From the Richmond Examiner, 4/4/1863

BARON WARDENER. – This titled Dutchman, who was captured at Fairfax Court House with General Stoughton, by Capt. Mosby, and confined for a time at the Libby prison, has returned to the North on parole, and ventilated his Teutonic spleen by the publication of some of the most bare faced and monstrous lies in regard to the management of the prison and its officers, that we have seen yet. This Wardener claims to have been fed part of the time on the “flesh of defunct mules,” and says , “what little beef he or the other prisoners got was putrid.” These assertions bear falsehood so palpably on their face, that they are hardly worth the space necessary to refute them; but we do so in order that truth may go upon record in juxtaposition with the lie. We have on occasion, at the request of the commandant, partaken of the meat that this dilletante German so stigmatizes, and found it excellent bovine, nutritious and sweet smelling, and not a part of that useful quadruped, related to the donkey and Wardener. As for the soup and bread, not better is served on the tables of the first hotels in Richmond. Would to heaven our soldiers were furnished with such rations. – This same Wardener styles Captain Turner a “brute,” and says he ordered him about like a “dog,” when everybody who knows the commandant knows him to be the kindest and most humane of men, although a strict disciplinarian.

The Baron goes on and heaps lie upon lie, but we think it only necessary to expose one or two, to prove him a liar of the first calibré.

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