From the Richmond Dispatch, 8/11/1862, p. 1, c. 5

Supposed Spy Captured. – A man named Wm. A. Joynes, a resident of Norfolk, Va., who, during the occupation of that place by the Confederate troops, made himself so very obnoxious to all the loyal inhabitants that he had to adjourn in disguise to the Eastern Shore, has recently been unearthed here in Richmond by Capt. Alexander's detectives; the circumstances surrounding him, inducing the belief that he was induced by the promise of a large reward to come here and act the part of a spy for Lincoln. If this was his object, his design has been nipped in the bud. He is now safe under lock and key in Castle Godwin. It is said that after the hasty withdrawal from Norfolk of our forces under General Huger, Joynes returned to that place and aided the Lincolnites in the persecution they set on foot against the loyal inhabitants which has continued to the present time.—To show how completely this fellow Joynes had identified himself with the enemies of his country it may be mentioned that there was found on his person, besides evidence that he had taken the oath of allegiance to the Yankee Government, a permit signed by Gen. Veille, Military Governor of Norfolk, allowing him, as a "loyal subject, " to visit Fortress Monroe and other places temporality under the control of Old Abe's followers. The prisoner will soon be tried before the Court Martial, when he will be called on to explain the reason of his presence amongst the "rebels."

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