From the Richmond Dispatch, 4/10/1862, p. 2

List of Officers. - The following is a list of officers of the Confederate Military Prison on Cary Street, in this city, viz: Lieut. Thos. P. Turner, commanding post; Lieut. G. M. Emack, Adjutant of the post; Capt. Harris, Co. K, 2d Virginia Artillery, and Capt. Featherstone, 3d Virginia Artillery, commandants of the guard; J. Warner, quartermaster; E. G. Higginbotham, surgeon of the post, and E. W. Ross, clerk. As previously intimated, the prison contained yesterday about 724 inmates; which number, we learn, has since that time been added to by new arrivals.


[Featherstone, Capt. John R.; Co. B, 3rd Regt. Va. Artillery Local Defense Troops. Company org 2/5/1862 and disbanded 5/1862. Capt. Harris is probably Hanes, Capt. James C., Co. K, 2nd Regt. Va. Artillery. Unit broken up in May 1862]


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