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Added December 30, 2002

Richmond Enquirer 6/3/1862; people who have beef and hog bladders are requested to send them to the hospitals to use as ice bags
Richmond Enquirer 6/3/1862; anyone with furniture wagons or buggies should bring them to the York River depot to transport the wounded
Richmond Enquirer 6/3/1862; ladies who work at the Bird Island Hospital will please meet at the hospital today and bring men's underclothes with them
Richmond Enquirer 6/4/1862; gratuitous praise for ladies working in hospitals
Richmond Enquirer 6/5/1862; description of accidents involving freeloading boys on the new connecting railway between the Central road and the RF&P up Broad street.
Richmond Enquirer 6/7/1862; accident at the Petersburg RR depot - man's leg maimed by incoming train. Taken to Bird Island Hospital
Richmond Enquirer 6/11/1862; Danville Railroad shops have been fitted up as a hospital, capacity of 500. Praises the site and accommodation
Richmond Enquirer 6/17/1862; Praise for Capt. G. W. Alexander, and notes his promotion to Assistant Adjutant General to Gen. Winder. Notes that he is one of the "handsomest men in the Confederate service."
Richmond Enquirer 6/19/1862; man attempts to escape Castle Godwin by blacking his face to look like a negro - recaptured after a chase through Butchertown and "bucked."
Richmond Enquirer 6/19/1862; drunk Alabama Sergeant attempts to cross the Petersburg RR bridge and is arrested - resists arrest, shot, and sent to Kent & Paine Hospital
Richmond Enquirer 6/19/1862; soldier in ward no. 78, Division 4, Winder Hospital seeks his aunt, who is in town
Richmond Enquirer 6/19/1862; Bailey's Factory Hospital requests ladies turn over their empty vials to them
Richmond Enquirer 6/20/1862; Seven Pines wounded cleared from hospitals; less than 900 under treatment; mortality small; half ready for service
Richmond Enquirer 6/21/1862; All out-patients at the Banner Hospital (GH#12) must report immediately, or be reported as deserters
Richmond Enquirer 6/24/1862; "shocking outrage" at Oakwood Cemetery - bodies are left out in the open due to lack of hands to bury them quickly
Richmond Enquirer 6/25/1862; man makes a repeated escape from the C. S. Prison at the corner of 6th and Cary Streets (Castle Booker/Castle Lightning)
Richmond Enquirer 6/25/1862; man shot and killed while attempting to escape from the C. S. Prison at the corner of 6th and Cary Streets (Castle Booker/Castle Lightning)
Richmond Enquirer 6/25/1862; soldier attempts to kill himself and is taken to the St. Charles Hospital
Richmond Enquirer 6/26/1862; new hospitals have been opened "in the lower part of the city" in anticipation of "the next fight." Hospitals previously established have been emptied. Masons offer their lodges as hospitals, but are turned down
Richmond Enquirer 6/26/1862; man makes a donation to Captain G. W. Alexander for the benefits of the patients in the "Alexander Hospital."

Added December 27, 2002

Richmond Enquirer 5/5/1862; reports on victims of an explosion at the C. S. Laboratory
Richmond Enquirer 5/5/1862; 80 Nurses and Waiters needed at Winder Hospital
Richmond Enquirer 5/7/1862; congregation of the Disciples church makes a donation to Winder Hospital
Richmond Enquirer 5/7/1862; tobacco in the city seized and congregated by the Provost Marshal so that it can easily be burned "in an emergency"
Richmond Enquirer 5/8/1862; notes on the profits of the City Gas Works and the commendable character of the slave labor force there
Richmond Enquirer 5/9/1862; 319 prisoners arrive from Williamsburg - 300 more on the way. All were put in the Libby Prison
Richmond Enquirer 5/10/1862; notes on the Federal officers among the Williamsburg prisoners
Richmond Enquirer 5/12/1862; nearly 1200 prisoners are now in Richmond - 860 privates paroled and sent off, under charge of Major Warner and Lt. Turner
Richmond Enquirer 5/13/1862; daughter of a worker at the Belle Isle works drowns - body recovered near the Danville Bridge
Richmond Enquirer 5/13/1862; Catesby Jones and Robert Pegram arrive in town, along with the 450 crewmen of the C. S. S. Virginia
Richmond Enquirer 5/13/1862; 913 Yankee POWs in the city
Richmond Enquirer 5/19/1862; servant of Dr. Higginbotham shot and killed by a sentinel at Libby Prison while sweeping out the hospital
Richmond Enquirer 5/19/1862; Soldiers returning to duty will report to Camp Winder
Richmond Enquirer 5/21/1862; 12 or 13 Yankee POWs arrive via the Danville RR, and are quartered in Libby Prison
Richmond Enquirer 5/23/1862; coroner's inquest held at the Fourth Georgia Hospital
Richmond Enquirer 5/27/1862; "Vandalism" at Hollywood cemetery - to wit: flowers picked from the grounds and trees disturbed
Richmond Enquirer 5/27/1862; City Council meets to allow the Va. Central Railroad to erect a temporary track up Broad street to connect it with the Fredericksburg depot
Richmond Enquirer 5/27/1862; Provost Marshal raids a "rum shop" and hauls off the offender to the civilian prison
Richmond Enquirer 5/27/1862; body servant of G. W. Alexander died from an accidental gunshot wound
Richmond Enquirer 5/27/1862; soldier escapes from the "Confederate Guard House, on Franklin street" and promptly recaptured - he broke his ankle in the escape
Richmond Enquirer 5/28/1862; Va. Central RR is building their temporary track up Broad street to connect with the RF&P
Richmond Enquirer 5/28/1862; four or five balloons seen floating over the Yankee and Confederate lines
Richmond Enquirer 5/29/1862; man mugged at the United States Hotel - perpetrators hauled off to Castle Godwin
Richmond Enquirer 5/31/1862; ladies of the various churches are requested to make bedding for the hospitals
Richmond Enquirer 5/31/1862; temporary track of the Va. Central RR has succeeded in removing their engines to the RF&P depot

