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Added April 2, 1999

Richmond Sentinel 11/16/1863; Yankees escape from Castle Thunder
Richmond Sentinel 12/30/1863; does Libby Prison have vermin?
Richmond Sentinel 1/20/1864; most of escapees from building across street from Castle Thunder caught
Richmond Sentinel 2/11/1864; Libby Prison escape notice
Richmond Sentinel 2/23/1864; more escapees from prison across street from Castle Thunder
Richmond Sentinel 3/3/1864; detective mistakenly shot at Castle Thunder
Richmond Sentinel 4/18/1864; Semple appointed Surgeon of Libby Prison
Richmond Sentinel 5/2/1864; "two or three" yankees escape from Libby Prison

Added April 1, 1999

Richmond Sentinel 5/30/1863; Rebuke of 5/28 letter by another soldier at Winder Hospital
Richmond Sentinel 6/3/1863; Reference to other Winder camplaints
Richmond Sentinel 7/2/1863; attempted escape from Castle Thunder
Richmond Sentinel 7/29/1863; prayer meetings at Libby Prison
Richmond Sentinel 9/12/1863; Castle Thunder praised
Richmond Sentinel 11/9/1863; "outbreak" at Belle Isle suppressed
New York Times 3/30/1865; "Confession that the Libby was Mined;" selected portions of committee report regarding POWs
Richmond Whig 4/10/1865; Confedearte prisoners housed in Libby, civilians in Castle Thunder
Richmond Whig 4/29/1865; The Libby Prison sign has been shipped north
New York Times 5/1/1865; The Libby Prison sign has arrived in New York
Richmond Whig 5/12/1865; Details on the Libby Prison sign
Richmond Dispatch 8/4/1868; Libby Prison will be abandoned as a prison

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