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Richmond Dispatch

5/14/1862; description of the exchange of 860 prisoners from “Libby’s and other factories;” Lieut. Turner escorts them down and encounters the Monitor, Galena and Steven’s Battery on their way to Richmond. On the way back up, the returned prisoners were taken off the boats, and the boats (Curtis Peck, Northampton and Jamestown) scuttled in the channel to obstruct the river prior to the battle at Drewry’s Bluff

Richmond Dispatch 6/3/1862; “Alms House Hospital” (GH#1) is in need of nurses and provisions; gives a good description of the hospital, and mentions the Sisters of Charity helping at the hospital
Richmond Dispatch 6/19/1862; ad for a stolen cow from “J. D. Goodman’s Brewry, near Chimborazo Hospital”
Richmond Dispatch 6/23/1862; ad for the Wise Mounted Guard to report to “Camp Pleasant, to the left of Chimborazo Hospital”
Richmond Whig 11/18/1862; accident on the City Railroad – horses run off the track at 19th or 20th street
Richmond Whig 11/18/1862; 110 prisoners brought to Richmond on the Central railroad along with a “number of sutlers”
Richmond Whig 11/18/1862; George M. Savage’s house burns down, formerly used as a Yankee hospital during the Seven Days (Savage’s Station)
Richmond Whig 12/3/1862; excellent description of the Robertson Hospital; describes admission procedure as well as the fact that the "hospital is often in charge of a solitary young lady, who reads prayers to the men every morning."
Richmond Whig 12/3/1862; soldier shot by sentinel at the "Confederate prison, corner of Cary and 6th streets"
Richmond Whig 12/5/1862; Union man arrives at Libby Prison from Stafford county – imprisoned in Libby as a spy
Guard Report 4/2/1865; report of guard mounted at Castle Thunder and Mayo's Bridge by 1st VA reserves


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