From the Richmond Examiner, Tuesday, 5/7/1863, p. 1

KILLED WHILE ATTEMPTING TO ESCAPE. - About four o'clock yesterday morning, two prisoners, William Campbell, of the Fourteenth Louisiana Regiment, and Charles Carroll, alias Byzer, a deserter from the Fifty-third Virginia Regiment, but formerly of Wheat's Battalion, attempted to escape from Castle Thunder. The attempt resulted in Carroll being shot dead, and Campbell being shot at and recaptured.

The prisoners were confined in the condemned cell, but by cutting their way through the partition wall, gained the windows of the portico on Cary street. Carroll, when about leaping down, was hailed by the sentinel, but, not answering, the sentinel fired, shooting him between the eyes, through the head, killing him instantly.

Campbell, who had sent Carroll ahead to draw the fire of the guard, then ran down the main gangway, and in the confusion caused by the firing, rushed by the guard into the street. He was pursued by detective George W. Thomas, who fired two pistol shots at him without effect, but captured him at the corner of Eighteenth and Main streets.

The above was Campbell's fourth escape, but in every instance he was recaptured. The body of Carroll was buried yesterday. The deceased was an Irishman by birth.

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