From the Richmond Examiner, 6/25/1864

PRISONERS FROM PETERSBURG. - Yesterday morning six hundred and seventy-six non-commissioned officers and Yankee privates and sixty seven commissioned officers, captured in the fighting around the “Cockade City,” were received in Richmond by the Petersburg railroad, and quartered at the Libby. Among the officers were the following: - Colonel John Frazier, Fortieth Pennsylvania regiment; Lieutenant-Colonel H. R. Stoughton, Second United States sharpshooters; Major Thomas J. Halsey, Eleventh New Jersey; Major Charles M. Lynch, One Hundred and Forty-fifth Pennsylvania; Major M. Dunn, Nineteenth Massachusetts; Captains [22 captains not transcribed]

There were, besides, forty first and second lieutenants, adjutants, assistant adjutants and aid de camps, mostly young fops, with extravagant moustache, side poodle whiskers or imperial. Rank and file seemed to composed of the pure, unadulterated, lying, thieving Yankee. The officers pretended to make themselves merry that they could not be sent South because of Grant on the railroads. It was intimated to them that there was a region nearer than Georgia, to which they could be huddled in a bunch, without the expense of transportation.

Twelve hundred more prisoners - officers and privates - were expected to reach Richmond from Petersburg last night.

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