1863 Richmond Directory

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No. 1. OCTOBER, Vol. 1
CITY OF RICHMOND. Showing the Location of the Public Buildings and Offices of the
Confederate, State and City Governments, Residences
of the Principal Officers, etc.









        The object of this publication is to supply a want which has been long felt, not only by strangers arriving in the city, but by numbers of our own citizens. The immense amount of business arising from the prosecution of the war has been distributed among a large number of departments, bureaux, etc., which are located in so many different places that persons having business at some of them are unable to find them, except by persistent inquiry. This little book will tell them where the various offices are situated.

        It may be that we have omitted several offices which should be inserted, but our design is to publish successive editions, from time to time, with corrections and additions, until we have rendered the DIRECTORY as complete and valuable as we desire to make it. We ask our friends to apprise us of any errors or omissions they may discover.

        We also request heads of departments, bureaux, etc., to furnish us with copies of such regulations concerning the modus operandi and routine of business, etc., in their respective offices, as may serve, by the publicity thereof, to lessen the interruptions and inquiries to which they are now subject in consequence of the lack of this information, in a form available to the public.


        The attention of Merchants is called to the advantages which "THE STRANGER'S GUIDE," as an advertising medium, possesses over any other publication now issued. Being printed and bound neatly, and of a convenient size for the pocket, and containing important and useful information, it will necessarily command the attention of all strangers visiting Richmond, either for pleasure or profit.

        "THE STRANGER'S GUIDE " will be issued monthly, with such changes as necessity may require, and such improvement from month to month, as the time will admit of.



        In the absence of a map it may be proper to remark for the information of strangers, that the streets of Richmond are laid off at right angles to each other, with one or two exceptions. The principal streets are those extending from east to west. The "cross streets" extend from the river to the northern boundary line of the city, and are numbered in regular order from west to east. North of and parallel with Main street, in the order mentioned, are Franklin, Grace, Broad, Marshall, Clay, and Leigh streets; South of Main, and also parallel with it, are Cary, Canal and Byrd streets. The Capitol Square, which is situated near the centre of the city, is bounded on the north by Capitol street, which is parallel with and near to Broad street; on the south by Bank street; on the west by 9th street, and on the east by Governor street, and a part by 12th. Governor street (formerly a county road,) is irregular. It is 13th street south of Main, but by its inclination to the west ascending the hill, its continuation becomes 12th street north of Broad street. A stranger can readily find any place, whose situation is described in the DIRECTORY, by bearing in mind that the numbers of the "cross streets " diminish as he goes "up town" or west, and increase when he goes in the opposite direction. The names and numbers of streets are (or should be) inscribed on boards attached to the corner houses. The Capitol Square breaks the continuity of two streets, Franklin and Grace.

Situation of the Public Buildings.

        The buildings in which the principal public offices are situated, mostly front upon the streets which form the boundaries of the Capitol Square.

        The "Treasury Building," a granite structure, formerly known as the "Custom House," fronts on Main and Bank streets, midway between 10th and 11th streets. The principal entrance is on Bank street.

        The General Post Office Building, (formerly "Goddin's Building,") is a stuccoed edifice at the corner of Bank and 11th streets. Entrance on 11th street.

        The "War Department Building" (formerly "Mechanics' Institute,") fronts on 9th street, opposite Bank street. It is surmounted by a large and conspicuous observatory.

        The State Court House is situated in the Capitol Square, at the intersection of Franklin and 12th streets.

        The City Hall fronts on Broad and Capitol streets, with a side entrance on 11th street.

        "The Winder Building" fronts on Broad and extends to Capitol street, with side entrances on 10th street.

        The location of other buildings occupied wholly or in part by officials, is described elsewhere. The above will serve as guide points.





  • JEFFERSON DAVIS, of Mississippi, President.
  • ALEX. H. STEPHENS, of Georgia, Vice President.


        Col. Wm. M. Browne, residence Franklin street, Church Hill, second door from 26th street.

        Col. James Chestnut, of South Carolina, (now absent on duty.)

        Col. Wm. Preston Johnston, of Kentucky, residence at Mr. Dill's, on Meadow Bridge road.

        Col. Joseph C. Ives, of Mississippi, residence corner Grace and 1st streets.

        Col. G. W. Custis Lee, of Virginia, residence Franklin, between 7th and 8th streets.

        Col. John T. Wood, residence 6th street, south of Main, in rear of Second Baptist Church.


        Burton N. Harrison, of Mississippi, residence at President's House.

        The President's Office is on the third floor of the "Treasury Building."

        Ascend by first stairs on the right of the Bank street entrance. The office is on the left side of the passage, second door from Bank street.

        The office of the Private Secretary adjoins the President's office, and that occupied by the Aids is immediately opposite.

        The Vice President resides in Georgia. When in Richmond he sojourns at the residence of Mr. Baskervill, on Franklin street, between 8th and 9th streets.

        The President's House is situated at the corner of Clay and 12th streets. [Governor street runs into 12th north of Broad.]


  • Hon. JUDAH P. BENJAMIN, of Louisiana, Secretary of State.
  • L. Q. Washington, Chief Clerk.
  • Wm. J. Brummel, Disbursing Clerk.

        The Secretary's Office is in the front part of the "Treasury Building." Ascend by the stairs at end of passage leading from Bank street entrance. First door on east side of passage at head of stairs. Residence on Main street, 2d door from Foushee.

        The office of the Chief Clerk adjoins the Secretary's office, and that of the Disbursing Clerk is next to the Chief Clerk's.



        Hon. C. G. MEMMINGER, of S. Carolina, Secretary of the Treasury.

        The Secretary's Office is in the front part of the "Treasury Building"--last door on left hand side of passage leading from Bank street entrance. Residence north side of Franklin street, between 26th and 27th streets, Church Hill.

        Register's Office--Robert Tyler, Register of the Treasury. Office first door on left hand side of Bank street entrance. Residence corner Franklin and 27th streets, Church Hill.

        Treasury--E. C. Elmore, Treasurer. Office second door on right hand of same passage. Residence west side of 7th street, between Franklin and Grace. Wm. B. Nutt, Chief Clerk in the same office.

        Tellers' Room--Disbursing and receiving department adjoins the Treasurer's office--third door from the entrance. Bonds are exchanged for Treasury notes, moneys received, etc., at the lower end of the counter. Checks on the Treasurer are paid at the counter nearest the door.

        The Interest Paying Room, in which interest on bonds, etc., is paid, is the second door on the left--opposite the Treasurer's office. Henry W. Williamson, Chief Clerk.

        J. M. Strother, of Virginia, Chief (and Disbursing) Clerk of the Treasury Department. Office adjoining Secretary's Office.

        Comptroller's Office--Lewis Cruger, of South Carolina, Comptroller. Office upper tenement of Arlington House, north east corner of Main and 6th streets. Residence north side Main street, between 2d and 3d streets.

        First Auditor--Bolling Baker, of Georgia. Office in General Post Office Building, third floor. Residence west end Grace street, north side, (Wickham's House.) J. W. Robertson, Chief Clerk. Residence Grace street, between 25th and 26th streets.

        Second Auditor--W. H. S. Taylor, of Maryland. Office north west corner Grace and 9th streets, entrance from 9th street. Residence west side 7th street, north of Leigh.


        THOMPSON ALLAN, of Georgia, Commissioner of Taxes. Office, No. 24, 3d story brick building, on Governor street, formerly an addition to "Richmond House." Entrance through alley, which separates the two buildings. Residence, on 3d street, near Leigh.

        Thos. C. Green, Chief Collector for the State of Virginia. Office on first floor of same building.

        City Collectors. Eastern Dist.--Chas. J. Sinton, No. 71 Main St., entrance through passage. Central District.--Wm. Green, s. e. corner Main and 7th sts. [The office hours of these Collectors between 9 and 3.] Western District.--Peter A. Woods, s. w. corner Cary and 11th sts. [Office hours between 9 and 12.]

