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Added October 25, 2002

Richmond Enquirer 8/5/1861; ladies of St. James Church have established a hospital at the corner of Main and 3rd (probably Robertson Hospital)
Richmond Enquirer 8/10/1861; Railroad up 8th street, connecting RF&P & Petersburg Railroad is nearly complete
Richmond Enquirer 8/16/1861; Hospital has been established at Gilliam's factory (future GH#3)
Richmond Enquirer 8/20/1861; Two hospitals have been established by the Centenary Methodist Church
Richmond Enquirer 8/24/1861; description of the "Springfield Hospital" and its operations (future GH#26)
Richmond Enquirer 8/28/1861; prisoner at Liggon's factory kills his guard and attempts to escape
Richmond Enquirer 8/31/1861; notice that Sycamore Church Hospital has been established

Added October 24, 2002

Charleston Mercury 7/8/1861; war news - describes that Fourth of July parade of the Tredegar Battalion as well as notes on the political situation
Richmond Enquirer 10/1/1861; excellent (and lengthy) description of the operations of the Tredegar Iron Works
Richmond Enquirer 10/4/1861; Three Yankees escaped from prison (non-specific)
Richmond Enquirer 10/4/1861; Gen. Winder wants a company of 100 men, unfit for field service, to perform duty in the city of Richmond
Richmond Enquirer 10/12/1861; Greanor's factory (future GH#18) has become a hospital, and is at present the "best supplied"
Richmond Enquirer 10/12/1861; 100 white girls needed to work at the C. S. Laboratory making cartridges
Richmond Enquirer 10/16/1861; 36 prisoners transferred from the General Hospital to the Confederate States Hospital (probably Ross Factory)
New York Herald 12/23/1861; non-specific description of harsh treatment of Union POWs in Richmond; notes that Tredegar has produced a submarine to operate against the blockade
New York Herald 7/28/1862; wonderful general description of the city of Richmond - mentions, Hollywood, Tredegar, the Almshouse, appearance of the prisons, Odd Fellows Hall, and the James River and Kanawha Canal
Charleston Mercury 3/3/1864; account of Dahlgren's Raid - notes the Armory Battalion engaging the enemy on the Westham road (Cary St.) and that 171 prisoners have been received at Libby
New York Herald 4/4/1865; Details on the fall of Richmond and subsequent occupation - notes the reception of the Union soldiers in Richmond has been very pleasant
New York Herald 4/5/1865; Details on the Federal occupation of Richmond - notes that much railroad stock was captured at Richmond
New York Herald 4/6/1865; Details on the Federal occupation of Richmond - notes that the furniture in the White House of the Confederacy was left behind, and that Tredegar survived the fire. Libby Prison and Castle Thunder are now full of Confederate prisoners
New York Herald 4/9/1865; Description of Abraham Lincoln at the White House of the Confederacy and on the USS Malvern

Added October 23, 2002

New York Herald 1/21/1861; 1000 kegs of powder from Tredegar arrive at Charleston
Charleston Mercury 8/16/1861; amazingly descriptive article describing a traveler's arrival to Richmond and the Tredegar Iron Works
Richmond Enquirer 10/17/1861; lengthy description of the Crenshaw Woolen Mills (located among the Tredegar works) - notes on Richmond's industrial capacity
Charleston Mercury 6/2/1862; excellent description of the Battle of Seven Pines - mentions Joseph R. Anderson and other CSA generals
Charleston Mercury 5/6/1864; war news - describes (very visually) the operations at Tredegar
New York Herald 7/4/1864; war news - notes the destruction (during Hunter's Shenandoah Valley raid) of the Virginia Military Institute and a branch of the Tredegar Iron Works at Buchanan
New York Herald 9/19/1864; notes from an informer on the condition of Lee's Army, the Richmond defenses, feeling against Jefferson Davis, and conditions in Richmond - notes the railroads are very poor
New York Herald 4/12/1865; notes the visit of President Lincoln to Richmond, the parade of the XXIV Corps through town, and efforts by local capitalists [including J. R. Anderson] to bring VA back into the Union. Losses due to fire are 2/3 the city's assessed value

