From the Richmond Examiner, 5/23/1864

WOUNDED YANKEE OFFICERS. - The following named Yankee officers, wounded and prisoners, were admitted to the Libby prison hospital yesterday and Saturday: Lieutenant-Colonel G. A. Fairbanks, One Hundred and Forty-eighth Pennsylvania; Captain L. Van Blarcom, Fifteenth New Jersey; Captain B. F. Estelle, Fifth Michigan cavalry; First Lieutenant Charles Horne, Thirteenth Indiana; First Lieutenant T. K. Edkins, Third New Jersey; First Lieutenant Herman Hake, Fifty-second New York.

The number of commissioned officers held at the Libby yesterday was eighty five, with four surgeons, who are doing duty in the hospital.

Second Lieutenant J. H. French, One Hundredth New York, died in the hospital after amputation of a leg.

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