Added December 26, 2002

Richmond Enquirer 3/6/1862; monuments vandalized at Hollywood Cemetery
Richmond Enquirer 3/6/1862; Charles Palmer and others arrested on charges of disloyalty and locked up in Castle Godwin
Richmond Enquirer 3/6/1862; Due to recent Unionist mischief, all Union prisoners (500 in number) are denied access to anyone or anything from the outside
Richmond Enquirer 3/6/1862; 21 prisoners now at Castle Godwin; general discussion of suitable buildings for prisons
Richmond Enquirer 3/6/1862; fire at Dr. Gibson's stables - ascribed to arson
Richmond Enquirer 3/6/1862; locomotive explodes on the Orange and Alexandria railroad
Richmond Enquirer 4/18/1862; son of Mr. Ligon is thrown from horse and breaks one of his legs
Richmond Enquirer 4/18/1862; man pardoned from the Penitentiary after serving time for placing obstructions on the Central railroad
Richmond Enquirer 4/18/1862; Court of Inquiry for Unionist John Minor Botts meets, and fails to release him from prison
Richmond Enquirer 4/19/1862; man drowns in the canal at the foot of twentieth street - taken to Dr. Higginbotham at the "Confederate prison in the vicinity", too late to save him
Richmond Enquirer 4/24/1862; Tredegar Battalion parades with the Armory Band in Capitol Square, and is inspected by the Governor
Richmond Enquirer 4/26/1862; Franklin Stearns, lately confined in Castle Godwin for alleged disloyalty, has been released, and returns to his "Tree Hill" farm

Added December 18, 2002

Richmond Dispatch 8/3/1861; article about the organization of the Alabama hospital - includes detailed letter from Mrs. Hopkins (notes the date of organization, etc.)
Richmond Dispatch 8/12/1861; editorial noting the crowded conditions in the hospitals
Richmond Enquirer 9/21/1861; Jamestown relic is in the hands of Thomas Wynne, the Superintendent of the R&P railroad

Added December 17, 2002

Richmond Enquirer 9/18/1861; notes on Yankee prisoners and the cost of keeping them in Richmond
Richmond Enquirer 9/21/1861; Yankee surgeons in Richmond to be paroled
Richmond Enquirer 9/21/1861; VMI Board of Visitors is still meeting trying to figure out how to re-organize - cadets are serving as drillmasters
Richmond Enquirer 9/23/1861; Yankee prisoner in the "lower prison, near Rocketts" shot and killed for verbally abusing a sentinel. Sentinel praised for doing his duty. Prisoner buried at Shockoe Cemetery
Richmond Enquirer 9/23/1861; false alarm of fire near the General Hospital
Richmond Enquirer 9/23/1861; Two escaped Union POWs recaptured and returned to Harwood's Prison
Richmond Enquirer 9/23/1861; notes on Union surgeons released on parole
Richmond Enquirer 9/23/1861; 13 Yankee prisoners from Cheat Mountain (including a member of McClellan's staff) brought to town
Richmond Enquirer 9/23/1861; 60 sick Georgians have arrived and are taken to the Georgia Hospital
Richmond Enquirer 9/27/1861; description of the Bethel Church Sunday school (20th and Cary streets)
Richmond Enquirer 9/27/1861; fire at the laboratory in Thomas' factory - workers flee, but fire is contained
Richmond Enquirer 9/27/1861; interesting Mayor's Court items: one of the combatants in the "Hill cats/Butcher cats" rock battle unable to prove his good character, and a slave assaults a "free negress," flees the court and leads officers on a foot race, before being sentenced to 39 lashes
Richmond Dispatch 9/27/1861; obituary notice for Robert Harwood

Added December 16, 2002

Richmond Dispatch 8/15/1861; notes on individual prisoners recently arrived from Norfolk
Richmond Dispatch 8/21/1861; St. Charles Hospital feeding hundreds daily, on private contributions
Richmond Dispatch 8/22/1861; Thos. M. Palmer, Surg. 2nd FL, ad for lost or stolen horses
Charleston Mercury 6/8/1864; description of the Battle of Cold Harbor - notes that the sounds of battle could clearly be heard in Richmond

Added December 1, 2002

Richmond Enquirer 9/25/1861; list of hospitals in Richmond with current capacities. Notes that POWs are at the General Hospital
Richmond Enquirer 9/26/1861; Yankee soldier dies at Prison Hospital No. 1, under the care of Dr. Higginbotham
New York Herald 1/6/1862; notes on returned Yankee POWs and the treatment they received in Richmond - notes Dr. Higginbotham for his beneficence and a "Swiss sergeant" [probably Wirz] who is very cruel

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