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Information about battery defenses of Richmond, VA during the Civil War.

1867 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Map of Richmond, made under the direction of Maj. Nathaniel Micheler and Capt. Peter S. Michie (National Archives, Record Group 77, Map G 204, #55 & 57) - this map shows many of the battery defenses in relation to the city.

Map of the vicinity of Richmond by a Confederate Topographical Engineer showing the positions of the battery defenses around the city.

Map of the vicinity of Richmond showing the positions of the battery defenses around the city.

post516.jpg (97749 bytes) Late nineteenth century postcard showing Confederate veterans next to the remains of Battery No. 10 on Monument Avenue. This image is looking west, and is, to my knowledge, the only image showing one of the inner defense line forts. (Postmarked 1910, published by Southern Bargain House, Richmond, Va.)

Written Accounts

Richmond Dispatch 6/1/1861; appeal for more workers on the city defenses
Richmond Dispatch 6/5/1861; Negroes are doing good work on the fortifications at Marion Hill (Battery #2)
Richmond Dispatch 6/7/1861; city laborers are at work on the defenses at Marion Hill (Battery #2)
Richmond Whig 7/2/1861; laborers needed for the Richmond defenses
Richmond Dispatch 7/18/1861; notes that negro workers on the fortifications seem to happy to be aiding "their native state"
Richmond Whig 8/21/1861; gratuitous praise of the nearly complete Richmond fortifications
Richmond Dispatch 1/8/1862; L. M. Burfoot & Chesterfield Artillery to be mustered in at Battery #15
Richmond Whig 1/10/1862; Artillery company from Chesterfield County will be mustered in at Battery No. 15; local defense force is being raised at Springfield Hall (GH#26)
Richmond Dispatch 2/10/1862; Capt. T. P. Wilkinson’s Co., at Marion Hill Battery, ordered to Evansport
Richmond Dispatch 2/20/1862; T. P. Wilkinson, commanding Winder Battery, needs a few more good men for Battery No. 9, Brooke Turnpike
Richmond Dispatch 3/5/1862; Lt. Jno. F. Tompkins, Battery 15, raising a company for T. G. Peyton’s new regiment
Richmond Dispatch 6/2/1862; T. S. Rhett adv for strayed horse - he at Battery #3
Richmond Dispatch 6/10/1862; Brooks Arty camped at Battery #3
Richmond Dispatch 6/17/1862; Lt. W. S. Leake, C12BnVaLA, strayed horse from Battery #7
Richmond Dispatch 6/20/1862; W. Otho Hill, Asst. Surg., at Battery #7, adv for 2 runaway slaves, from Liggon Hosp
Richmond Dispatch 6/20/1862; John Eubank, 12BnLA at Battery #7, advertises reward for the arrest “and safe delivery at Castle Godwin” of AWOL
Richmond Dispatch 6/25/1862; Capt. Barlow’s Co at Battery #2
Richmond Dispatch 6/26/1862; Capt. J. DeLagnel, "Commdt of Post" at Batty #8, passes resolutions on death of Capt. E. F. Bowyer, Botetourt Arty. Lt. A. Austin Smith part of Committee
Richmond Dispatch 7/8/1862; Lt. Hardgrove adv for stolen horse, he at Battery #3 & at corner Grace & 27th
Richmond Dispatch 7/10/1862; Capt. J. Hatley Norton at Redoubt #4 demands that members of Capt. Patterson’s Co. (“lately turned over to my command”) report in. Had been Battery #8 when part of Patterson. Most of men from Campbell Co.
Richmond Dispatch 7/10/1862; J. Hatley Norton lists deserters from his company at Battery #6
Richmond Dispatch 7/14/1862; J. Hatley Norton, Commanding at Battery #4, adv for deserter Jno. J. Peterson
Richmond Dispatch 7/15/1862; G. W. Nelson list 28 AWOLs from Hanover Artillery. Anyone thinking themselves unfit report to McCaw at Chimborazo. Battery camped on RYRRR, attached to Colquitt.
Richmond Dispatch 7/25/1862; Capt Robert K. Hardgrove, at Battery #10, adv for lost horse
Richmond Daily Whig 7/31/1862; Battery #8 struck by lightning
Richmond Dispatch 8/2/1862; Capt. Barlow, Allen’s Battalion Artillery at Battery #2, AWOL notice for John N. Eubanks
Richmond Dispatch 8/12/1862; Maj. J. W. Atkinson adv for lost horse, he at Battery #8
Richmond Dispatch 8/12/1862; Lt. James Wilkinson at Battery #3 adv for absentees to report
Richmond Dispatch 8/12/1862; list of deserters from Co. E., Allen’s Battalion, at Battery #1
Richmond Dispatch 8/22/1862; notice of a deserter from Battery #8
Richmond Dispatch 9/1/1862; A. H. Campbell adv for 5 or 6 men to serve as chainmen on topographical surveys. His headquarters are at Brooks House, Williamsburg Road, near Battery #3
Thomas A. Harris CSR, M331 9/21/1862; numerical reports & medical details, Batteries #4, 5, 9, & 10
Richmond Dispatch 9/22/1862; Thomas’ disorderly house near Battery #8 raided. Booze seized. Major Atkinson issues a warning to him.
Richmond Dispatch 9/24/1862; Co. A, 10th Va. Battn. HQ near Battery #2. List of deserters.
Richmond Dispatch 9/26/1862; Capt. Webb, D12VA Arty., Battery 10 near Camp Lee, adv for lost horse
Richmond Dispatch 9/27/1862; A. H. Campbell still needs chainmen – at Brooks House near Battery #3
Richmond Dispatch 10/3/1862; Mary Powell lives near Battery #4
Richmond Dispatch 10/6/1862; Maj. J. W. Atkinson, 19BnHA, at Battery #8, adv for drummers
Richmond Dispatch 10/18/1862; Andrew J. Rodgers, commanding company at Battery #17, orders in absentees
Richmond Dispatch 10/27/1862; Summary of synod of Presbyterian Church; Rev. J. D. Thomas holds regular services at Battery #8
Richmond Dispatch 11/12/1862; Capt. T. P. Wilkinson at Marion Hill Battery adv for strayed horse
Richmond Dispatch