        City Assessors. Eastern Dist.--Thos. A. Staples. Office, with C. J. Sinton, collector. Central Dist.--Wm. E. Johnson,--office No. 127 s. s. Main st., near 13th, and James Kersey, office on 8th st. over 11 Ambulance Office. Western Dist.--Chas. C. Ellett. Residence, n. s. Leigh st., between 3d and 4th sts.

        Tax in Kind.--See Quartermaster's Department.

        Produce Loan Office--A. Roan in Charge. Office on floor above office of Chief Collector War Tax.


        Hon. JAMES A. SEDDON, of Virginia, Secretary of War.

        The Secretary's Office is in the War Department Building, first floor; private entrance, last door on left hand side of passage leading from 9th st. Office hours 10 to 12. Residence, Spotswood Hotel.

        Assistant Secretary of War.--Hon. John A. Campbell, of Ala., is the Assistant Secretary of War. His office is separated from the Secretary's by a room occupied by Capt. R. G. H. Kean, Chief of the Bureau of War, but also used as an ante-chamber, through which persons having business with the Secretary or Assistant Secretary are required to pass.


        Adjutant and Inspector General--Gen. S. COOPER. Residence, northwest corner Grace and 3d streets. The Assistant Adjutants and Inspectors General include--

        Lt. Col. John Withers. Residence at M. T. Stark's extreme western end Grace st.

        Lt. Col. H. L. Clay. Residence at Mrs. Cook's boarding house, southeast corner Clay and 8th sts.

        Major Ed. A. Palfrey. Residence at Gen. R. E. Lee's, south side Franklin between 7th and 8th sts.

        Major Charles H. Lee and Major S. W. Melton.

        The entire suite of rooms on the right hand of the passage, on first floor, in War Depm't building, are occupied by the Adjutant General and his subordinates. Persons having business with this department enter the first room beyond the hall which is occupied by Col. Withers. Major Palfrey's office is in the front room. Gen. Cooper's office is in the rear room. Col. Clay occupies the same apartment.



        Brig. Gen. A. R. LAWTON, of Ga., Quartermaster General. Office, s. w. corner Main and 9th sts., second floor. Entrance by stairs in rear of the building. Major W. F. Alexander assistant to Quartermaster General.

        Major W. B. B. Cross and. Major J. Blair Hoge, in charge of orders and correspondence of the office--same building.

        Major W. L. Bailey, in charge of finances of the department, and supervisor of examination of Q. M.'s accounts--same building.

        Major R. S. Cox, in charge of Pay Dep't, Capt. C. J. Leigh and Capt. J, Barron Hope--same building.

        Tax in Kind.--Lt. Col. Larkin Smith, Assist't Q. M. G. Office, corner Bank and 10th sts., 3d floor, No. 7. Col. S. has charge of the collection of the Tax in kind. Capt. Geo. H. Fitzwilson, Ass't.

        [An order from this Bureau directs that the tithes shall be delivered as follows:

        Wool to Capt. W. G. Ferguson, corner Cary and 15th sts.

        Corn, oats, rye, hay and fodder to Major Ro. P. Archer, at Bacon's Qr. Branch, or to Major Maynard, wagon yard, 5th St., Navy Hill.

        Wheat to Capt. P. A. Wellford, A. C. S., at Haxall & Crenshaw's mills.

        All other articles of food to Capt. F. Myer, A. C. S., Basin bank, bet. 11th and 12th sts.]

        General Supervision.--Lt. Col. A. F. Cone, acting Ass't Q. M. G. Office, No. 4, second floor, corner Bank and 10th sts.

        Transportation.--Major D. H. Wood, in charge of transportation of soldiers. Office on Bank St., 3d door from 10th. Office hours, 9 to 3 and 6 to 8. On Sundays, 9 to 10 and 6 to 7.

        Capt. E. Carrington, paying commutation of transportation and forwarding medical stores. Office next door to Major Wood.

        Major Kensey Johns, in charge of river and canal transportation. Office, on Dock.

        Paymasters.--Major John Ambler pays soldiers' accounts. Office, over engine House, (formerly Blues' Armory.) Entrance on Bank St., near 10th.

        Major J. B. Cary and Capt. J. E. Duckwall, ass'ts to Major Ambler.

        Capt. G. A. Barksdale pays officers accounts. Room No. 5, up stairs, corner Bank and 10th sts.

        Capt. J. T. B. Dorsey pays certified accounts of other Q. M.'s; treasury certificates, and miscellaneous accounts.

        Major J. B. Hill, Capt. H. O. Claggett, Capt. John Mason, and Capt. James F. West pay soldiers in hospitals, and report to department commanders. Office corner Main and 9th st., up stairs.

        Major Chas. Morris pays claims for fencing, wood, growing crops, etc., consumed by army. Office Bank St., 2d door from 9th.

        Clothing and Shoes.--Major R. P. Waller, in charge of clothing depot, corner Cary and Pearl (14th) sts.

        Capt. W. G. Ferguson, and Capt. O. F. Weiseger, assis'ts to Major Waller

        Capt. S. Putney, in charge of shoe department.

        Capt. W. G. Bently, receiving clothing from depot and issuing to the army, manuf'g and issuing tents, and camp and garrison equipage. Office on 14th st., near Cary.

        Various Duties.--Major J. C. Maynard, purchases and forwards forage, fuel and lumber, and superintends local transportation. Entrance to office, on 9th st., near Main.

        Capt. W. W. Weiseger, assist'g Maj. Maynard and supplying fuel to hospitals and camps.

        Major R. P. Archer, in charge of wagon and ambulance factory, providing horses, mules, harness and means of transportation. Office, Bacon's Quarter Branch, (in the northwestern suburbs of the city.)

        Capt Geo. Taylor, ass't to Major Archer.

         Capt. P. H. Langdon has charge of burial of dead, issue of stationery, etc. Office, south side Basin, near 10th street.

        Major C. D. Hill, receiving stores for Gen. Lee's army, and making horse shoes and nails.

        Major C. S. Carrington, purchasing forage for Gen. Lee's army.

        Capt. W. E. Warren, furnishes officers with quarters, buildings for hospitals, etc. Office Bank St., 4th door from 9th.

        Major C. Maurice Smith, auditor of railroad accounts. Office, cor. Bank and 10th sts.

        Major A. H. Cole, Inspector General of Field Transportation. Office, Bank st., near 10th.

        Captain M. H. Crump assisting Major Cole.



        Col. J. GORGAS, Chief of Ordnance. Office, War Department building, 2d story, 1st door on left. Res., at the C. S. Armory.

        The "Richmond Arsenal" is situated on "Byrd Island," as that part the city is called, which is situated between the canal and river east of 5th street. The "Arsenal" and adjacent grounds occupy nearly four squares of ground fronting on 7th street. The large buildings thereon, formerly used as tobacco factories, are now occupied as workshops, etc.

        The Laboratory is on Brown's Island, at the foot of 7th st. Capt. W. Smith in charge.

        The Artillery Work Shops, on 7th st., south of canal. James D. Browne, Supt.

        The Artillery Store, in charge of Capt. J. Wilcox Brown, by whom the field artillery and equipments are issued. Office, on 7th St.

        The Ordnance Store, on e. s. 7th street, between Cary and Canal, in charge of O. W. Edwards, Military Store-Keeper.

        The above are departments of the Arsenal--the whole under command of Lt. Col. W. Leroy. Executive officer, Major W. V. Taylor, Office,----.

        The Armory (formerly the Va. Armory) is situated at the southern terminus of 5th street. Major W. S. Downer, in charge, S. Adams, Master Armorer.



        Col. L. B. Northrup, Commissary General. Office, No. 213 Main street, near 9th. Residence, corner Grace and 4th sts.

        Lt. Col. T. G. Williams, Assistant Commissary General Office, same place. Major S. Barton French, Ass't Com. Gen.

        Major J. H. Claiborne, A. C. S. Depot, corner Dock and 17th sts.

        Capt. F. T. Forbes, A. C. S. Depot, 14th street south of Cary.

        Capt. F. Myer, A. C. S., for supply of hospitals. Depot, on south side of Basin, between 11th and 12th sts.

