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Added June 16, 2002

Richmond Dispatch 1/2/1863; Confederate Laboratory has moved to Brown's Island, and 300 females are now working there. Describes the island's prior uses.
Richmond Dispatch 1/5/1863; excellent description of the Confederate Laboratory
Richmond Dispatch 1/5/1863; Gen Winder is renting a warehouse near Libby to accommodate influx of prisoners - 1600 in Libby now
Richmond Dispatch 1/17/1863; Belle Isle is ordered to be fitted up for prison use - huts and tents are ordered erected
Richmond Dispatch 1/17/1863; 1600 prisoners arrive from the western theater; notes the number of prisoners in the following prisons: Mayo's factory, prison opposite Castle Thunder, and Libby Prison
National Archives, M346 7/8/1864; CS Govt. will pay the RF&P RR 50% more to assist them in making repairs to damage done to it during the recent raids
Hughes, Thomas. A Boy's Experiences in the Civil War 1860-1865, 1904 late 1864; excellent description of the VMI cadets' use of the Alms House as barracks and classrooms and cadet life in general; also mentions the cadets tending Confederate graves in Hollywood cemetery after the war
Richmond Dispatch 6/30/1894; great description of Richmond for the Confederate reunion, focusing on how much has changed since the war


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