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Added September 20, 2001

Richmond Dispatch 4/8/1861; Franklin & Co has received a large collection of stereo views and viewers
Richmond Whig 7/27/1861; list of wounded from First Manassas at the various private locations around the city. Many in St. Charles Hotel and Springfield Hall
Richmond Whig 7/30/1861; additional list of wounded from First Manassas at the various private locations around the city. Many in St. Charles Hotel and Springfield Hall
Richmond Dispatch 5/13/1862; excellent description of the proliferation of prostitution in Richmond, of "both sexes."
Pittsburgh Gazette 7/21/1862; list of western Pennsylvania prisoners in "Hope Prison" in Richmond
Philadelphia Press 7/22/1862; lists of Pennsylvania prisoners in Richmond; describes prison of Reynolds and McCall
Richmond Dispatch 5/8/1863; City Jail has been left unguarded, and there have been several escapes
Richmond Dispatch 12/16/1888; "Our Richmond Mobs;" details on the Bread Riot, the evacuation mob, and others
Richmond Dispatch 12/16/1888; engineer is in Richmond making drawing of Libby Prison, preparatory to moving it to Chicago. A fence has been erected around the prison, and citizens wishing to see it are charged admission
Richmond Dispatch 6/1/1889; obituary notice for Samuel P. Moore, former Surgeon-General of the Confederacy
Clark, History of the 39th Illinois 1889; notes that the Union XXIV Corps hospital is located at Camp Lee, gives details on surgeons, etc. 
National Tribune 7/12/1900; good account of the fall of Richmond in 1865, by a boy who lived on Church Hill; notes that advancing Union troops were fired upon from convalescent patients from Chimborazo
Winchester Evening Star 9/10/1913; decent account of Elizabeth Van Lew and her spying efforts in Richmond

Added September 11, 2001

Richmond Whig 1/1/1862; use of the Alms House (GH#1) is being urged to be returned to the poor
Richmond Whig 1/10/1862; Artillery company from Chesterfield County will be mustered in at Battery No. 15; local defense force is being raised at Springfield Hall (GH#26)
Richmond Whig 1/15/1862; there have been 550 burials at Oakwood cemetery so far
Richmond Whig 4/28/1862; Franklin Stearns has been released from Castle Godwin, and returns home
Richmond Whig 6/4/1862; attendants are needed at the hospitals; St. Charles Hospital is in a very nasty condition
Richmond Whig 6/5/1862; 103 patients are at the Kent Hospital (GH#5); list of six soldiers who have died there
Richmond Whig 6/6/1862; 20 nurses needed at General Hospital #1
Richmond Whig 6/21/1862; Henningsen Hospital receives supplies
Richmond Whig 7/7/1862; fire breaks out in Bacon & Baskerville Hospital (GH#7)
Richmond Whig 7/7/1862; advocation for local photographers to photograph the battlefields
Richmond Whig 7/8/1862; Ezell Hospital has opened in Crawford's old Saloon
Richmond Whig 7/29/1862; Maryland Hospital is not very well attended to
Richmond Whig 8/13/1862; excellent description of Camp Lee and how it has changed since its use as a fair grounds; advocates sanitary measures be taken
Richmond Dispatch 5/12/1863; detailed description of the arrival in Richmond of Stonewall Jackson's remains and the procession through the city
Athens (GA) Southern Banner 10/19/1864; excellent description of the Georgia Hospital & Relief Association and their operations in Richmond. Notes that St. Charles Hotel is used as a wayside home for traveling Georgia soldiers
National Tribune 9/2/1882; description of harsh conditions on Belle Isle and brief account of the "dog slaying" incident
National Tribune 2/14/1884; brief account of prisoner's experience in Libby, Pemberton, Belle Isle, and Andersonville; notes that small pox broke out in Pemberton
National Tribune 2/14/1884; description of how Belle Isle was set up as a prison by captured Gaines' Mill prisoners from Libby

Added September 5, 2001

Richmond Enquirer 7/8/1862; note on the capture of the C.S.S. Teaser, and prediction that northern types will exaggerate her size
Richmond Enquirer 7/8/1862; humorous tombstone of a Yankee found on the battlefield
Augusta (GA) Constitutionalist 1/6/1863; good descriptions of the First and Second Georgia Hospitals (GHs#16 & 14)
Richmond Examiner 4/4/1863; account of the trials of several of the bread rioters, great details on individual cases, including Mary Jackson and Dr. Thomas M. Palmer, surgeon at the Florida Hospital (GH#11)
Richmond Examiner 4/6/1863; account of the trials of several of the bread rioters, great details on individual cases
Richmond Examiner 4/6/1863; the Richmond City Battalion (25th Bn VA Inf) is understood to be leaving the city for active service due to unsavory types infesting its ranks
Richmond Examiner 4/6/1863; Canal Basin bridge at 8th street, which collapsed under the weight of passing Yankee prisoners, is annoying by its absence
Richmond Examiner 4/8/1863; account of the trials of several of the bread rioters, great details on individual cases
Richmond Dispatch 5/12/1863; editorial regarding the death of Gen. Stonewall Jackson
National Tribune 1/10/1884; notes on the opening date of Belle Isle
National Tribune 1/6/1887; good description of the "dog slaying" episode on Belle Isle
National Tribune 3/11/1888; brief account of a prisoner being shot on Belle Isle for going near the "dead line"

Added September 4, 2001

Richmond Dispatch 7/10/1862; Good description of the Danville Railroad Hospital (GH#28)
Sally Tompkins letter (no provenance) 6/9/1864; letter to W. A. Carrington, explaining details of the hospital in regard to number of patients and Surgeon Garnett. Carrington sought to shut down the hospital.
National Tribune 5/14/1885; excellent account by Col. Thomas Rose of the organization and completion of the Libby Prison tunnel

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