From the Richmond Examiner, 5/13/1864

THE WOUNDED AT THE OFFICERS' HOSPITAL. - The wounded officers received at the Baptist Institute Hospital No. 4, Tenth, between Marshall and Clay streets, within the past two days, Wednesday and Thursday, were thirty-three in number. Some of them received their wounds in the engagements fought in the immediate vicinity of Richmond. - Brigadier General Gordon, of North Carolina, commanding Gordon's brigade, wounded in the left arm above the elbow, severely; Colonel A. Coward, Fifth South Carolina, Jenkins' brigade, arm, slightly; Lieutenant R. D. Jones, First Virginia Volunteers, Wickham's brigade, arm; Lieutenant J. E. Ruth, Ninth Virginia, Barton's brigade, head; Captain L. P. Edward, Ninth Virginia, Barton's brigade, neck; Lieutenant J. A. McDavid, Second South Carolina, head; Lieutenant R. H. Steadman, Forty-fourth North Carolina, arm; Captain J. A. Jarrett, Twenty sixth North Carolina; Captain R. R. S. Lawrence, Forty fourth North Carolina; Lieutenant J. B. Hill, Fifty-third Virginia, arm; Captain J. S. Johnson, Forty-fourth Alabama, leg; Captain J. Cox, First South Carolina, hip; Lieutenant E. Burson, Forty fourth Alabama, head; Captain W. B. Pritchard, Fifty eighth Virginia, hand and hip; Lieutenant E. A. Tuck, Fourteenth Virginia, knee; Captain R. S. Rogers, Fifty seventh Virginia, knee; Lieutenant J. L. White, Fourteenth Virginia, groin; Lieutenant W. A. Smith, Fifty-ninth Alabama, side; Lieutenant William Steptoe, Second Virginia cavalry; Lieutenant W. I. White, Thirty-third North Carolina, breast; Lieutenant Q. N. Tate, Thirty-third North Carolina, thigh; Captain W. T. Collins, Thirty-third North Carolina; Lieutenant L. S. Riddick, Cobb's cavalry, shoulder; Surgeon F. L. Frost, shoulder; Lieutenant R. T. Halstead, Thirty-eighth Virginia; Lieutenant W. T. Devens, Sixtieth Alabama; Lieutenant John Randolph, Twenty-fifth battalion North Carolina troops, hand; Captain W. J. Minis, Forty-third Alabama, shoulder; Lieutenant M. S. Barber, Forty-third Alabama, shoulder; Lieutenant R. G. Redwood, Forty-third Alabama, head; Lieutenant C. Patrick, Fifth North Carolina, leg; Lieutenant J. W. Easterberg, Fifth South Carolina.

The number admitted, up to this time, is about one hundred and fifty, since the battles were delivered on the Rapid Ann and in the vicinity of Richmond, but, in the interval, the per centage of deaths has been remarkably small.

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