From the Richmond Examiner, 6/29/1864

TOO POLITE. – The other day a Confederate officer, in the uniform of his rank, and in command of a guard detailed to conduct a batch of Yankee prisoners to the Libby, quite overcame the officers in charge by his exceeding urbanity to the prisoners. When about leaving them he stepped up, bid several “Good bye,” with a “Well, fellows, take care of yourselves; sorry for you, but hope you will soon be exchanged.” Now the men thus addressed were representative specimens of the man-murdering, woman ravishing, house-burning, thieving, plundering army of Grant, who are cavorting over the fair fields of Virginia, leaving as much wreck, ruin and desolation behind them as possible. And yet a Confederate officer finds it in his heart to address such pitiful language to them. If his name can be discovered, he ought to be broken of his commission and sent to keep them company.

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