11/13/1862; 214 negroes arrive from Bedford Co. to work on Richmond fortifications.

Richmond Dispatch 11/13/1862; B18VaBnHA, adv for two deserters at Battery 4
Inspection report 11/17/1862, of Battery #15.
Richmond Dispatch 11/18/1862; Major J. DeLagnel at Battery #9 finds stray horse
Inspection report 11/20/1862; of all numbered battery defenses of Richmond, containing both military and medical details.
Richmond Dispatch 11/26/1862; Sgt. J. E. T. Harding, of Wilkinson’s Co., Battery #2, adv for missing 11-year-old son
Richmond Dispatch

12/20/1862; B20VaBnHA absentees listed. Battery at #9, Richmond defenses.

Richmond Examiner 4/18/1863; Two artillerists, including a man from Battery #2, who escaped from Castle Thunder have been recaptured
Richmond Daily Whig 11/25/1863; defenders of Battery #9 assault a negro and are put in Castle Thunder
Richmond Whig 1/21/1864; two Yankees who escaped from Libby Prison tell a Chicago newspaper that they came upon some of the Richmond fortifications on their way out and the guns were completely unattended. They lament not being able to spike them. The Whig calls for more people to man the guns
Richmond Whig 2/22/1864; one of the soldiers from the batteries below Richmond was accidentally shot while loading muskets onto a wagon. He was taken to Seabrook's Hospital
Richmond Whig 3/16/1864; soldier at Battery No. 3 is arrested for stealing two trunks
Richmond Whig 3/21/1864; soldier from Battery No. 4 drowns in the canal
Richmond Daily Whig 4/2/1864; some defenders of Battery #9 charged with theft
Richmond Whig 4/12/1865; Defensive lines around Richmond have been left intact; many guns captured
Richmond Whig 5/22/1865; BG Henry Abbott assigned to Artillery chief for Virginia and will garrison batteries around the city
Richmond Dispatch 7/11/1866; excellent description of the leveling of most of the former defenses of Richmond; almost celebratory in tone
National Tribune

8/10/1899; “A Union Man in Richmond;” part four of serial account. Describes John Minor Bott’s stay in “a negro jail in Lombard Alley” [Castle Godwin], the economic situation in Richmond, the Battle of First Manassas, the man who [Mr. Gretter] who tossed the first shovelful of dirt for the Richmond defenses, the dangerous nature of “Lombard Alley” [probably Locust Alley], and the post-war collapse of the upper floor of the Capitol building

Richmond Times-Dispatch 11/17/1901; good account of the burial of Col. Ulric Dahlgren in Oakwood Cemetery, and the raiding of the grave; author was a member of the 19th VA H.A., camped at Battery 5, and guarding Libby Prison at the time
George Hammond CSR, M331 various dates; supplies at Batteries 4 & 5
John D. Patton CSR, M331 various dates; small details on hospital in Battery #2
Thomas Smith CSR, M331 various dates; Battery #9 requisitions

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