From the Richmond Dispatch, 8/28/1861, p. 2

Inquest. - An inquest was held yesterday by Alderman Sanxay, over the body of an unknown man, (a soldier, apparently,) whose body was found lying dead at the corner of Grace and 17th streets, near Seabrook's warehouse. The jurors sworn to inquire by what means the result had been produced, returned through their foreman (Jacob S. Atlee,) the verdict that he came to his death "by impertinence and exposure."

The person of the deceased presented one of the most striking features of the seafaring habit of emblematic disfiguration of the body, all parts of which, together with the arms, legs and feet, were covered with national emblems and other devices, representing the U. States coat of arms, U. States flags, symbolic figures of the Goddess of Liberty, with mottoes and letters in capitals, significant of something known perhaps only to the deceased; bracelets, with emblems, representations of rings on the fingers, and ships fully rigged and in trim for sail. The identity of the body is so well defined that his friends or connexions who may by chance happen to see this, can ascertain the certainty of his death. Both of his larger toes were off, also some of the smaller ones. Others remaining were disfigured. He represented to one of the witnesses who had been with him for several days previous to his death, that he was a member of the Jeff. Davis Rangers, and was in the battle of Manassas, and was wounded in that engagement. No one seemed to be aware of his name.


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