        Medical Stores.--E. W. Johns, of S. C., Medical Purveyor.

         Office and storerooms, east side Pearl (14th) street, south of Main.

        Office of commutation for rations to sick and disabled soldiers, south side Main street, near 9th, formerly Gen Winder's office. Capt. J. B. Wayt in charge.


        DR. SAMUEL PRESTON MOORE, Surgeon General. Office, second floor War Department, first door on right of passage.

        Dr. C. H. Smith, Assistant Surgeon General.

        Medical Director's Office.--Dr. W. A. Carrington, Medical Director. Office, 9th street, second door above War Department Building--will be removed to Winder Building. Private office, in rear of Messrs. Lancaster & Co.'s office, Main st.

        Dr. R. S. J. Peebles, Assistant Medical Director.

        Inspector of Hospitals.--Dr. F. Sorrell. Office Bank street, near 9th.

        Medical Inspector.--Dr. Galliard. Office, north east corner Main and 11th streets, up stairs. Entrance on 11th street.

        The office of the Board for the examination of Army Medical Officers is over Duval's drug store, corner Main and 10th streets.

        [For list of Hospitals, see page 27.]



        [This Military Department includes all that portion of Eastern Virginia not embraced within the department of Northern Virginia, Gen. R. E. Lee commanding.]

        Major General ARNOLD ELZEY, Commandant of the Department of Richmond. Office, (or Headquarters,) in Belvin's block, 12th st., immediately opposite eastern end Bank st. Residence, corner Clay and 2d sts.

        Aids.--Lieut. Hudson, Lieut. Henry----, and Capt. R. J. Adkins.

        Adjutants.--Major T. O. Chestney, Major Garrett Andrews, and Capt. J. L. Smith. Office at Headquarters.

        Chief Commissary.--Maj. Chas. Howard, 2nd door above General Elzey's office.

        Chief Quartermaster.--Maj. Chas. A. Snowden, 3d door above General Elzey's office.

        Chief Surgeon.--Dr. J. A. Mason, same office with Maj. Howard.

        Chief of Ordnance.--Lt. Col. J. B. Carter, No. 5 12th, between Main and Cary, up stairs. Entrance through alley.


        Brig. Gen. J. H. WINDER, Commander of the Department of Henrico Office, (or Headquarters,) in new building at corner of Broad and 10th sts.--called, for convenience sake, the "Winder Building." The entrance to Gen Winder's office is the door nearest to Capitol Square. Office hours, 9 A. M. to 2 P. M.

        Aids.--Lieut. R. W. Brown and Lieut. Warner Lewis.

        Adjutants.--Major J. W. Pegram and Capt. W. S. Winder.

        Chief Quartermaster.--Major J. H. Parkhill. Office in second story, over Gen. W's. office, room No. 8.

        Assistant Quartermaster.--Capt. C. Morfit has charge of soldier's effects, etc. Office in room No. 5. Entrance by side door nearest Broad st.

        Commissary of Prisons, etc.--Capt. Jackson Warner. Office in room No. 10.

        Provost Marshal.--Major E. Griswold. Office in room No. 7, fronting Broad st. The "Passport Office" is in charge of Lieut. Kirk.

        [NOTE--When this Directory was prepared, the P. M.'s office had not been removed from the corner of Broad and 9th sts.

        Provost Marshal's Prison.--(" Castle Thunder") on Cary st., between 18th and 19th sts. Capt. W. Alexander, assistant P. M. in charge.

        Libby Prison.--(For Prisoners of War,) corner Cary and 20th sts., Capt. T. P. Turner, commanding. Adjut't, Lieutenant La Touche, Quartermaster and Commissary, Capt. Jackson Warner. Chief Clerk, E. W. Ross.

        Camp Lee, (formerly "New Fair Grounds,") is a military post in the Department of Henrico, Col. J. C. Shields commanding. Capt. Wm. H. Fry, Adj't of the Post. The Camp is situated about one mile west of the city, between the road leading from Broad street and the Fredericksburg railroad. A car leaves the depot and camp nearly every hour; fare each way, fifty cents.



        Col. J. S. PRESTON, of S. C., Chief of Bureau of Conscription. Office, on east side of 9th st., south of Main.

        Col. John C. Shields, Commandant of Conscripts in Virginia. Headquarters at Camp Lee. [See department of Henrico.] Lieut. James H. Binford, Adj't. All commandants of camps of instruction, and enrolling officers, in Virginia, are required to report to Col. Shields. The State is divided into congressional, city and county districts.

        Major Thos. G. Peyton, Commandant of Camp of Instruction for Virginia Conscripts, at Camp Lee. Lt. James E. Heath, Adjutant.

        Capt. J. A. Coke, Enrolling officer 3d Congressional District. Office, south side Bank street, near 12th. Office hours, 9 A. M. to 2 P. M.

        Capt. S. W. Bayly, Mustering Officer. Office in "Winder Building," corner Broad and 10th sts., room No. 8.



        Bureau of Exchange of Prisoners of War.--Robt. Ould, Commissioner, Capt.----Hatch, Assistant. Office, on 9th street, in building adjoining War Department Building.

        The Camp of paroled and exchanged prisoners, who return from the enemy's lines, is at "Camp Lee," under the direction of the commanding officer. [See Department of Henrico.] Senior Surgeon, Dr. Wm. P. Palmer, Quartermaster, Capt. Geo. F. Maynard, Commissary, D. G. Meade.

        Disbursing Clerk of War Department.--Alfred Chapman. Office, front room War Department Building, left hand side of entrance.

        Railroad Bureau--Major F. W. Sims, Quartermaster. Office, Belvin's block 12th street, 3d story, in room on left of passage, nearest Main st. Has supervision of Railroad Transportation in the Confederate States.

        Commissioner for Collection and Distribution of old Iron.--Col. C. F. M. Garnett. Office, corner Bank and 10th streets, 3d floor.

        Army Intelligence Office--Rev. T. A. Crocker in charge--over Bank of Virginia, Main st., between 10th and 11th.

        Signal Office.--Maj. Wm. Norris comd'ng Signal Corps. Office, on Bank st., between 9th and 10th. Res. Leigh st., between 7th and 8th.

        Indian Bureau.--Alfred Chapman in charge. Office, adjoining Cpm'r Ould's office.

        Ambulance Office.--On east side 8th st., betw. Franklin and Grace.----Peters, in charge.

        Nitre and Mining Bureau--J. M. St. John, Sup't. Office, on Bank, st., near 9th, (in newly painted brick house.)

        Board of Appraisers--E. H. Hubard, Curdsville, Buckingham county and Rob't Gibboney, Wytheville, Commissioners to fix prices of agricultural products, will meet in Richmond on 20th November.



        Hon. S. R. MALLORY, of Florida Secretary of the Navy.

        The Secretary's Office is on the second floor of the War Dep't Building, right hand side. Enter through Chief Clerk's office, last door but one. Res. 10th street, north of Leigh.

        Chief Clerk, E. M. Tidball; Clerk, Z. P. Moses.

        The several beaureaux of the Navy Department are as follows:

        Ordnance and Hydrography.--Commander John M. Brooke in charge. A. B. Fairfax, Inspec'r of Ordnance.

        Orders and Details.--Commander J. K. Mitchell in charge.

        Medicine and Surgery.--Surgeon W. A. W. Spotswood in charge.

        Clothing and Provisions.--Paymaster J. De Bree in charge.

        Light Houses.--Com. S. Farrand.

        The offices of the above Chiefs of Bureaux are in rooms connecting with the Secretary's office.

        Constructor John L. Porter has charge of the construction of vessels, etc.

        Engineer-in-chief Wm. P. Williamson has charge of the construction of steam machinery, etc.

        Navy Yards.--At Rockets, Com. R. G. Robb in charge. Opposite Rocketts, Lieut. J. H. Parker in charge. His office is at the corner of Bank and 9th sts. [Rocketts is at the lower end of the city.]

        Naval Rendezvous.--Comm'r M. Mason in charge. Office, 9th st., south of Main.

        Navy Hospital.--[See "Hospitals."]


