From the Richmond Dispatch, 10/30/62

Seabrook’s Warehouses. – This well-known place which for many months past has served admirably for a refuge for wounded soldiers, is at present undergoing the repairs necessary to render it a comfortable habitation in winter. Chimneys sufficient to keep the requisite temperature are being erected in all the wards, the open sides of which have been planked up and windows inserted to give an air of cheerfulness. It is capable of accommodating over 1,00 patients. Just after the battles around Richmond it was found to be one of the most cool and delightful of all the places assigned to the use of the wounded, and now that winter has come it bids fair to be the most cosy and comfortable. Yesterday a large number of ambulances were drawn up in front of the hospital discharging their respective loads of sick men – Seabrook’s being the receiving hospital of the city.

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