may have a part in them, can send their books to Rev. W. H. Williams, care of West & Johnston, 145 Main street.

RICHMOND, VA., Oct. 9th, 1863.

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