        HON. THOMAS H. WATTS, of Ala., Attorney General.

        The Attorney General's Office is on the second floor of the War Dep't building, left hand side, last door but one. Res., at Mr. Ratcliffe's, s. s. Marshall near 9th.

        Assistant Attorney General.--Wade Keyes, of Ala. Office in adjoining room. James M. Matthews, Law Clerk.

        Patent Office.--Rufus R. Rhodes, of Miss., Commissioner of Patents. Office in south front room, third story of same building. In rear of the Commissioner's office is a large room set apart for the exhibition of models of inventions, etc.

        Americus Featherman is the "Examiner" in this office.

        Public Printer.--R. M. Smith, of Va., Public Printer, Sentinel office, corner Franklin and Governor sts.

        Supt. Public Printing--Geo. E. W. Nelson, of Ga., Supt. Office, on w. s. 12th st., bet. Main and Cary. E. G. Dill, Clerk.


        The District Court for the Eastern District of Va., sits at Richmond on the 16th day of each month. Judge, James D. Halyburton. Clerk, Loftin N .Ellett. Marshall, John F. Wiley. The Clerk's office for the present, is in the State Court House, corner of Franklin and 12th streets, (2d story.)

        Confederate States' Attorney.--P. H. Aylett. Office, s. e. corner Main and 10th sts., second story.

        Confederate States' Commissioner.--Wm. F. Watson. Office, corner Franklin and 12th sts.

        Commissioners under Sequestration Act.--Office, corner Bank and 10th streets.



        Hon. JOHN H. REAGEN, of Texas, Postmaster General.

        The Postmaster General's Office is in the General P. O. Building, 2d floor, first door on left. Res., n. w. corner Marshall and 2nd sts.

        Contract Bureau.--H. St. George Offutt, of Va., Chief of Bureau. Room No. 5, same building. Res., at Mr. Ratcliffe's, on s. s. Marshall, near 9th.

        Appointment Bureau.--R. N. Clements, of Tenn., Chief of Bureau. Office, No. 2, adj'g P. M. G's. room. Res., at Mrs. Lee's, s. s. Franklin, between 8th and 9th.

        Finance Bureau.--John L. Harrell, of Ala., Chief of Bureau. Office last room on first floor, entrance from Bank st. Res., n. s. Grace, bet. Monroe and Madison sts.

        B. Fuller, of N. C., Chief Clerk. Room No. 3, 2d story. Res. corner Clay and 10th sts., at Mr. G. A. W. Taylor's.

        J. F. Lewis, Disbursing Clerk. Office, corner room, 1st floor.

        Auditor.--See "Treasury Department."




        The following is a correct list of the members of the General Assembly of Virginia 1863-4.


  • Lieut-Gov. ROBT. L. MONTOGUE, President ex officio. James F. Johnson, President pro tem. Shelton C. Davis, of Henrico, Clerk.
  • Greenbrier, Fayette, Nicholas,* Raleigh, Braxton, Pocahontas, Clay and part of Webster, Joseph A. Anderson.
  • Hampshire,* Hardy and Morgan, James D. Armstrong.
  • Lee,* Scott , Russell, Wise and part of Buchanan, Robert M. Bales.
  • Loudoun,* Charles B. Ball.
  • City of Williamsburg, and counties of James City,* Charles City, New Kent, York, Elizabeth City and Warwick, Cyrus A. Branch.
  • Lewis,* Barbour, Upsher , Gilmer, Randolph, Calhoun, Tucker and part of Webster, John Brannon,
  • Charlotte,* and Mecklenburg, Charles Bruce.
  • Frederick,* Clarke and Warren, James H. Carson.
  • Augusta,* Bolivar Christian.
  • Gloucester, Mathews and Middlesex,* Joseph Christian.
  • Amherst,* Nelson and Buchingham, Robert A. Coghill.
  • Rockingham * and Pendleton, Samuel A. Coffman.
  • City of Petersburg* and county of Prince George, Robert R. Collier.
  • Isle of Wight,* Nansemond and Surry, William H. Day.
  • Nottoway, Lunenburg and Prince Edward,* Asa D. Dickenson.
  • Southampton, Sussex * and Greensville, Richmond F. Dillard.
  • King William,* King and Queen, and Essex, Beverly B. Douglas.
  • Fairfax* and Alexandria, William H. Dulaney.
  • Rockbridge,* Bath and Highland, Wm. Frazier.
  • Hanover and Henrico,* John R. Garnett.
  • Accomac* and Northampton, George T. Garrison.
  • Princess Anne and Norfolk county,* George W. Grice.
  • Goochland,* Louisa and Fluvanna, John H. Guy.
  • Albemarle,* William D. Hart.
  • Bedford,* James F. Johnson.
  • Dinwiddie, Brunswick* and Amelia, Thomas T. Jones.
  • Pittsylvania,* Elisha F. Keen.
  • Kanawha, Boone, Logan,* Putnam, Wyoming, Roane and Calhoun, Jas. M. Lawson.
  • Westmoreland,* Richmond, Lancaster and Northumberland, George W. Lewis.
  • Halifax,* Richard Logan.
  • Campbell* and Appomattox, Charles H Lynch.
  • Fauquier* and Rappahannock, Alexander J, Marshall.
  • Jefferson * and Berkeley, Edwin L. Moore.
  • Chesterfield,* Cumberland and Powhatan, Benjamin H. Nash.
  • Marion,* Wetzel, Marshall and Tyler, James Neeson.
  • Taylor,* Monongalia and Preston, Charles W. Newton.
  • Madison,* Culpeper, Orange and Greene, Morris D. Newman.
  • Mason,* Jackson, Cabell, Wayne and Wirt, William W. Newman.
  • Smythe, Wythe, Washington* and part of Bland, William E. Peters,
  • Caroline* and Spottsylvania, William D. Quesenberry.
  • City of Richmond,* George W. Randolph.
  • Henry, Franklin* and Patrick, Peter Saunders, Sr.
  • Stafford,* King George and Prince William, John Seddon.
  • Ohio,* Brooke and Hancock, Daniel M. Shriver.
  • Wood,* Richie, Doddridge, Pleasants and Harrison, Kenner B. Stevenson.
  • Shenandoah and Page,* Mann Spitler.
  • Grayson, Carroll, Floyd, Montgomery* and Pulaska, James C. Taylor.
  • City of Norfolk,* William E. Taylor.
  • Alleghany, Botetourt, Roanoke and Craig,* Robert M. Wiley.
  • Mercer, Giles, Monroe, Tazwell,* McDowell, part of Buchanan and part of Bland, James W. M. Witten.

The residence of the senator is marked thus [*]


        Hugh W. Sheffey, of Augusta, Speaker. William L. Gordon, of Albemarle, Clerk.

