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Information about Abraham Lincoln's visit to Richmond, Va., during the Civil War.

This page contains information about Abraham Lincoln's visit to Richmond on April 4-5, 1865.

Written Accounts

OR Navies: Ser. I, Vol. 12, pp. 93-94 4/1/1865; list of vessels in the North Atlantic Blockading Squadron (Federal)
New York Times 4/8/1865; excellent article, sent on April 4, describing Lincolnís visit to Richmond; states Lincoln arrived at 2 PM, throng of freed slaves, etc. Leaves Richmond at 6:30. Also notes that Admiral Farragut visited Richmond on April 4 and left the same day. Also remarks on the evacuation fire, destruction, and rumors swirling around the city.
New York Herald 4/9/1865; Description of Abraham Lincoln at the White House of the Confederacy and on the USS Malvern
New York Herald 4/12/1865; notes the visit of President Lincoln to Richmond, the parade of the XXIV Corps through town, and efforts by local capitalists [including J. R. Anderson] to bring VA back into the Union. Losses due to fire are 2/3 the city's assessed value
Behind the Scenes - Keckley 1868; recollection of Mary Lincoln's African-American servant pertaining to Mary Lincoln's visit to Richmond and Petersburg, a day after Lincoln toured the city. Valuable details.
Richmond Occupied... no date; EXCELLENT account of the fall of Richmond by the General Godfrey Weitzel who received the surrender of the city. Many important details about Lincoln's visit, and the instructions given by him to Weitzel.
National Tribune 10/4/1900; "The Fall of Richmond" Part two of Hiram Peck's memoir. Describes Lincoln's visit to Richmond, details of the evacuation fire, the reopening of the Richmond Theater, and response to Lee's surrender in Richmond. Mentions Castle Thunder detectives being locked in Libby, and gives a description of Hollywood Cemetery.

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