From the Richmond Examiner, 5/21/1864

OUR WOUNDED. – The whole number of wounded admitted to the Seabrook Receiving and Wayside Hospital, since May 6th up to yesterday, was four thousand four hundred and nineteen. Of this number ten were received dead and unknown; seventeen were admitted and died within the hour of their reception, and fourteen were received too badly wounded to be distributed to the other hospitals, and died within six or seven hours after admission. The whole number of deaths from the evening of the 6th instant up to six o’clock last evening was seventy three, a very small per centage out of nearly five thousand.

The Receiving Hospital is in charge of Surgeon John Gravatt, with an attentive and laborious corps of assistants. Their energies have been taxed night and day for nearly two weeks, in receiving and dispatching the wounded to the other hospitals, but the wards are kept cleared like the decks of a man of war, from day to day, and bright as new pins, ready for a fresh installment.

In addition to the above wounded an ambulance train carrying two hundred and fifty more, wounded in the last battle with Grant’s hosts, arrived last evening. The wounded officers received at the Officer’s Hospital are not included in the foregoing estimate. They are about three hundred in number and are doing well. Between five and six thousand of our wounded braves have been sent to the hospitals at Charlottesville, Gordonsville, Lynchburg, Staunton and other points, where they will have the benefit of fresh food and pure mountain air. It is gratifying to know that all have been cared for.

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