  • Accomack, Thos. C. Parramore.
  • Albemarle, B. H. Magruder, Wm. Branch.
  • Alexandria, Harold Snowden.
  • Alleghany and Bath, Cyrus P. Bryan.
  • Amelia and Nottoway, Richard F. Taylor.
  • Amherst, Paulus Powell.
  • Appomattox Thomas H. Flood.
  • Augusta, H. W. Sheffey, J. Marshall McCue, James Walker.
  • Barbour, William Johnson.
  • Bedford, Wm. M. Burwell, Alex. Jordan
  • Berkeley, Robert W. Hunter, Israel Robinson.
  • Boone, Logan and Wyoming, James A. Nigbert.
  • Botetourt and Craig, John T. Anderson, Green James.
  • Braxton, Nicholas, Clay and Webster, Luther D. Haymond.
  • Brooke and Hancock, N. W. White.
  • Brunswick, R. E. Meade.
  • Buckingham, P. W. McKinney.
  • Lancaster and Northumberland, Edwin Betts.
  • Lee and Wise, J. M. McElroy.
  • Lee, Scott and Wise, David Miller.
  • Lewis, William J. Bland.
  • Loudoun, B. P. Noland, W. B. Lynch.
  • Louisa, F. V. Winston.
  • Lunenburg, Thomas W. Winn.
  • Madison, William O. Fry.
  • Marion, Thos. S. Haymond, Steph. Morgan.
  • Marshall, James H. Hoge.
  • Mason, James Hutcheson.
  • Matthews and Middlesex, Robt. B. Fauntleroy.
  • Mecklenburg, Thomas F. Goode.
  • Mercer, Robert A. Richardson.
  • Monongalia, Dudley Evans, D. B. Stewart.
  • Monroe. John M. Rowan, Wilson Lively.
  • Montgomery, David G. Douthat.
  • Morgan, George W. Sherrard.
  • Nansemond, Nathaniel Riddick.
  • Nelson, John M. Shelton.
  • Cabell, P. C. Buffington.
  • Campbell, Francis B. Deane, Jr., Daniel Marr.
  • Caroline, John D. Butler.
  • Carroll, James B. Johnson.
  • Charles City, James City and New Kent, Ira L. Bowles.
  • Charlotte, Wood Bouldin.
  • Chesterfield, Wm. Ambers.
  • Clarke, William W. Randolph.
  • Culpeper, John H. Rixey.
  • Cumberland and Powhatan, F. K. Irving.
  • Dinwiddie, Henry C. Worsham.
  • Doddridge and Tyler, Samuel J. McMillan.
  • Elizabeth City, Warwick, York and Williamsburg, James W. Custis.
  • Essex and King & Queen, Geo. T. Wright
  • Fairfax, O. W. Hunt.
  • Fauquier, B. H. Shackleford, J. V. Brooke
  • Fayette and Raleigh, Benj. R. Linkous.
  • Floyd, Isaac Goodykoontz.
  • Fluvanna, Robert E. Nelson.
  • Franklin, Fleming Saunders, James Patterson.
  • Frederick, M. R. Kaufman, Geo. R. Ward.
  • Giles, Absalom Fry.
  • Gilmer, Wirt and Calhoun, J. S. K. McCutchen.
  • Gloucester, Warner T. Jones.
  • Goochland, John T. Rutherfoord.
  • Grayson, Stephen M. Dickey.
  • Greenbrier, Mason Mathews.
  • Greene and Orange, John L. Woolfolk.
  • Greenesville and Sussex, Wm. T. Lundy.
  • Halifax, Elisha Barksdale, Jr., David Chalmers.
  • Hampshire, Alexander Monroe, J. S. Heitt.
  • Hanover, Charles P. Goodall.
  • Hardy, Charles Williams.
  • Harrison, Geo. W. Lurty, L. W. Holden.
  • Henrico, Joseph J. English.
  • Henry, Samuel J. Mullens.
  • Highland, William W. Fleming.
  • Isle of Wight, James L. Wilson.
  • Jackson and Roane, George W. Duval.
  • Jefferson, Jacob S. Melvin, W. Burnett.
  • Kanawha, Isaiah Welch, V. Hendrick.
  • King George and Stafford, F. C. S. Hunter.
  • King William, Harrison B. Tomlin.
  • Norfolk City, Richard H. Baker, Jr.
  • Norfolk County, C. W. Murdaugh, Samuel M. Wilson.
  • Northampton, Thomas M. Scott.
  • Ohio, Joseph H. Pendleton, Thomas A. Edwards, Alfred Hughes.
  • Page, George W. Rust.
  • Patrick, John Staples.
  • Pendleton, E. T. Saunders.
  • Petersburg, A. M. Keiley.
  • Pittsylvania, A. S. Buford, John Gilmer.
  • Pleasants and Richie, Eugenius Tibbs.
  • Pocahontas, William McNeil.
  • Prince George and Surry, Travis W. Taylor
  • Preston, Robt. E. Cowman, C. J. P. [unclear] resap.
  • Prince Edward, T. T. Tredway.
  • Prince William, C. A. Nelson.
  • Princess Annie, Alexander Coke.
  • Pulaski, John S. Draper.
  • Putnam, William E Herndon.
  • Randolph and Tucker, B. W. Crawford.
  • Rappahannock, John T. Fletcher.
  • Richmond City, Wynham Robertson, D. I. Burr, David J. Saunders.
  • Richmond and Westmoreland, F. W. Cox.
  • Roanoke, Andrew J. Deyerle.
  • Rockbridge. S. McD Reid, Robt. J. White.
  • Rockingham, John T. Harris, Jno C. Walker, James Kenney,
  • Russell, Wise and Buchanan, William J. Kindrick, Thomas J. Smith.
  • Scott and Wise, James H. Horton.
  • Shenandoah, Moses Walton, Phil. Pitman.
  • Smyth, John H. Thompson.
  • Southampton, William H. Pretlow.
  • Spotsylvania, John L. Mayre, Jr.
  • Taylor, John A. Robinson.
  • Tazewell, McDowell and Buchanan, Rees T. Bowen.
  • Upsher, Willis H Woodley
  • Warren, S. W Thomas.
  • Washington, A. C. Cummings, Geo. Graham.
  • Wayne, J. M. Ferguson.
  • Wetzel, L. S. Hall.
  • Wood, Vacancy.
  • Wythe, Robert Crockett,

        In a future edition, we will publish the names of members in alphabetical order, with post office and Lodgings in the city annexed.


        JOHN LETCHER, of Rockbridge, Govenor.

        The Govenor's Mansion is situated on the eastern side of the Capitol Square. His office is in the third story of the Capitol, eastern side.

        ROBT. L. MONTAGUE, of Middlesex, Lieutenant-Govenor. Resides in the country.

        Aid to the Govenor.--Colonel S. Basset French.

        Attorney General.--J. Randolph Tucker, of Richmond city. Office, in front basement room, State Court House.

        Secretary of Commonwealth.--Col. George Wythe Munford, of Richmond city. Office, in Library room, third story of Capitol, south side.

        Auditor of Public Accounts.--Jonathan M. Bennett, of Lewis county. Office in basement of Capitol, left hand side, eastern entrance, (under the steps.)

        Second Auditor.--Henry W. Thomas, of Fairfax. Office, in basement of Capitol, right hand side of western entrance.

        Treasurer.--John S. Calvert, of Shenandoah. Office, opposite First Auditor's office.

        Register of Land Office.--Stafford H. Parker. Office, opposite Second auditor's office.

        Superintendent of Penitentiary.--Colin Bass, of Roanoke. Office, at the penitentiary.

        Penitentiary Storekeeper.--John Knote. Store and office, west side 14th street, south of Cary.

        Board of Public Works.--Alexander Holladay, of Henrico county. (Private office south west corner Franklin and Govenor streets; Odin G. Clay, Campbell county, and George W. Murphy, of Shenandoah county. Thomas DeWitt, of Richmond, Secretary. Office of the Board, in the basement of Capitol.

        Commissioners of the Revenue.--1st District--John M. Francisco. Office south side Franklin, near Govenor street. Res. 23d street between Main and Franklin. 2d District--Cademus C. Johnson. Office at Sheriff's office. Res. east side 7th street, between Marshall and Clay. 3d District--Moses Ellyson, acting. Office at Sheriff's office.

        Adjutant General.--Col. William H. Richardson. Office, in State Court House, up stairs. Assistant Adjutant General, John G. Mosby, Jr.

        Inspector General.--Maj. Joseph Selden. Office, rear basement of same building.

        Quartermaster State Forces.--Capt. Edward H. Fitzhugh, in charge. Room No. 6, third story, corner Bank, and 10th streets.

        Ordnance Department.--Capt. P. C. Coghlan, in charge. Office, at the Armory, north east corner Cary and 7th streets.


        Supreme Court of Appeals.--John J. Allen, of Botetourt, President; Judge William Daniel, of the city of Lynchburg; judge Richard C. L. Moncure, of Henrico, (formerly of Stafford county;) Judge William J. Robertson of Charlottesville; Judge George H. Lee, of Harrison.

        Peachy R. Grattan, Reporter.

        Marcellus T. Starke, Clerk. Office in the State Court House, south front room, up stairs. The Court room adjoins.

