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Added October 30, 2000

Richmond Whig 8/9/1861; St. Charles Hospital (GH#8) has been spreading sawdust on the road to keep it quiet
Richmond Whig 8/9/1861; appeal for Congress to establish a "National Hospital" in the mountains
Richmond Whig 8/10/1861; appeal for the Alms House to be occupied by Confederate wounded, and the Yankees moved out. Praises the hospital as a "large and airy building"
Richmond Whig 8/14/1861; recommendation that negroes be employed as hospital assistants and that Yankees be moved out of the Alms House
Richmond Whig 8/17/1861; reiteration of appeal to move Yankees out of Alms House
Richmond Whig 8/20/1861; Sycamore Church establishes hospital in their lecture-room
Richmond Whig 8/21/1861; gratuitous praise of the nearly complete Richmond fortifications
Richmond Whig 8/31/1861; Richmond Female Institute (later GH#4) will remain open
Richmond Whig 8/31/1861; description of Sycamore Hospital
Richmond Whig 9/3/1861; great description of the Richmond prisons and some of the prisoners; notes that there are 1725 prisoners in Richmond
Richmond Whig 9/4/1861; the new city passenger railway is now in use
Richmond Whig 9/4/1861; "Shockoe Hill Cats" and "Butcher Cats," local youth gangs, are menacing Navy Hill, between 4th and 7th streets, with their weekly stone battles
Richmond Whig 9/10/1861; description of a rock battle between the "Shockoe Hill Cats" and "Butcher Cats," and the police raid that stopped it
Richmond Whig 9/10/1861; 15 deaths in the 16th Georgia regiment at Camp Lee in one week
Richmond Whig 9/16/1861; four Yankee prisoners escape from prison depot, two are shot and the others are recaptured
Richmond Whig 7/9/1862; classified notice of a wounded North Carolinian in Winder Hospital

Added October 29, 2000

Richmond Whig 7/2/1861; Letter from the Richmond Zouaves at Camp Lee
Richmond Whig 7/2/1861; laborers needed for the Richmond defenses
Richmond Whig 7/2/1861; fire at the State Penitentiary
Richmond Whig 7/4/1861; fatal explosion at the Armory
Richmond Whig 7/4/1861; lamentation regarding the use of the new city railroad
Richmond Whig 7/9/1861; description of the "cartridge factory", later the C. S. Arsenal, and cautions regarding safety
Richmond Whig 7/9/1861; boys near Jackson and 5th streets are engaging in being "evil disposed boys"
Richmond Whig 7/11/1861; soldiers have been buried in an open field near the Alms House - advocates using Oakwood Cemetery for soldier interments
Richmond Whig 7/11/1861; percussion caps will be manufactured at Brown's Island
Richmond Whig 7/24/1861; citizen's committee designates St. Charles hotel for use as a hospital
Richmond Whig 7/24/1861; escape attempt at the State Penitentiary
Richmond Whig 7/25/1861; wounded soldiers and Yankee prisoners are arriving in Richmond
Richmond Whig 7/26/1861; "Prison depot," at corner of Main and 25th street is being visited by curious Richmonders
Richmond Whig 7/26/1861; new private hospital in schoolhouse at corner of 10th and Clay streets.
Richmond Whig 7/26/1861; soldier is attacked by another soldier and dies at the Alms House
Richmond Whig 7/31/1861; wounded Yankees complain about the General Hospital (GH#1)
Richmond Whig 7/31/1861; prisoner shot at for talking out the windows of his prison
Richmond Whig 7/31/1861; list of wounded soldiers in private houses can be seen at the St. Charles Hotel (GH#8)
Richmond Whig 8/1/1861; details on private hospitals in school-houses on Clay street
Richmond Whig 8/3/1861; description of hospital facilities in Richmond (St. Charles Hotel, Masons’ Hall)
Richmond Whig 8/3/1861; "The Life Guard," and "Capt. Bayly's company" are at Camp Lee
Richmond Whig 8/3/1861; President Davis ad family have moved into their home at 12th and Clay streets
Richmond Whig 8/5/1861; description of the "prison depot," particularly Harwood's factory, and recommendations for treatment of prisoners
Richmond Whig 8/6/1861; ladies of St. James Episcopal Church have obtained Judge Robertson's house, corner of 3rd and Main, for use as a hospital (later Robertson Hospital)

Added October 5, 2000

Anonymous. “Memorial to Miss Sallie Tompkins,” CV 24 (1916), p. 484

Richmond Dispatch 7/5/1862; warehouse of Dunlop, Moncure & Co. has been taken as a hospital
Richmond Whig 4/15/1865; incredible list of the property destroyed in the evacuation fire
Richmond Whig 4/20/1865; great description of the "Antiquities of Richmond"
Richmond Whig 4/20/1865; description of the observance of Abraham Lincoln's funeral in Richmond
Richmond Whig 5/19/1865; Official directory of Union officials in Richmond

Added October 4, 2000

Anonymous, “‘Captain’ Sally Tompkins,” Confederate Veteran 16 (1908), p. 72

Bayne, Thomas Livingston. "Life in Richmond, 1863-1865." CV 30, pp. 100-101.

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Richmond Enquirer 1/21/1862; details for the funeral of ex-president John Tyler, to be held tomorrow
Richmond Enquirer 2/19/1862; 397 federal prisoners to be exchanged; list of officers exchanged and for whom
Richmond Dispatch 1/12/1863; lime is spread on the floor at Castle Thunder and prevents Smallpox
Richmond Examiner 5/11/1863; two prisoners at Castle Thunder die of Small Pox
Richmond Examiner 5/7/1864; rumor that 100 officers in Libby Prison will be sent to Danville
Richmond Dispatch 7/6/1864; notes on federal deserters in Castle Thunder; 68 federal deserters moved from Castle Thunder to Libby Prison
Richmond Whig 4/24/1865; Dr. Charles Bell Gibson, former surgeon of GH#1, has died

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