William Frank Browne was born in Northfield, Vermont. On the outbreak of Civil War he joined the 15th Vermont Volunteer Infantry (Co. C). Upon his discharge in August, 1863, he began working as the camp photographer of the 5th Michigan Cavalry.

In 1865 Browne was employed by Alexander Gardner as a contract photographer. A collection of photographs taken by Browne were published by Gardner under the title, View of Confederate Water Batteries on the James River.

After the war Browne returned to Northfield where he died of consumption in 1867.

Neg. # Title Photographer
1001 Ten Inch Columbiad and Magazine Entrance, Sand Bag Revertment, Battery Dantzler, (Howlett's,) on James River. William Frank Browne
1002 Rear View of the same Gun, as shown in No. 1001. "
1003 Rear View of the same Gun, as shown in No. 1001. "
1005 Seven Inch Brooke Gun, (Rifle.) Sand Bag Revertment - Hurdle Revertment - a double embrasure, designed to sweep both up and down River, which bends sharply at this Point - Dutch Gap in the distance. "
1006 Same Gun as shown in No. 1005, with Traverse - View of Howlett's House in the distance, and the left of the Confederate Line, extending from the James to the Appomattox River in front of Bermuda Hundred. "
1007 Rear View of the Same Gun, as shown in No. 1005, with Battery Spofford, (U. S.) near Right Cheek of Embrasure - Entrance to Magazine near left of Picture. "
1008 Three-fourths View of the Same Gun, as shown in No. 1005. "
1009 View up, in rear of Battery Dantzler, (Howlett's,) showing Entrance to location of Gun, as shown in No. 1001. "
1010 Continuation of View No. 1009 showing rear of Battery Dantzler, (Howlett's,) with View of Howlett's House. Taken with instrument on top of high Magazine, shown in extreme distance of No. 1009. "
1011 View in Rear of Battery Dantzler (Howlett's) from a point near the Old Gun Carriage, shown in No. 1010, looking back. "
1012 View down James River from Battery Dantzler, (Howlett's) showing U. S. Batteries Sawyer and Spofford, with Butler's Tower on left - Wreck of Gunboat Drury, (Confederate) sunk by 1st Conn. Art., Jan. 24, 1865, concealed behind point of woods, in middle ground of picture. "
1013 View, from near Howlett's, of Dutch Gap, Peninsula, showing James River on each side of the Neck of Land. This View joins on left of No. 1012. "
1014 Ten-inch Columbiad in unfinished Battery Wood, on James River, next above Howlett's, showing Hurdle Revertment and Mask of Woods not yet cleared away. "
1015 Ten-Inch Columbiad in unfinished Battery Wood, on James River, Hurdle Revertment. This is next Gun above that shown in No. 1014. "
1016 Same gun as shown in 1015, with Hurdle Revertment and Epaulement - Unfinished Battery. "
1017 View in rear of Battery Wood, showing Magazine Entrance to Gun shown in No. 1015 - Hurdle Revertment, anchored by Grape Vines. "
1018 Eight Inch Brooke Rifled Gun, weighing 21,987 lbs., in unfinished Battery Wood, Hurdle Revertment, anchored by grape vines. "
1019 Side View of Eight Inch Brooke Gun, weighing 21,987 lbs. Same Gun as shown in No. 1018. "
1021 Same Gun, as shown in No. 1020 - Magazine Traverse. "
1022 Three-fourths Rear View of the Same Gun, as shown in No. 1020. "
1023 View of Battery Semmes, looking North, the reverse of the line being seen. "
1024 Ten-Inch Columbiad - Elevating Screw, and with other parts, having been removed by the Confederates - Battery Semmes. "
1025 Ten-Inch Columbiad in Battery Semmes - Seen from top of Magazine - No Revertment. "
1026 Side View of the Same Gun, as shown in No. 1025, showing the height of Magazine, and the Entrance. "
1028 Battery Brooke from South to North-Epaulement for Gun shown in No. 1027 "
1029 Ten Inch Banded Brooke’s Gun, smooth base, in Battery Brooke, pointing towards Fort Brady, (U. S.) – Entrance to Magazine on right. "
1031 Same Gun as shown in No. 1029, showing front of Carriage. "


Seven Inch Brooke Rifle Gun in Battery Brooke—Fort Brady (U.S.) in extreme distance over terminus of gun.

1034 Battery Brooke on James River, looking from North to South. "
1037 Interior of Fort Drury - Ten-Inch Columbiad, with view down River, showing point in middle ground near where the U. S. Iron Clad Galena was repulsed in 1862 - Batteries near Chapin's Bluff in the distance. "
1038 Interior of Fort Drury-Same Gun as shown in No. 1037. "
1039 Interior of Fort Drury - Hot-shot Furnace - Same Columbiad as shown in No. 1037 - Pile of Balls, &c., &c. "
1040 Extreme Battery, Drury's Bluff - Seven Inch Brooke's Rifle Gun - Portion of Hulks forming obstructions visible near left cheek of embrasure, place where Galena was repulsed in 1862 - 1st Conn. Art. on drill. "
1041 Same View as No. 1040 - Chapin's Bluff in the distance. "
1042 Three fourths front view of the same Gun as shown in No. 1040. "
1043 Three-fourths rear view of the same Gun as shown in No. 1040 - Fort Darling on the right of the picture. "
1044 Front View of the same Gun as shown in No. 1040, showing the Gabion forming the right and left cheek of the Embrasure, with Confederate Garrison in rear. "
1045 Officer's Quarters and Magazine at Drury's Bluff. "


Ordnance Depot at Drury’s Bluff—Bird’s eye view of a Ship at the dock. This view was taken from the top of the Bluff, eighty feet above the deck.

