From the Richmond Dispatch, 5/8/1863

Federal Prisoners. – Six Yankees were received at the Libby prison yesterday from Suffolk. Two were deserters. Last night seventy-nine officers were brought down on the Fredericksburg Road and lodged in the same place. They were taken in the battle at Chancellorsville. Included in this number were Brig.-Gen. Hays, Cols. J. A. Mathews, C. Glaney, S. Meyl, R. S. Boswick, W. W. Porcher, Lieut-Cols. J. A. Wildrake, H. C. Merron, ___ McGrieg, and M js J Yaman, J. A. Barks, J. M. Capman, and forty-two Captains and twenty-seven Lieutenants.

There were yesterday at Guinea’s Depot 125 Federal officers and 5,100 men awaiting transportation to Richmond, and over 1,000 wounded Yankees in field hospitals near the scene of the late conflict at Chancellorsville, who cannot be removed, even were it desireable to do so.

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