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Information about the 3rd Alabama Hospital in Richmond, VA during the Civil War.

Also called Robinson's Factory Hospital. Tobacco factory building of W. R. Robinson. Northwest corner of 21st and Franklin Streets. Was still open in late-1863.

Richmond Dispatch 5/26/1862; C. J. Clark at Third Alabama Hospital, warns out-patients to report or be AWOL
Richmond Dispatch 6/25/1862; C. J. Clark, Surgeon in charge "Ala hospitals"
Richmond Dispatch 6/28/1862; Enormous list of wounded by hospital: Central Depot; Third Georgia; Royster; First Alabama; St. Charles; Keen, Baldwin & Williams; Kent; Christian & Lea’s; Ligon; Globe; Third Alabama; Institute; Fourth Georgia
Richmond Dispatch 6/30/1862; Another huge hospital list: Seabrook’s; Banner; Christian & Lea’s; Globe; Moore; Howard; Royster; Central Depot; First Alabama; Third Alabama; First Georgia; Second Georgia; Third Georgia
Richmond Dispatch 7/15/1862; Alabama Hospitals wish to purchase milk & buttermilk. Apply at First Alabama Hospital (Broad, bw 23 & 24) of Third Alabama Hospital (cor 21 and Franklin)
Richmond Dispatch 7/19/1862; Mrs. A. F. Hopkins, at 3rd Alabama Hospital, has been given funds for soldiers from Mobile, Alabama
Ledger of Confederate Medical Practice no date; List of Surgeons at Third Alabama Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 8/21/1862; 3rd Ala Hospital adv for washerwomen
Library of Congress 10/6/1862; reports on the capacities of Richmond Hospitals and empty beds
Library of Congress 10/16/1862; reports on the capacities of Richmond Hospitals, empty beds, and Patients in them
Richmond Enquirer 10/27/1862; description of a "novel" surgical operation at the 3rd Alabama Hospital
Library of Congress 11/1/1862; reports on the capacities of Richmond Hospitals, empty beds, and Patients in them
National Archives, RG 109, Ch. 6, Vol. 708, p. 96 4/9/1863; Asst. Surgeon at Chimborazo Hospital #2 has been sent to 3rd Alabama Hospital; now Division 2 (treating 528 patients) is under-staffed
RG 109, Ch. 6, Vol. 151, p. 48 9/1862 - 12/1863; Statistics of Third Alabama Hospital - hospital closed after December, 1863

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