From the Richmond Dispatch, 12/15/1862, p. 1, c. 5

Released. - Major Nordendorff, formerly on the staff of Gen. Banks, who was taken prisoner by our men at Warrenton, after he had resigned his position in the Federal army, and brought to Richmond, where he was held as a prisoner, was released from the Libby prison by order of the Secretary of War last Friday. This officer, by birth an Austrian, occupied a prominent position in the army of that Empire as a military engineer. Prior to his resignation of office under Banks he had behaved very kindly to the residents of Warrenton in preventing the pillage of their houses by the Yankees. It was probably the opportunity he thus acquired of seeing the superiority of our race over the other that induced him to throw up his commission in the U. S. army, and express the desire to make his home in the Confederacy.


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