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Added March 30, 1999

Richmond Daily Enquirer 2/12/1864; Description of the Libby prison breakout and list of escapees re-captured
Richmond Examiner 2/12/1864; 22 Libby escapees re-captured and description of the breakout
Richmond Daily Enquirer 2/13/1864; Recapturing Libby escapees, and list of re-captured prisoners
New York Times 2/15/1864; Libby Prison escape notice
Richmond Examiner 2/15/1864; recapturing Libby escapee anecdotes
Richmond Daily Enquirer 2/16/1864; Two more Libby escapees re-captured
Richmond Examiner 2/16/1864; No more escapees from Libby have been captured.
Richmond Examiner 2/20/1864; Major General Scammon and staff brought to Libby; 58 escapees have been recaptured
Richmond Examiner 3/30/1864; Libby and Belle Isle are nearly empty
Richmond Examiner 11/9/1864; fire at the Libby Prison stables

Added March 26, 1999

Richmond Sentinel 3/23/1863; fatal injuries at Tredegar Iron Works
Richmond Sentinel 4/7/1863; prisoner shot at Castle Thunder
Richmond Sentinel 5/19/1863; prisoners try to tunnel out of Castle Thunder
Richmond Sentinel 5/20/1863; more escape attempts at Castle Thunder
Richmond Sentinel 6/24/1864; employee at Tredegar Iron Works caught stealing
Richmond Sentinel 6/25/1864; Mary Jenkins, nurse at Howard's Grove, found street wandering.
Richmond Sentinel 8/27/1864; four men shot trying to escape Belle Isle
Richmond Sentinel 9/10/1864; escapees from Castle Thunder recaptured
Richmond Sentinel 10/5/1864; member of 3rd S.C. knifes a patient at Stuart Hospital and sent to Castle Thunder
Richmond Sentinel 11/5/1864; Wm., slave of Sally Tompkins charged with burglary
Richmond Sentinel 11/24/1864; small explosion at Tredegar Iron Works
Richmond Sentinel 11/29/1864; Gambling arrests at Winder
Richmond Sentinel 12/31/1864; prisoner at Libby killed in accident

Added March 25, 1999

Richmond Daily Enquirer 8/15/1862; filthy condition of St. Charles Hospital (GH#8)
Richmond Daily Enquirer 8/18/1862; Prisoners to be moved from Castle Godwin to Greanor's Tobacco Factory (Castle Thunder)
Richmond Daily Enquirer 8/21/1862; movement of prisoners from Castle Godwin to Castle Thunder. Lengthy description of Castle Thunder.
Richmond Daily Whig 4/6/1863; escape attempt at Castle Thunder
Richmond Daily Whig 10/6/1863; Gen. Winder wants General Hospital #1 as a prison

Added March 24, 1999

Richmond Daily Whig 7/5/1861; Thomas Artillery stationed at "Camp Chimborazo," fired July 4 salute.
Richmond Daily Dispatch 2/22/1862; opening of St. Charles (GH#8) for "wayfaring soldiers"
Richmond Daily Dispatch 3/26/1862; change of surgeon-in-charge at Bellevue Hospital
Richmond Daily Dispatch 4/24/1862; Globe hospital (GH#11) needs bandages
Richmond Daily Dispatch 5/20/1862; Naval Hospital established at Harwood's Factory
Richmond Daily Dispatch 7/3/1862; Old U. S. Hotel turned into a hospital (GH#10)
Richmond Daily Dispatch 7/5/1862; Federal officers moved from Libby to Smith & McCurdy's warehouse
Richmond Daily Dispatch 7/7/1862; ad for a man at Winder Hospital who can cure many manners of disease
Richmond Daily Dispatch 7/9/1862; movement of captured Yankees to Belle Isle is being debated
Richmond Daily Dispatch 7/9/1862; description of "Yankee Officers’ Quarters" on 18th street
Richmond Daily Dispatch 7/23/1862; shooting of a patient at Louisiana hospital

Added March 23, 1999

Richmond Daily Whig 4/27/1861; p. 3, Tredegar Iron Works Battalion elects officers
Richmond Daily Dispatch 5/15/1861; Howard's Grove use and description
Richmond Daily Whig 5/22/1861; Camp of Instruction (Camp Lee) described. VMI cadets praised.
Richmond Daily Whig 5/22/1861, p. 3; Richmond Howitzers camped on Chimborazo hill, with new military road "leading from the plateau," along the declivity, to the encampment at Rocketts. Artillery posted atop the hill.
Richmond Daily Whig 5/23/1861, p. 3; Howard's Grove described in pre-hospital days.
Richmond Daily Dispatch 8/2/1861; hospital established for prisoners at Ross' Factory
Richmond Daily Dispatch 8/8/1861; St. Charles Hosp. (GH#8) has 160 patients
Richmond Daily Dispatch 8/15/1861; hospital at Gilliam's Factory (General Hospital #3) needs supplies
Richmond Daily Dispatch 10/3/1861; General Hospital #26 mentioned
Richmond Daily Dispatch 10/23/1861; St. Charles Hotel (GH#8) gets contribution of $4000

Added March 21, 1999

Map of Richmond from Harpers Weekly, August 9, 1862 entitled: "The City of Richmond, Virginia - Drawn by a Refugee just Escaped from Secessia."