Added October 18, 2002

Richmond Enquirer 2/8/1861; detailed account of Governor Letcher's inspection visit to the Armory and Tredegar
Charleston Mercury 9/12/1861; two large Tredegar Dahlgren cannon delivered to Charleston
Richmond Enquirer 9/24/1861; notice for the Richmond Female Institute (future GH#4) - says that it will go on as before, but soldiers' daughters will be given free tuition
Charleston Mercury 12/2/1861; war news - notes that Tredegar has started a wire factory
New York Herald 5/19/1862; wonderful Northern perspective on the naval battle at Drewry's Bluff
Charleston Mercury 5/16/1863; war news - notes the fire at Tredegar and the Crenshaw Woolen Mills
Charleston Mercury 6/6/1863; news from Richmond - notes that the Tredegar Iron Works are up and running again after the fire
Richmond Enquirer 11/15/1864; great description of the operation of the Ordnance Department - mentions the Arsenal at length
New York Herald 4/13/1865; excellent letter from Richmond describing the Federal occupation of Richmond, mentions Tredegar, former slaves, Rocketts, former rebel hospitals (Chimborazo, Jackson, Stuart) - All patients now at Jackson, Stuart Hospital is now a US Post Hospital. Dahlgren's body found and is being returned to Washington. Castle Thunder and Libby Prison are now holding Confederates. Also notes veneration of Robert E. Lee in Richmond

Added October 16, 2002

Charleston Mercury 5/16/1862; description of anticipation in Richmond on the eve of the naval battle of Drewry's Bluff
Charleston Mercury 6/9/1862; Description of the Battle of Seven Pines - notes that Capt. Elliot is raising a force for local defense; mentions the South Carolina Hospital in Manchester, Chimborazo, Winder, and the Alms House Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 9/20/1862; brief notices on recent Castle Thunder prisoners
Charleston Mercury 12/13/1862; Rumors about Burnside's army and local description; notes that Howard's Grove is expanding, and Chimborazo needs 250 negro nurses
Richmond Enquirer 5/13/1864; describes Richmond during the Battle of Drewry's Bluff - notes on the admission procedures for the wounded and gives numbers admitted; notes on the hospitals for various states

Added October 14, 2002

New York Herald 10/2/1862; "Waste of Life Amongst the Rebels" comments on the published hospital statistics (mentions Winder and Chimborazo) and blames the mortality on the laziness of the Southerners
Charleston Mercury 8/2/1862;  "War Gossip" mentions criticism of the Dix-Hill Prisoner Cartel, the condemnation of Gen. Butler, South Carolinians at Camp Lee, and describes the newly formed Belle Isle Prison - notes that there are 4600 POWs there
Richmond Enquirer 2/19/1864; "The Feeding of the Prisoners" testimony from the butcher who supplied Chimborazo Hospital and Gen. Winder (for prisoners) with meat - shoots down the idea that the prisoners are inadequately supplied, while noting that they may not have gotten the best beef
Charleston Mercury 9/20/1864; editorial notation describing the utilization of prisoners from Libby and Belle Isle as laborers - questions whether this can be expanded (copied from the Richmond Examiner)

Added October 12, 2002

Richmond Enquirer 8/2/1861; 200 white girls needed to work at the C. S. Laboratory making cartridges
Richmond Enquirer 9/24/1861; Medical College notice for the next term, includes listing of professors (McCaw, Gibson, Peticolas, etc)
Charleston Mercury 7/26/1862; notes that the stench of "suppurating wounds" from Chimborazo Hospital can be smelt upon approaching Richmond on the train; notes on the military situation and local feeling
Charleston Mercury 2/16/1864; description of the Libby Prison escape - includes a very good description of the physicality of the escape

Added October 10, 2002

Richmond Enquirer 6/15/1861; Prisoners captured at Big Bethel are quartered at the Customs House - Richmonders flock to see the captured Yankees
Richmond Enquirer 6/19/1861; Notes that the St. Francis de Sales Hospital has been recently established, and is treating Confederate soldiers - laudatory of the Catholic Church
Richmond Enquirer 7/2/1861; brief notice of a fire at the Virginia Penitentiary
Richmond Enquirer 7/3/1861; damage at the Penitentiary due to fire is estimated at $50,000
Richmond Enquirer 7/6/1861; description of the celebration of the 4th of July in Richmond - Tredegar Battalion parades on Capitol Square, along with the Thomas Artillery, Public Guard, and Washington Artillery
Richmond Enquirer 7/6/1861; Maryland volunteers receive a flag from President Davis at Camp Lee
Richmond Enquirer 7/11/1861; Cannon made at Bellona Arsenal, and lying on the basin bank, have been spiked by some "Yankee spy"
Richmond Enquirer 7/29/1861; servants needed at the St. Charles Hotel, being used as a hospital, with 160 patients there now
Richmond Enquirer 7/29/1861; notice from Tredegar that all orders will be paid in cash
Richmond Enquirer 7/31/1961; List of sick and wounded men in Richmond can be found at the St. Charles Hospital
Richmond Enquirer 9/30/1862; Report of the Select Committee on Hospitals; reports on hospitals in Richmond and elsewhere and what to do about them - recommends reforms such as matrons, purchasing agents, and effective hospital funds. Mentions many current matrons, including S. L. Tompkins, Mrs. Clopton, Mrs. Hopkins, several heretofore unknown matrons at Winder Hospital, and many others. Gives statistics of Winder and Chimborazo Hospitals. Excellent article.

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