        [The Court of Appeals holds its sessions at Richmond, from the 12th of October, to 24th of November inclusive; from 3d January to 12th March inclusive, and from 5th of April to 24th May inclusive.

        Richmond Circuit Court.--Judge John A. Meredith. Residence in Gray's row, Franklin street, near 3d.

        Clerk.--Benjamin Pollard. Office in State Court House, second story, south side. Residence, north-west corner Leigh and 9th streets.

        Sheriff.--Henry K. Ellyson. Office, Main street, between 12th and 13th, over Juan Pizzini's. Residence, on 5th, north of Leigh.

        Deputies.--Isaac W. Walker, residence, Grace street, next to Centenary Church; Jackson B. Wood, residence, College street, second house from Broad; William H. Pleasants, residence, Grace street, between 25th and 26th streets.

        Henrico Circuit Court.--Judge John M. Gregory. Clerk, Johnson Sands. Office in basement of State Court House.

        Husting's Court.--Judge, William H. Lyons. Clerk, Robert Howard. Office, City Hall. Attorney for the Commonwealth, Littleton Tazwell. Office, on 11th street, near Bank street.

        Coroner.--Dr. St. George Peachy. Office, in basement of Ballard House east of main entrance.


        JOSEPH MAYO, Mayor. Office, City Hall, up stairs. Residence, on west side 3d street, between Cary and Canal streets.

        [The Mayor's Court is held daily, (except Sundays,) in the north-east room of the City Hall, commencing at 9 o'clock, A. M.]

        High Constable.--George A. Freeman. Office, north side Main street, between 9th and 10th streets.

        Day Police.--Rueben T. Steel. Residence, on Baker street, between 1st and Foushee.

        E. D. Chalkley. Residence, south side Broad, near 8th.

        B. M. Morris. Residence, 4th between Canal and Byrd streets.

        William N. Kelly. Residence, 2nd street, between Canal and Byrd sts.

        Walter T. Bibb. Residence, on Marshall street, near Central railroad.

        Caleb Crone. Residence, northern terminus 9th street.

        John D. Perrin. Residence, Jackson street.

        John W. Davis. Residence, 2d street, between Canal and Byrd streets.

        William A. Griffin. Residence, 4th street, between Jackson and Duval.

        Mitchell L. Adams. Residence, corner Clay and 17th streets.

        Charles H. Moore. Residence, corner Marshall and 1st streets.

        Night Police.--Captain of the Night Watch--J. B. Pleasants.--Residence, north side Jackson street, above Adams.

        Lieutenants.--Lewis M. Carter. Residence, Church street, Oregon Hill.

        A. R. Cousins. Residence, on Brooke Avenue, between Clay and Leigh.

        T. C. Baptist. Residence, in Alley leading from 17th to 18th street, opposite Market Arch.

        CITY COUNCIL.--Jefferson Ward--R. O. Haskins, W. Holt Richardson N. B. Hill, A. Y. Stokes and E. A. J. Clopton.

        Madison Ward.--James A. Scott, G. W. Randolph, D. I. Burr, R. F. Walker and George K. Crutchfield.

        Monroe Ward.--David J. Saunders, (President of Council.) Thomas C. Epps, L. W. Glazebrook, Fleming Griffin and S. D. Denoon.

        [The Council meets on the second Monday of each month, at the City Hall.]

        City Chamberlain and Clerk to Council.--A. W. Morton. Assistant Clerk, E. C. Howard. Office, south-east room City Hall, up stairs.

        Messenger to the Council.--William James Epps.

        Husting's Court.--James K. Caskie, Recorder; R. D. Sanxay, Senior Alderman.

        Jefferson Ward.--R. D. Sanxay. Office, on Main street, at High Constable's office. Residence, corner of Grace and 21st streets, Church Hill.

        Wm. Taylor. Office, at store on north side Main street, between 17th and 18th. Residence, corner Grace and 24th streets, Church Hill.

        R. J. Christian. Residence, on Franklin, between 27th and 28th streets, Church Hill.

        J. H. Pleasants.

        L. T. Chandler. Store and residence, north side Franklin street, near First Market.

        Madison Ward.--James K. Caskie. Residence, south-east corner of Clay and 11th streets.

        George W. Gwathmey. Office, on 12th street. Residence, north side Broad below 12th.

        William B. Smith. Residence, on 12th street, between Broad and Marshall streets.

        James Bray. Residence, north-east corner Marshall and 4th streets.

        George W. Gilliam.

        Monroe Ward.--W. W. Timberlake. Residence, at A. Jinkins', Duval street, near 2d.

        Thomas M. Jones. Residence, north-west corner Clay street and Brooke Avenue.

        Adolphus Gary. Residence, St. Stephen street, between Baker and Duval streets.

        N. C. Lipscomb. Residence, north-east corner Marshall and 2d streets.

        John F. Regnault. Residence, south side Main street, between 2d and 3d streets. (Mr. R. is now absent from the city.)

        Commonwealth's and City Attorney.--Raleigh T. Daniel.

        Clerk of Husting's Court.--Robert Howard. Office, south-east room of City Hall. Assistant Clerk--Andrew Jinkins.

        City Sergeant.--Thomas U. Dudley. Office opposite to Clerk's office. Deputies--John Gary, and Fred Hall, jailor.

        City Auditor.--Thomas B. Harrison. Clerk--Peter W. Ralston. Office, north-west room City Hall, up stairs.

        City Assessor.--Dabney M. Miller. Office adjoins Chamberlain's office.

        Collector of Taxes.--Julius A Hobson. Assistants--J. F. Keesee and John Hobson. Office, north-west room, first floor.

        City Engineer.--W. Gill. Assistant--S. E. Bates. Office, opposite Auditor's office.

        Gas Works.--Superintendent--John J. Fry. Office, at old Gas Works, Cary street, entrance from the rear. Office hours, 9 to 10 A. M. Inspector--John H. Knowles. Assistants--Hugh Smith, C. R. Childs and Jas. M. Melton. Office, same room City Auditor.

        Water Works.--Superintendent--James L. Davis. Assistant--A. Arsell, Jr. Office, south west corner Bank and 10th streets. Superintendent Pump House--J. P. Tyler. Assistant Superintendent--R. Williams.

        City Gauger.--Richard Fox. Office, at W. H. Pleasants, 15th street, between Main and Cary.

        Grain Measurer.--Henry Davis.

        Sealer of Weights and Measures.--John Talman. Office, City Hall, second floor.

        Clerk of First Market.--Samuel Ellis. Residence, 8th street, north of Leigh.

        Clerk of Second Market.--James P. Tyler.

        Keeper of Powder Magazine.--Luther R. Reins.

        Keeper of Alms House.--John Pearce.

        Keeper of Shockoe Hill Burial Ground.--William J. Waldrop.

        Keeper of Oakwood Cemetery.--John Redford.


        The Post Office occupies a portion of the first floor of the Spotswood Hotel. Postmaster, John O. Steger. Assistant Postmaster, James. M. Wayt. The Office is open from 8 A. M. to 9 P. M., except on Sundays, when it is open from 8 A. M. to 10 A. M.

        The mails are closed as follows: Southern, 3 P. M. and 9 P. M., Central, Fred'g and Danville, 9 P. M., Lynchburg, 3 P. M. and 9 P. M. Canal, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 3 P. M.

        The Telegraph Office is on the north side Main st., between 11th and 12th.

        The Southern Express Office is on south side Main street, near 9th.



        The Exchange Bank is on Main street, second building above Telegraph office.

        The Farmers' Bank and Bank of Virginia are on south side Main street, between 10th and 11th, opposite Treasury Building.

        The Bank of Commonwealth is on north side Main street, between Treasury Building and 11th street.

        The Bank of Richmond is on north side Cary street, near 12th.

        The Traders' Bank is on south side Main street, midway between 14 and 15th streets.


        Fredericksburg Railroad Depot, north side Broad street near 8th. Train for Hamilton's Crossing, 6 miles from Fredb'g, leaves daily at 6-30 A. M., arrives 3 P. M. Train for Ashland leaves daily, except Sundays, at 3-15 P. M., arrives 9 A. M.