Map of the vicinity of Richmond by a Confederate Topographical Engineer showing the positions of the battery defenses around the city.

Map of the vicinity of Richmond showing the positions of the battery defenses around the city.

Richmond Daily Whig 7/31/1862; Battery #8 struck by lightning
Richmond Daily Whig 4/8/1863; prisoners killed at Castle Thunder
Richmond Daily Whig 7/7/1863; proposed executions at Libby Prison
Richmond Daily Whig 8/24/1863; purported letter from prisoner at Castle Thunder

Added March 19, 1999

Official Records, Ser. I, Vol. XXV/2, p. 777 5/3/1863; 300 convalescents from Winder armed to repel Stoneman's Raid
Official Records, Ser. I, Vol. XXVII/3, p. 951 7/1/1863; report on convalescents available for defense of Richmond. Camp Winder and Camp Lee mentioned.
Richmond Daily Whig 8/8/1861; General Hospital #1 described
Richmond Daily Whig 8/26/1861; Improvements to General Hospital #1.
Richmond Daily Dispatch 6/3/1862; Chimborazo need refrigerators for ice
Richmond Daily Dispatch 6/5/1862; conditions at Seabrook's (GH#9)
Richmond Daily Dispatch 6/11/1862; patient at Chimborazo, denied a furlough, cuts his own throat
Richmond Daily Dispatch 6/11/1862; 128 Federal prisoners at Castle Godwin
Richmond Daily Dispatch 6/16/1862; General Hospital #13 established
Richmond Daily Dispatch 6/19/1862; Richmond Female Institute turned into a hospital (GH#4)

Added March 18, 1999

Newspapers - chronological listing of citations, linked and unlinked, of stories in Richmond newspapers. Also, vast newspaper citations, especially from the Richmond Examiner were added to the "Hospitals" and "Prisons" sections.

Richmond Daily Whig 1/22/1864; Seven buildings burned at Winder Hospital

Added March 17, 1999

Richmond Sentinel 5/28/1863; Letter from Winder hospital patient praising accommodations
Richmond Sentinel 6/3/1863; letter from patient dispelling the notion that Winder Hospital is a "gloomy" place
Richmond Sentinel 8/1/1863; building at Chimborazo struck by lightning
Richmond Sentinel 12/17/1863; Large building under construction blows down at Winder Hospital
Richmond Sentinel 1/23/1864; buildings burned at Winder Hospital
Richmond Sentinel 2/20/1864; details on status of escaped Yankees from Libby Prison

Added March 16, 1999

Richmond Sentinel 10/6/1863; Wayside Hospital established at Seabrook's
Richmond Sentinel 9/21/1863; list of hospitals in Richmond and to which hospitals soldiers from the various states are sent
Richmond Sentinel 1/13/1864; Texas, Alabama Hospitals, GH#10, GH#11 permanently closed and patients moved to Howard's Grove.
Richmond Sentinel 2/15/1864; acquittal of Capt. Alexander (Castle Thunder)
Richmond Sentinel 2/15/1864; list of Libby Prison escapees recaptured
Richmond Sentinel 11/23/1864; description and list of staff at Seabrook's Hospital

Added March 15, 1999

Church Hill Panorama

Added March 12, 1999

Photographs: Gardner Catalog: 943, 944, 946
  Anthony Catalog: 2330, 2356, 2370, 2391, 2397, 2410, 2413, 2443, 2539, 3184, 3330, 3355, 3356, 3405, 3617
Camp Lee (new in the hospitals section)
Richmond Enquirer 10/11/1861; excellent description of the Richmond Arsenal and its operation.
Richmond Daily Dispatch 10/2/1862; religious revivals at Winder and Chimborazo
Richmond Daily Dispatch 10/4/1862; correction: Crew & Pemberton, not Crew & Conrad to be used as a "soldiers' home"
Richmond Examiner 2/11/1864; good description of the "great escape" from Libby Prison. Castle Thunder mentioned.

Added March 11, 1999

William A. Carrington CSR (M331) (no. 16) 10/3/1862; inspection report for Castle Thunder Hospital and Libby Prison Hospital
Richmond Whig 12/29/1862; Texas Hospital established in the T. &  S. Hardgrove tobacco factories.
Richmond Daily Dispatch 1/6/1864; Chimborazo and Winder statistics
Richmond Daily Dispatch 1/6/1864; two soldiers tried for breaking into a warehouse near Castle Thunder to steal "yankee clothing."

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