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This is the E. & H. T. Anthony Civil War Photographs catalog - Here you will find images linked to the catalog description of each. The E. & H. T. Anthony Company issued these images as stereoviews during and after the American Civil War in their "War for the Union Series."

A note on the research process

For the benefit of researchers of other photographic topics than Richmond, I have decided to include any and all images released by Anthony under the "War For the Union" label. Thus, you will find here images of Richmond (of course), Charleston, Gettysburg, and so on.

Because of this, the catalog is very large, so in order to manage this monstrosity you have two options:

  • View the entire catalog - very large (in three parts); or...
  • View only those catalog entries (linked and unlinked) that pertain to Richmond, Va.

RG 92, National Archives; Great documents relating to T. C. Roche photographing (for Meigs through E. & H. T. Anthony) in Richmond and Petersburg in 1865