        Central Railroad Depot, on Broad street, near 17th street. Train for Staunton leaves daily at 6-30 A. M; arrives daily at 6-15 P. M. Accommodation train for Charlottesville daily, except Sundays, at 3 P. M.; arrives at 9 A. M.

        Danville Railroad Depot, at terminus Virginia street, which is south of Cary, between 13th and 14th streets. Train for junction (to connect with South Side train for Lynchburg) leaves daily at 4 P. M.; arrives at 4.40 A. M. Train for Danville leaves daily, except Sunday, at 7.30 A. M.; arrives at 2.30 P. M.

        Petersburg Railroad Depot, corner of Byrd and 8th streets. Train for Petersburg leaves daily at 5.50 A. M.; arrives 7.30 A. M. Accommodation train leaves daily, except Sundays, at 4.50 P. M.; arrives 6.30 P. M.

        York River Railroad Depot, on the Dock, south of Main, near 22d street. Trains leaves daily at 8 A. M.; arrive at 4 P. M.

        The Packet Boats for Lynchburg leave the head of the Basin (8th street), Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at 5 o'clock P. M.

        Steamer Schultz, for Drewry's Bluff, leaves her wharf at Rocketts every afternoon at 3 o'clock.


  • Ballard House, corner Franklin and 14th streets.
  • Spotswood Hotel, corner Main and 8th streets.
  • American Hotel, corner Main and 11th streets.
  • Powhatan Hotel, corner Broad and 11th streets, opposite City Hall.
  • Columbian Hotel, on 13th street, beyond Cary.


        St. Paul's (Episcopal) Church, corner of Grace and 9th streets. Rev. C. Minnegerode, Rector.

        St. James' (Episcopal,) corner Marshall and 8th streets. Rev. Joshua Peterkin, Rector.

        St. John's (Episcopal,) Church Hill, between 24th and 25th streets, --Rev. Dr. Norwood, Rector.

        Monumental (Episcopal,) north side of Broad, below 12th street. Rev. George Wooldridge, Rector.

        First Baptist, corner Broad and 12th. Rev. J. L. Burrows, D. D., Pastor.

        Second Baptist, corner Main and 6th streets. Rev. L. W. Seeley, Pastor.

        Grace Street Baptist, corner Grace and Foushee sts. Rev. J. B. Jeter, D. D., Pastor.

        Broad Street Methodist, corner Broad and 10th streets. Rev. D. Doggett, D. D., Pastor.

        Trinity, (Methodist,) corner Broad and 20th. Rev. J. E. Edwards, Pastor.

        Centenary, (Methodist,) on Grace, between 4th and 8th, Rev. George W. Langhorne, Pastor; Rev. Dr. Duncan officiating in his absence.

        First Presbyterian, south-east corner Broad and 10th streets. Rev. T. V. Moore, D. D., Pastor.

        Second Presbyterian, on 5th, between Main and Franklin. Rev. M. D. Hoge, D. D., Pastor.

        United Presbyterian, corner Franklin and 8th. Rev. Charles H. Read, Pastor.

        Sycamore, (Disciples',) on east side 11th, between Broad and Marshall.--Rev. Wm. J. Pettigrew, Pastor.

        St. Peter's Cathedral, (Catholic,) north east corner Grace and 8th streets. Right Rev. John McGill, Bishop.


        Alabama Depot, on north side Cary street, near Virginia. Major W. P. Vanderveer in charge.

        Georgia Hospital and Relief Association, south side Main street, near 14th (or Pearl). E. Saulsbury in charge.

        Georgia Soldiers' Home, at St. Charles Hotel, Main street.

        Mississippi Depot, north side Main, near 8th street.

        North Carolina Depot, second door from corner Main and 8th sts.

        North Carolina Soldiers' Home--Dr. S W. Murphy in charge--two doors above North Carolina Depot.

        South Carolina Soldiers' Home, at Exchange Hotel, Franklin St.

        Virginia Depot, on 13th street, south of Cary, (Shockoe Slip). A. S Buford in charge.

        Army Depot, Y. M. C. Ass'n, on Bank street, near 10th.


        The following is a correct list of the various Hospitals in and near Richmond, in which the Soldiers from each State are placed.

        Alabama.--Alabama Hospital, corner Franklin and 23d streets, and 1st Division Howard's Grove Hospital, Mechanicsville turnpike, (northeast of city.)

        Arkansas.--Texas Hospital, lower end Main Street, where it diverges towards the river.

        Florida.--General Hospital No. 11, 19th street, between Main and Franklin.

        Georgia.--Winder Hospital, 1st and 2d Divisions, west terminus of Cary street; and in 2d and 3d Divisions of Jackson Hospital, near Hollywood Cemetery.

        Kentucky.--Chimborazo Hospital, east terminus of Broad street.

        Louisiana.--Louisiana Hospital, west end Broad street, and in 4th Division of Jackson Hospital, near Hollywood Cemetery.

        Mississippi.--Howard's Grove Hospital, 2d Division, northeast of city.

        Missouri.--Chimborazo Hospital. east terminus of Broad Street.

         North Carolina.--General Hospital No. 24, corner Main and 26th sts., and in 3d, 4th and 5th Divisions of Winder Hospital, west terminus of Cary street.

        South Carolina.--Jackson Hospital, 1st Division, near Hollywood Cemetery.

        Tennessee.--Chimborazo Hospital.

        Texas.--Texas Hospital, Main street. [See Arkansas.]

        Virginia.--Chimborazo Hospital.

        The sick and wounded Marylanders are also placed in Chimborazo Hospital.

        Commissioned Officers.--General Hospital No. 4, [formerly " Richmond Female Institute,"] on 10th street, between Marshall and Clay, and No. 10, formerly "United States Hotel," corner Main and 19th street. Officers in private quarters, registered at Broad street, between 9th and 10th streets.

        The other Confederate Hospitals are situated as follows:

        General Hospital No. 1, north terminus of 2d street,--"City Alms House."

        General Hospital No. 21, corner of Cary and 25th streets.

        Prison Hospital, General Hospital No. 9, ("Seabrook's Warehouse,") corner Grace and 17th streets.

        Receiving Hospital, General Hospital No. 13, 20th street, between Main and Franklin.

        Henningson Hospital, Wall street.

        Samaritan Hospital, Clay street, between 5th and 6.

        Robinson Hospital, corner Main and 3d streets.

        Wayside Hospitals.--The following notice has recently been published by authority.

        " Sick and disabled soldiers, on furlough or honorably discharged from the service, who are temporarily detained in Richmond, Va., will be comfortably provided with food, quarters and attention at the Wayside Hospital, corner Franklin and 19th streets.

        "Wayside Hospitals are also established at Petersburg, Danville, Farmville, Lynchburg, Charlottesville, Liberty and Staunton, near the railroad depots, at which sick and disabled soldiers may have their wants supplied."

        Naval Hospital.--Governor, or 13th street, between Main and Franklin.

        Private Hospitals.--Richmond Medical College Infirmary, corner of Marshall and 14th streets.

        St. Francis de Sale, Brooke Avenue, near Bacon Quarter Branch, (or creek.)

        Bellevue Hospital, Broad street, Church Hill.



        Richmond Lodge, No. 10, meets first Tuesday in each month, at Mason's Hall, Franklin street, between 18th and 19th. Wm. E. Tanner, Master.

        Metropolitan Lodge, No. 11, meets second Thursday in each month, on Marshall street, between 6th and 7th. S. H. Boykin, Master.

        Richmond Randolph Lodge, No. 19, meets third Tuesday in each month, at Mason's Hall, Franklin street, between 18th and 19th. R. T. Reynolds, Master.

        Dove Lodge, No. 51, meets on Marshall street, between 6th and 7th, the fourth Friday in each month. Joseph Hall, Master.

        Loge Francaise, No. 53, meets second Friday in each month, on Marshall street, between 6th and 7th. B. F. Harris, Master.

        Manchester Lodge, No. 14, meets Saturday before full moon in each month, at Masonic Hall, Manchester.

