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 :: "Officers' Prison on 18th Street" ::
Information about the unnamed prison for Union officers on 18th St. in Richmond, VA during the Civil War.

probably the tobacco factory of Talbott & Bonn, on the west side of 18th street, between Main and Cary. This building is listed in the 1860 directory as "Talber & Bonn," but appears in numerous sources as Talbott & Bro.

Written Accounts 

Richmond Dispatch 2/13/1862; Talbot & Brother, owners of “extensive foundry corner of 17th and Cary” sold everything intact to Navy Dept.
Richmond Dispatch 3/28/1862; one of Talbott & Bro.’s negroes shot
Richmond Dispatch 6/7/1862; frame work of Mayo Bridge threatened by flooding; flood produced 2 ft water in basement of Libby Prison & CS Machine Ship (Talbott’s) had 3-4 feet.
Richmond Dispatch 7/1/1862; "Libby buildings" are insufficient to hold the influx of Union prisoners - new prison being fitted up on 18th street
Richmond Dispatch 7/2/1862; nearly 1000 POWs arrived on 7/1. Some officers named. McCall at Spotswood – paroled to stay in city. He will be moved to “the quarters now being prepared on 18th street” when they are ready for “all the abolition officers”
Richmond Examiner 7/2/1862; list of prisons in use at Richmond, including Libby and others
Richmond Examiner 7/5/1862; 125 Union officers formerly at Libby Prison have been moved from Libby prison to the new officers' prison on 18th street
Richmond Examiner 7/5/1862; Gens. McCall, Reynolds & Rankin have been moved from the Spotswood Hotel to "Bond's" warehouse on 18th st.
Richmond Dispatch 7/8/1862; excellent details on Richmond prisons: Libby, Barrett's, Greanor & Palmer's factories, Officer's prison on 18th street.
Richmond Dispatch 7/9/1862; description of "Yankee Officers’ Quarters" on 18th street
Richmond Dispatch 7/14/1862; 164 POWs arrived in city 7/12/1862 – officers listed
Richmond Dispatch 7/19/1862; List of Yankee officers sent north on 7/18
Richmond Dispatch 7/19/1862; great article on Gen. McCall misbehaving at 18th Street prison
Philadelphia Press 7/22/1862; lists of Pennsylvania prisoners in Richmond; describes prison of Reynolds and McCall
Pennsylvania Daily Telegraph 7/23/1862; letter from General Geo. A. McCall describing his imprisonment; notes that one of his officers is held in Chimborazo Hospital
Pittsburgh Gazette 7/23/1862; List of Pennsylvania soldiers in Richmond prisons
Richmond Dispatch 7/28/1862; 1100 WIA POWs sent away over the weekend. 300 more arrive from Savage’s. Talbott & Bonn’s Factory, 18th Street, still has officers. Other factory prisons now empty. Libby will soon be empty
Uniontown (PA) Genius of Liberty 7/31/1862; letter describing the new officers' prison on 18th street, mention Reynolds and McCall being there - says they were moved there on the 4th of July.
Richmond Dispatch 8/4/1862; five officers have escaped from prison on 18th street
Richmond Enquirer 8/4/1862; officer escapes from the Officer's Prison on 18th Street - details on the layout of the prison
Richmond Dispatch 8/5/1862; prisoners from Talbott & Bonn's factory (including Reynolds & McCall) have been removed to Libby Prison, due to an escape at the former place
Richmond Enquirer 8/5/1862; Yankee officers moved from the prison on 18th street to the Libby Prison
Richmond Enquirer 8/5/1862; federal officer who escaped from prison recaptured, lists those arrested for abetting the escape
Richmond Dispatch 8/7/1862; escaped prisoners from officers' prison on 18th street have been recaptured
Richmond Dispatch 8/8/1862; two Yankee officers who recently were recaptured after an escape attempt, are under close confinement; other escapees with them have just been recaptured
Richmond Dispatch 5/8/1863; C. S. Naval Works, at the warehouse of Talbott & Brothers, needs old copper and zinc

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