1047 Officer's Quarters, Drury's Bluff, with piles of Shot and Shells in foreground, thrown from U. S. Gunboats at Fort Darling. "
1048 Shipping, as seen through the foliage from the top of Drury's Bluff. "


View from Drury's Bluff looking down the River (James) - Chapin's Bluff below the second bend of the River. "
1050 Grave of Frank L. Smith, who was accidentally drowned in James River; also, Confeerate Graves at Drury's Bluff. "


Eight-Inch Broke Gun slung on a captured Confederate Sling Cart, with Limber in front and a U. S. Sling Cart in rear.



Same Gun And Sling Cart as shown in No. 1051, showing how the Gun is slung under the cart.

1053 View of large Sling Cart made by the Confederates to move Guns weighing 50,000 lbs. from the Tredegar Works. Used by the 1st Conn. Art. in removing the Guns from the Confederate Water Batteries on James River. "


A three-fourths rear view of the same sling cart shown in 1053— (description seen on No. 1053). This view shows the construction of the wheels, the alternate spokes projecting from opposite ends of the hubs, and all terminating in the same plane in the rim of the wheel.

1055 Three-fourths front View of the same Sling Cart shown in No. 1053. This view shows the Limber, Brake, and Drag Ropes used by the soldiers in assisting the Horses and mules to move Heavy Guns. "
1056 Front Elevation of the Sling Cart shown in No. 1053. "
1057 Rear of Sling Cart shown in No. 1053. This view shows Trunnion Rings below the Axle, Elevating Screw above and Break Levers. "
1059 View in front of Fort Drury, looking across the Ravine - Fort on the left, River on the right. "
1061 View of Low Water Battery, showing Magazine and Entrance - Portion of Obstructions visible under foliage - Chapin's Bluff in the distance. "


Obstructions in the River below Fort Drury.

1063 Combination of Butler's Gap and Dutch Towers. "
1064 View in Dutch Gap. Steamtug Alida at the Entrance of the Gap. "


Brigade Band at Gen. Abbott’s Headquarters, Fort Drury.

1066 View of Butler's Dutch Gap Canal. "

View of Confederate Gunboat Drury, blown up and sunk (by the 1st Conn. Art.) in the James River.



View of Confederate Church at Fort Darling—Graves in the foreground—Entrance to the Fort on the right.

1071 View of Headquarters, and Group, Fort Drury, Va. "


Adjt. General's Headquarters at Fort Drury, Va.



Ordnance Depot at Broadway Landing. Ordnance awaiting shipment - Mountain Howitzer captured from U. S. Cavalry, and recaptured at Petersburg - Eight inch Columbiad (Confederate) used on Petersburg Heights - Armstrong's Blackley's, and Whitworth's Projectiles on hand barrow captured at Fort Fisher, N. C. - U. S. Howitzers on left which repulsed Confederate assault on Redoubt Dutton, June, 1864 - U. S. Navy Gun captured at Fort Clifton.

1076 Ordnance Depot at Broadway Landing. Confederate Mortars, Eight-Inch Cohorn 24 pdr's - U.S. Train in background - A broken Gun Carriage with temporary device. "


The Ambulence Corps.



Ordnance Depot at Broadway Landing. An Eight Inch Columbiad, captured from the Confederates on Petersburg Heights, slung on two Sling Carts—An Eight Inch Mortar slung on a small Sling Cart— A twenty pdr. Parrott slung on a Gin in the distance—Shipping, piles of Ordnance Boxes, &c.

1083 Headquarters 1st Conn. Art. - Gen. Abbott and Staff. "


Fort Abbott, City Point Line, the Fort Occupied by Abraham Lincoln during the fight, in front of Petersburg, that resulted in its capture.

1085 Military Executions, City Point, Va. Hollow Square formed around the Gallows, April 1865. "
1086 Charlotte Candee's Monument, Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York. "
The images below were taken by Browne, and DO correspond to a catalog number - which I haven't seen yet. The numbers below represent the arbitrary numbers assigned them by the Library of Congress - a very frustrating phenomenon. They are included here for completeness, but should not be taken to represent original catalog numbers or descriptions.
1118 [View of Fort Darling, Drewry's Bluff, James River from above the "masked battery."] "
1120 [View of ravine and "masked battery" from Fort Darling, Drewry's Bluff, James River.] "
1123 [View of Ravine on the the south side of the river near Fort Darling, James River.] "


Magazine in Battery Rodgers. on the Potomac.

1136 [Adjutant's quarters, 1st Connecticut Heavy Artillery, Fort Darling.] "
1138 [ "
1139 [Gen. Abbot's quarters, 1st Connecticut Heavy Artillery, Fort Darling, April 1865.] "


Fifteen-inch gun in Battery Rogers on the Potomac.

1150 [Sling Cart used in removing catured artillery at Fort Darling.] "


Sling Cart for moving Heavy Cannon.

1152 [Sling Cart used in removing catured artillery at Fort Darling.] "
1155 [Sling Cart used in removing catured artillery at Fort Darling, April 1865.] "