        Henrico Union Lodge, No. 130, meets first Friday before full moon in each month, at Mason's Hall, 26th street, Union Hill. John H. Dickinson, master.

        Richmond Royal Arch Chapter, No. 3, meets first Thursday in each month, at Mason's Hall, Franklin street, between 18th and 19th. M. E. Wm. Allen, H. P.; E. J. A. Scott, King; E. B. F. Harris, Scribe.

        Lafayette Royal Arch Chapter, No. 43, meets third Thursday in each month, at Mason's Hall, Franklin street, between 18th and 19th. M. E. John P. Little, H. P.; E. Robert Gatewood, King; E. Geo. Jacobs, Scribe.

        Richmond Encampment, No. 2, of Knights Templars, meets fourth Tuesday in each month, at Mason's Hall, Franklin street, between 18th and 19th. H. Gill, G. C.; J. F. Regnault, G.; Wm. L. Maule, C. G.

        Grand Lodge of Virginia, meets second Monday in December, at Mason's Hall, Franklin street, between 18th and 19th. Lewis B. Williams, G. M.; John Dove, G. Secretary; James Evans, G. Lecturer.


        Jefferson Lodge, No. 4, meets at Odd-Fellows' Hall, corner of Franklin and Mayo streets, every Monday night.

        Union Lodge, No. 7, meets at Odd-Fellows' Hall, corner Franklin and Mayo streets, every Friday night.

        Friendship Lodge, No. 10, meets at Odd-Fellows' Hall, corner of Franklin and Mayo streets, every Tuesday night.

        Powhatan Lodge, No. 12, meets at Odd-Fellows' Hall, corner of Franklin and Mayo streets, every Wednesday night.

        Aurora Lodge, No. 116, meets at the room over Goode's printing office, Main street, between 10th and 11th, every Friday night.

        Fitzhugh Lodge, No. 93, meets north side Broad street, between 6th and 7th, every Tuesday night.

        Roane Lodge, No. 130, meets at Mason's Hall, Union Hill, every Saturday night.

        Neilson Encampment, No. 2, meets at Odd-Fellows' Hall, first and third Thursdays in each month.

        Excelsior Encampment, No. 22, meets at Odd-Fellows' Hall, second and fourth Thursday in each month.


        Richmond "Whig," office in Whig Building, north-west corner of Governor and Franklin streets.

        Richmond "Sentinel," office north-east corner of Governor and Franklin streets, up stairs.

        Richmond "Examiner," office west side of Governor street, south of Franklin.

        Richmond "Enquirer," office south-west corner of Main and 12th street up stairs.

        Richmond "Dispatch," office in Dispatch Building, corner of Main and 13 streets.

        "Southern Illustrated News," office corner of Cary and Virginia streets.

        The "Magnolia," office opposite "Enquirer" office.

        "Southern Punch," office on east side of 11th street, south of Main.

        "Southern Literary Messenger," office corner of Bank and 12th sts.

        The "Record," office at West & Johnston's book store, Main street, between 12th and 13th.

        "Religious Herald," office on west side of 10th street, south of Main.

        "Central Presbyterian," office No. 148, Main street, up stairs.

        Richmond "Christian Advocate," office over Bidgood's book store, opposite telegraph office.

        "Southern Churchman," office over Woodhouse's book store, south side Main street, near 13th.

        "Christian Observer," office in law building, Franklin street, near 12th.


        The Theatre is situated at the corner of Broad and 7th streets.

        Metropolitan Hall, on Franklin street, near Governor street.

        Richmond Varieties, on Franklin street, below 14th.

        Confederate Reading Room, south side 11th street, north of Main street.

        Library and Reading Room, Young Men's Christian Association, corner Bank and 10th streets, second floor.

        French Consulate--M. Alfred Paul, Consul of France. Office and residence on Clay street, near corner of 8th.

        The Custom House is on the north side of the Basin, between 10th and 11th streets. R. H. Lorton, Collector. Residence corner of Clay. and 26th streets. Deputy Collector, Joseph S. James. Residence, Main street, between 7th and 8th.

        The First Market House is at the corner of Main and 17th streets.

         Vegetable Market on 17th street, north of Franklin.

        The Second Market House is at the corner of Marshall and 6th sts.

        The Police Stations are in the Market Houses.

        The City Tail is on Marshall street, north-west of Central railroad depot.

        The County Court House and Jail are on Main street, at the corner of 24th street.

        The City Gas works are at Rocketts.

        The Water Works (Pump House) are on the canal, about one mile west of the city.

        The Female Orphan Asylum is at the corner of Marshall and 7th sts.

        The Male Orphan Asylum is at the corner of Baker and St. James streets.

        The Catholic Orphan Asylum is at the corner of Marshall and 4th sts.

        The State Penitentiary is on the south-western suburbs of the city.

        Hollywood Cemetery is situated about half a mile beyond the Penitentiary; approached by road leading from Cary street.

        The new Alms House--at present occupied as a Confederate Hospital--is situated at the northern terminus of 2d street. The paupers are domiciled in a house east of the burial ground.

        The entrance to the Tobacco Exchange is through the passage just beyond the Columbian Hotel.



SHOCKOE SLIP, (13th and Cary,)


        The COLUMBIAN HOTEL is a large and commodious building, located in the business portion of the city, is comfortably furnished, and its tables supplied with the best the market affords. The Proprietors, Messrs ANGEL & CO., exercise their best efforts to render the stay of their guests as comfortable and pleasant as possible. Omnibuses attend the depots regularly.




Corner Main and 14th Streets.








Liquors of all kinds. Also Family Groceries at Wholesale and Retail.


  • Fine Gunpowder and Green Teas,
  • Crushed, Pulverized, Clarified and Brown Sugar,
  • Laguira, Java, and Rio Coffee,
  • Bacon, Lard, and Butter,
  • Soda, Saleratus and Cream Tartar,
  • Soap and Candles,
  • Matches and Blacking,
  • Dried Apples and Peaches,
  • Ground Coffee,
  • Ground and Grain Pepper,
  • Shoe Blacking,
  • Flour and Meal,
  • Cider Vinegar,
  • Brooms and Buckets,
  • Potatoes and Onions,
  • Smoking and Chewing Tobacco,
  • Mustard, Spice, Nutmeg Cloves,
  • Mace, Bluing and Indigo,
  • Sweet Oil,
  • Yeast Powder,
  • Essence of Coffee,
  • Pipe and Stems,
  • Toilet Soap,
  • Rice, &c., &c.

        Respectfully asks consignments of Produce, Butter, Lard, Bacon, Eggs, Potatoes, Poultry, Apples, Peaches, &c.










  • 50 bbls old Rye Whiskey,
  • 10 bbls Apple Brandy,
  • 1 cask old Hennessey Brandy,
  • 2 1/4 casks old Scotch Whiskey,
  • 4 bbls Adam's extra old Rye,
  • 10 bags Laguayra Coffee,
  • 15 bbls brown and clarified Sugar,
  • 16 bbls crushed Sugar,
  • 10 chests best Green Tea,
  • 40 boxes Adamantine and Sperm Candles,
  • 20 cases English Salad Oil,
  • 40 cases Brisson Brandy ,
  • 10 c s extra Hennessey Brandy,
  • 20 c s old French Brandy,
  • 100 cases old Bourbon and Nectar Whiskey,
  • 10 cases Worcestershire Sauce,
  • 1 case English Cheese,
  • 20 cases old Tomato Catsup,
  • 10 cases Walnut Catsup,
  • 150 doz. English Ale and Porter,
  • 5 cases Madeira Wine,
  • 10 cases Creole Bitters,
  • 10000 fine Cigars,
  • 5 cases Pickles,
  • 10 cases English Mustard,
  • 5 cases Vermouth,
  • 10 cases English Palm Soap,
  • 20 cases Claret,
  • 10 cases Smoking Tobacco,
  • 50 dozen English Ale, in pints,
  • Ground and Grain Pepper,
  • 5 bbls Cider Vinegar,

        With a general supply of fine Family Groceries. Also, Sardines, Pickled Oysters and Havana Cigars.


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