From the Richmond Daily Dispatch, 6 January 1864

Hospital Statistics The Winder Hospital was organized April 1, 1862. From that time to the 1st of December, 1863, the total number of patients admitted was 39,997; of this number 7,830 were transferred, 20,720 returned to duty, 6,675 furloughed, 284 discharged, 1,128 deserted, and 2,149 died. Surgeon A.G. Lane is in charge.

At Chimborazo Hospital, Dr. J. B. McCaw in charge, between the 1st November, 1861, and 1st November, 1863, there were 47,146 patients admitted, of this number 17,384 were transferred, 17,845 returned to duty, 4,378 furloughed, 635 discharged, 846 deserted, and 3,031 died.

[***MDG note: if these figures are accurate, as of 12/1/1863 Winder Hospital had a mortality rate of 5.37%, and Chimborazo had a mortality rate of 6.43%.The lean mortality rate and number of discharges as well as the high number of desertions at Winder Hospital is explained by its use as a convalescent center during this time.]

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